Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz

It got so bad that a collections company actually showed up in Rand Fishkin’s office trying to collect its part of the half-million dollar debt that he somehow accumulated. He couldn’t face the agent and pretended that he wasn’t Rand Fishkin.

In this interview, you’ll see how to get out of that kind of hole by listening to how Rand did it. Today, Rand’s company, SEOMoz, is one of the most respected names in search engine optimization. Its revenue comes from subscription-based access to online software and educational products…

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Noah Merritt

One of the scariest what-ifs for an online company is “What if Google comes into our market and competes with us?”

Clicky, a real-time analytics company run by just 2 people, has been competing with Google since it launched. Noah Merritt, the company’s co-founder, says the company did over $500,000 in revenue last year, with a 60% margin. And the business continues to grow…

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Andrew Warner on Good Morning America

Hearing how Gen. Stanley McChrystal flubbed the Rolling Stone article about him reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to say here, based on my experiences as an interviewee and interviewer…

A few years ago, my PR company insisted that I train with a coach for an interview they set up for me on GMA.

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Sandy Jen

Sandy Jen and her friends tried two previous ideas, but neither one felt right. Then they hit on a vision to make instant messaging services like AOL’s AIM accessible on a web page — instead of via a download. It felt so right that Sandy quit her job to pursue it full time. Her co-founder’s credit card bankrolled the idea and they were off.

In this interview you’ll hear…

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