Danny Wong got my attention when he sent me a list of the media outlets that he somehow got to cover his young, custom shirt ecommerce company, Blank Label. The New York Times, Business Week, Fast Company and over dozen other equally-well-known publications covered him in the few months since he launched.

He’s a 19-year-old entrepreneur who says he knew nothing about PR 6 months ago. So how did he pull it off? That’s what I invited him to Mixergy to talk about.

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Christine Comaford

I did this interview in 2 parts. Part 1 is about Chrisine Comaford’s biography. How she became a monk in the early part of her life and how she went on to launch a few internet companies and invest in others. Part 2 features her business advice based on her experiences with Steve Jobs, Andy Grove, Bill Gates and others.

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Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz

It got so bad that a collections company actually showed up in Rand Fishkin’s office trying to collect its part of the half-million dollar debt that he somehow accumulated. He couldn’t face the agent and pretended that he wasn’t Rand Fishkin.

In this interview, you’ll see how to get out of that kind of hole by listening to how Rand did it. Today, Rand’s company, SEOMoz, is one of the most respected names in search engine optimization. Its revenue comes from subscription-based access to online software and educational products…

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