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Must haves:

* Interviewee must be a founder or co-founder. The co-founder must be the CEO or running the business and must be there from day one.

* The founder’s company must be successful. ANY one of these qualifies as a success:

   * Acquired by a company

   * Revenue exceeds $1M a year

   * Bootstrapped, which means:
     (a) more than $500k in revenue in 1st year or
     (b) more than 500k users in the 1st year.
     (c) If they are now making more than $1M, the bootstrapper meets our requirements.

We prefer:

* Tech-oriented companies (software, hardware, mobile apps, web content).

We need more:
* Female entrepreneurs.
* Founders from different countries.


* Any prominent person in tech who failed.
* Any bootstrapper who lost more than $500K.
* Any funded company that lost more than $5M.

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