Are you boring your customers to death?

Joe Pulizzi says that’s what most businesses do, whether they’re tiny startups or large corporations.

“They’re creating content that’s no different than anything else out there,” says Joe, founder of Content Marketing Institute and author of “Content Inc.”

And their audience lets out a collective yawn.

So how you throw some ice water in their faces? (Virtually, of course…)

Joe says the first step actually starts with niching down.

“Most people are trying to target more than one audience,” says Joe. “There’s no way that you can be relevant enough to three audiences.”

What about two?

“No,” says Joe, “I could still make the case that it’s going to fail because two audiences are not relevant enough. One audience…a very specific audience and a very specific content niche.”

For instance, Joe had a client, a pet supply store, that wanted to blog about pet supplies.

But how was that going to help them differentiate themselves from the big box pet stores, which are doing the same thing? And with a much bigger budget?

So first, Joe helped them niche down. “What we found out is they had a strong expertise around a product line for people that like to travel with their pets,” he says.

Then, he “tilted” the idea, giving it a twist. “We formulated the tilt around content specifically for people that like to travel with their pets in recreational vehicles,” says Joe. “[The pet store] can be the leading expert in the world at that. Nobody else covers that.”

The content tilt is just step one…

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