About Mixergy

The best way to get to know Mixergy is to listen to my interviews. Click here to get 9 of the most popular interviews.

The Quick Summary

Mixergy is where the ambitious learn from a mix of experienced mentors through interviews and courses.

Hi, I’m Andrew Warner. In my 20s, I used credit cards and ingenuity to create a $30+ mil / year (in sales) internet business with my younger brother. I created Mixergy to help ambitious people who love business as much as I do learn from a mix of experienced mentors. I do that through interviews where founders tell their stories and courses where they teach a solution to issues that can cripple founders.

The Mixergy Mission

The Mixergy Mission is to introduce you to doers and thinkers whose ideas and stories are so powerful that just hearing them will change you.

The Mixergy Mission is to give you an alternative to the “know-it-all, professional gurus.” I want to convince you that no single person knows it all. I want to show you that the best way to grow is to learn from a mix of smart people who are willing to share their expertise and experiences.

The Mixergy Mission is to infect you with a passion for business and then help you build your business.

The Mixergy Mission is to encourage YOU to have a mission, not just a startup, not just a company, but a calling.

The Mixergy Mission is to act as a counter-weight to all the “startup guys” who try to convince you that the only reason to build a business today is so you can flip it tomorrow. The world is NOT changed by people who have an eye on the exit.

The Mixergy Mission is to convince you to follow a vision so big and important that you can’t do it alone. Then I want to give you a mix of wicked-smart people who will help you achieve it.

The Mixergy Mission is too big for me to achieve alone. If what I’m describing here calls to you, jump in and join me.

The Andrew Warner Story

For the first 3-4 years that I ran Mixergy, I never talked about MY story. I wanted Mixergy to be about helping YOU, not about ME. But ever since Neil Patel convinced me to talk about my businesses (and even show my financials), Mixergy took off and I connected with more people. So here goes.

Starting out in business

In my early 20s, my brother Michael and I started an internet company called Bradford & Reed. Michael is a clever developer and I’ve been a passionate salesman my whole life, so we teamed up. Our first product was an email newsletter. That business did okay, but Michael and I didn’t become entrepreneurs to just do “okay.”

So we tried a bunch of different ideas. One of them was online greeting cards. We started out creating our own cards, but we quickly realized that we didn’t have an eye for design. So we focused on what we knew best. Michael coded up a system that enabled designers to create shareable electronic greeting cards. And I went out and sold ads so we could generate revenue from those cards.

Hitting it big

Our revenue grew to over $1 million a month. I was in my mid-20s and Michael was still too young to rent a car on a business trip, but we made it. We were processing over 400,000 greeting cards per day. If you have access to traffic stats from around the year 2000, you’ll see that we were a top 25 property. (Here’s a chart showing Bradford & Reed as a #19 property in terms of traffic.)

Because we were so lean, Bradford & Reed grew beyond greeting cards into other internet businesses. It was fun. We were lucky to work with very smart people who were also our friends. The startup atmosphere of the company allowed us to keep experimenting with business ideas.

Selling out

In 2003, I was burned out. I used to think that only wimps took breaks, so I foolishly worked nonstop until I couldn’t keep going. Michael and I sold the business’s properties. When I worked on Bradford & Reed, if anyone asked me, “what’s your exit strategy?” I proudly said, “death.” I wanted to be like my heroes in business, people like Sam Walton, Malcolm Forbes, and Warren Buffett who spent their whole lives building 1 company. But I didn’t have any more to give. So I had to move on.

Taking a break

In 2003, I gave away all my “stuff” and lived a simple life. After spending my 20s worrying — about salaries, whether the office was locked at night, what would happen if a server died just as our traffic spiked, etc — I wanted time without responsibilities or obligations.

I spent my days cycling. I devoured books. I read the Wall Street Journal cover-to-cover. (May not sound like fun to some people, but for me that was heaven.) And I traveled. Nothing extravagant, but it wasn’t. I kept it simple.

The Mixergy Story

Mixergy Funding Forum

Starting Mixergy

In 2004, I got started on one of my dreams: to be like the mentors who infected me with a passion for business and taught me how to build my company. I started speaking at colleges and even scheduled one-on-sessions with people who wanted my help. It was all very small, slow and not very fulfilling.

Then, I read about this underdog who was running for president. His name was Howard Dean, and even though he was a nobody he was suddenly growing a movement. I thought the key to his success was his local meetups. So I figured I’d copy his idea and use meetups to help businesspeople. I called my events “Mixergy,” a combination of the words “mixer” and “energy.”

Mixergy fails

From the start, the events were a hit, but then I got distracted. I became obsessed with building an online invitation to manage the events. I spend thousands of dollars to develop the right invitation. Then tens of thousands. Then, before I knew it, I was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was all my own — hard earned — money. And it was all spent on a system that wasn’t part of my main mission.

So I admitted failure and re-focused on the events.

Mixergy is reborn

Then I discovered interviewing. Smart people were coming to my events and I wanted the rest of the world to meet them and learn from them. So I did interviews and posted them online. I found that I loved learning and asking questions. And I kept getting emails from people who loved the interviews and told me what they learned helped their businesses.

Mixergy gets traction

Neil Patel, who I met when he spoke at a Mixergy event, kept pushing me to talk about my Bradford & Reed experiences. I thought he was trying to make me into one those get-rich-quick gurus, so I refused. But Neil is a smart guy, and he convinced me that people had a natural curiosity about who I was and why I was doing this work. He kept assuring me that talking about my track-record would help my mission at Mixergy because it would add to my credibility.

Neil was right. Once I did this post and showed my financials, Mixergy took off.

What Mixergy is today

Today Mixergy is a place where successful people teach ambitious upstarts.

The people who speak on this web site are businesspeople who take some time out of their schedules to help teach others what they learned from their own experiences. They are people like Jimmy Wales who taught us how he got the world to help him make Wikipedia into a world-changing site. And people like Gregg Spiridellis who told us how it felt to watch his company, JibJab, get reduced to almost nothing, and taught us how he turned his business around.

What’s your input?

Not only are more people watching and reading my work now, but they’re guiding me and helping me make Mixergy better and more useful every day. The best example of that came from a reader named Bob Hiler, who read the words you just read and noticed that this site was slowing down more and more as it grew. Since then, he virtually rebuilt the site from the ground up and helped me build an organization around Mixergy, so it can grow without burning me out the way I did in the Bradford & Reed days.

Mixergy is improving every day because people like you are guiding this mission in ways I never would have considered. If you have any suggestions for how I can improve Mixergy, let me know.

Andrew Warner
Founder, Mixergy

PS Don’t forget to listen to the interviews. Grab 9 of my most popular interviews here.

  • http://www.andydang.com Andy Dang

    Mixergy can be TedTalks of business. And that is probably what you are aiming for. However, if it ends up just being a blog, the value from this blog is better than most I've seen.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Thanks Andy. That's a big vision, but I agree. That's what this interviews
    need to become.

  • http://www.andydang.com Andy Dang

    I forgot to mention that I was referring to Mixergy's website and not Mixergy as a whole in my previous comment.

    Funny thing is when I checked out tedtalks on youtube, the most recent video is of Seth Godin. What a coincidence!

    http://www.ted.com/ – Check out the website. I think you will like the display of speakers on the splash page. When I view the page, the page tells me that they have a lot of speakers with something important to tell me.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Thanks. I love that you're helping me reach for greatness. This can't be
    just another blog. I need this project to help you become a better
    businessman. It's the best way for me to be useful.

  • nmayall

    I'm interested to know how you think using the resources and expertise of Mixergy can best help me with my current project; starting a mobile software development company in Sydney, Australia..

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Sometimes, just hearing the issues that others faced in business and
    learning how they got through them will help.

    Also, if you're trying to do something specific, like build your brand or
    get PR, I probably have a program here for you to download, listen to and
    learn from. All of the programs are recorded by experts who do what they
    teach for a living. They take a break from work as a favor to me and to help
    others here on Mixergy.

    If there's an issue you're facing that I haven't done an interview on, just
    let me know and I'll hunt down an expert.

  • http://www.ikindalikelanguages.com lyzazel

    You're really doing a great job with this site. And after the changes I even like the layout (heh, I wish this was a public wordpress theme).

    I guess you will need to work with systematizing the content of the site a bit better soon but well, there's always place for improvement. It's really interesting to see how this site has grown.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Thanks. I'm glad it's not a public theme. For once I'm proud of the way my
    theme looks. Glad it's unique.

    You're right. I do need to systematize the content. You mean the layout of
    each post, right?

  • http://www.ikindalikelanguages.com lyzazel

    Well, not quite. I meant the listing of the interviews themselves. I.e. now it is a bit hard to find the interviews you are specifically interested in or to dig down the older interviews from the archives.

    I'm not sure how you would go about this but I imagine putting them into categories (such as website advertising, startups, business ideas, etc., etc.) or, perhaps better, tagging interviews would help.

    Well, that's just one idea.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner


    I need to really get on that.

    Adarsh's schedule has been a bit jammed lately so we haven't implemented
    this, but we will.

    Thanks for encouraging us to do it. Please keep letting me know what else
    you think is needed. I like your suggestions.

  • malcolmlo

    Just found this site and am loving it already. My day job is in international online marketing (living in Germany now), but I am an entrepreneur to the core. I have lots of ideas but haven't taken the plunge yet. This is very personal but, I sometimes question if I have what it takes. If I take the plunge Im not going to half-ass it, I am going all the way 100%. Now that I am in the day-job routine I have this level of comfort I am hesitant to part with. I know I am not the only one, I am sure this is the majority of would-be entrepreneurs. Well I quit my job 6 months ago and moved to Germany, right after the financial markets went south.

    I know I have it in me, I just dont think the time is right yet. Or is the time always right, and I am just procrastinating and avoiding something difficult and risky?

  • CandyMath

    Hi Andrew, I've been going through your interviews and your blog and reading about you. I like the energy and passion that you bring to the subject. You inspire me to continue along my entrepreneurial endeavors and I'm pretty sure that true for many other people like me. Your interviews are excellent and are immensely valuable to us. You're doing a wonderful job of helping out the community. Thanks a lot.

  • dennisgorelik


    What's your own business plan with Mixergy?
    Say, you get some audience. What's next?

  • dennisgorelik

    About categorizing content.
    You may create blog post for each category.
    Every time you add new interview that falls into 2-3 categories — you may update these 2-3 categories. Simply add link with brief descriptions to that new interview.
    Or, to save your time, you may create these categories automatically. Simply add tags to your interview blog posts. Every tag — name of the category.

    Then also create one blog post that lists all interviews. Again — links and brief descriptions.
    Every time you create new interview — add link&description the your full catalog.
    I think you already doing something like that anyway.

  • westla7

    Sometimes there is greater purpose than bland and simple “business plan”. As I know Andrew, I honestly think that there is a real Purpose behind the scene. It may not be clear yet, but you can see the pattern already.

  • dennisgorelik

    What is the real Purpose then?

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Hard to say unless I get more info. Do you want to talk on the phone?

  • nmayall

    Hi Andrew,

    That would be great! Check out http://www.theminno.com for a brief precis of the company and also http://www.appvee.com/blog for the first in a series of articles that I am writing for them detailing the process of setting up my company.

    If you think that doing something similar on Mixergy.com would interest your readership then I am also happy to do that in collaboration with yourself.

    Let me know what you think and when would be a good time to talk.



  • thebillionairegirl

    Mixergy is awesome and I LOVE the new site!

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    I updated the about page to help you see the real purpose Dennis. Thanks for asking.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Thanks. I finally re-did the About page to explain the mission better.

    Glad you like the design!

  • LisaBruckner

    I love the new About page! While our interview told a more personal behind the scenes story, your new About page answers the main business-related questions people felt were unanswered. If I had seen this page initially, I probably wouldn't have asked you for an interview! Thankfully for me, it was the other way around since I would be sad to have missed such a great opportunity. People I know who watched the live interview have been mentioning things you said “Andrew Warner said the most valuable learning source for him has been reading” and “Andrew Warner said you don't always have to know A-Z on how you are going to get there right from the start” and my personal favorite “Hey, Andrew Warner doesn't have a TV.” I think your legacy is beginning. It's called: “Andrew Warner Said…”

  • Christel

    I just wanted to let you know that I recommended the site to someone today who's working with a partner on a new startup. I can honestly say I'm not sure I would have done that so enthusiastically with the old version — it looked more like a hobby site, whereas this looks like a serious source of useful information.

    (yes, a week later I'm still coming up with new ways to compliment the redesign….)

  • Pallian

    haha – awesome!

  • http://khanyi.com/ Santhan Naidoo

    Wow! I'm overwhelmed, so much so that I've got this big smile stuck on my face. Thank you!

    This is my first visit to this space.

    Neil Patel shared sage advice with asking you to tell your story. More than a story is shared in these words. You reveal yourself in this open writing. What better way is there to let folk know about your work. The collaborative energy conveyed here is the evolution of business. WELL DONE!

    And there's more to come I'm sure :)

    Oceans of Love

  • Roxy

    I would shorten interviews to no more than 20 minutes and throw in a unique question no one else has ever asked the person before – personal or professional.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner


    I don't think I can keep myself from asking all the questions I have. Often,
    I wish I had multiple sessions with each interviewee so I could learn as
    much as I really wanted to know.

    Maybe in the future I could hire someone to edit down my work to 20 minutes.

  • Gonzalo Izquierdo

    I just discovered your site through the Hot or Not interview and I am already a fan. I think that talking about how you built your business does exactly the contrary of making you appear like a get rich quick guru. You made it by actually building a real business; They made it by recursive success; They tell people how to get rich because they became rich by telling people how to get rich. Great job and thanks for the precious information you help to share.

  • http://twitter.com/steepdecline steepdecline

    What's my input? Simple. Andrew has a gift for doing great interviews and the social networking skills to reach anyone. It's only a matter of time.

  • http://www.bamapps.com/ Cj

    I just discovered your site…following a tweet. Are there any Mixergy events in Northern California? Love the interviews becauses as a young turnkey social networking solutions company, the more we hear about the pitfalls of business, the easier it is to dance!

    Congrats on your success and I look forward to hearing/seeing your upcoming interviews.

  • Katya

    Thank you Andrew, it's def. giving Mixergy more legitimacy. Although anyone can see the quality of Mixergy right away.
    I would also like to hear about SALES for your company ( in the beginning), how did you do that. You mentioned that you love to sale – I would really like to hear whole piece (video) about it.
    Mixergy is a jewel and ( imho) should be broader than just internet companies.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Good idea. I'll have to talk about one of my sales to show you how I did it.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    I'm pausing the events while I get my message out. I want to ensure that
    people see them as more than a place to hang out.
    But I hope to be back and in your neighborhood soon.

    For now, I'll keep helping your startup by helping you learn from the top
    entrepreneurs who come to Mixergy.com.

    Email me an update on your site occasionally. I'd love to hear how it grows.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Not sure how I didn't see this comment before. Thanks Tyler. Coming from you
    it means a lot.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Thanks Gonzalo. I'll post more about my business. Glad you found my work.

  • RosieBLive

    Hi Andrew,
    It seems like you might have the makings for an exciting new magazine for entrepreneurs. The name Mixergy is great and lends itself well to print.Online info is great, but there's nothing like holding a magazine in my hands.
    Just a thought. Love your willingness to help others!
    Rosie B (@rosieblive)
    p.s. If you want to launch it, let me know! I'd love to be the editor!!!!!

  • cnlifeasitis

    Heya Andrew
    Just wanted to fly by and say hello and say you are doing a fantastic job with the interviews and thank you for providing the downloadable mp3s – I use them to remind myself to take a break and are a great companion for a nice long walk.

    I love the energy you have in the interviews. Keep it up and thank you for supporting the entrepreneurial community.

    I'm sure I will catch you in the comments ;)

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Looks like my signoff is working. Thanks.

  • Simona

    I just discover Mixergy today after I saw one posting from Seth Godin….Interesting and amazing, I think is a great model of online business. I feel inspired by your experiences and to be honest I also dream to build a similar thing in my country (Romania), but still …it needs some time to be there…thanks for sharing all these ideas and good luck in the future!

  • http://www.miamicondorealty.com MiamiCondoRealty.com

    Andrew call me if you ever make it to Miami. Would love to grab lunch. Appreciate all the hard work on the website.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Seth Godin helped out a lot by letting me post one of his seminars and
    by doing the first video interview on Mixergy.

    Glad you're taking my idea and running with it.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Seth Godin helped out a lot by letting me post one of his seminars and
    by doing the first video interview on Mixergy.

    Glad you're taking my idea and running with it.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Seth Godin helped out a lot by letting me post one of his seminars and
    by doing the first video interview on Mixergy.

    Glad you're taking my idea and running with it.

  • steve

    I can't wait until you get the forums online, it will really make this a great community for people to share ideas and get encouragement from each other. Have you seen the forums at MarketingProfs.com? They use a point system to reward people who have contributed the best content to the forum posting, so it keeps the discussions valuable and pertinent. Also similiar to ExpertsExchange.com but without the required membership to get into the darn site. Or you could also look at StackOverflow.com, they also use a points and a ranking system to keep things pertinent.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    I'm in Florida right now, but my schedule is pretty tight. Maybe we can get
    together when you're in Santa Monica or on my next trip to FL.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    I have an email out to the founders of StackOverflow.com. I'd love to
    license their software next month, when they make it available to sites like
    Do you know what platform MarketingProfs use? Looks pretty good.

    Thanks for this. I'm looking forward to building the community here.

  • http://www.miamicondorealty.com MiamiCondoRealty.com

    That sounds good. I was away for a few days in North Florida but back now. Will give you a buzz if I make it over to Santa Monica. I have some friends there in the motion graphics business.

  • http://thynews.com/wrightlabs John Wright

    Hi Andrew,

    I think the site is great and I'm interested to find out more about Mixergy events.

    There is a lot I like about this site (including Disqus usage!) I'm looking forward to listening, reading and commenting on past posts as well as future posts. From what I've seen so far, the content here is extremely valuable.

    Also, thanks for sharing your story. You're “down to earth” ness, experience and interaction with the community adds very much value to the site.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Mixergy grow.

  • http://www.nursingideas.ca rdjfraser

    Amazing, this is a great site. I just found you from your visit to TWiT. Again your site is great, and not unrelated to an inspiring, lessons learned, passionate, and everything else that you, Jason Calicanus, Leo Laporte, Gary Vaynerchuk are doing but for HEALTH CARE. Love it! Keep doing what you're doing.

    – Continually learn, develop and help others.

  • dianakang

    I love your site. Thank you.

  • dianakang

    I love your site. Thank you.
    Thank you for taking the time to call me in Maryland today as well.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Glad you'll be here John. Keep listening and commenting. As you do, I'm sure there'll be a few things that bug you about the site or that you wish I added to the site. Email me or post your input publicly. I love to hear it.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Glad you're here. I didn't realize Leo linked to me from TWiT. I'll have to thank him.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    You bet Diana. Hope it won't be the last time. I'm looking forward to hearing how things progress with you.

  • http://www.nursingideas.ca rdjfraser

    Sorry, my mistake. Your visit on This Week In STartups (TWIST). Regardless, really like the site!

  • Jacques Hurtubise

    Hi Andrew,

    Congratulations! You created a very interesting site.
    I have been following your interviews for a while now and it's really worth the time.

    I am writing because I have a suggestion for you: Bob Garfield (The Chaos Scenario).
    Why? I just discovered that guy and he has a really compelling point of view on what's to come in the media world mainly because of the increasing inportance of the digital networks.
    He must be promoting his new book now, so I am sure you could convince him to talk to you.


    Jacques Hurtubise

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    I love being on Jason Calcanis's show.

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    I listen to him on his NPR show, On The Media, every week.
    I'm trying to concentrate on entrepreneurs right now, but I'll see what I
    can do because he's such a good suggestion.

    Thanks Jacques.

  • http://woodmarvels.com/ Jon

    Very impressive story, I find people such as yourself a great inspiration of not only what is possible but how to turn something that is impossible in most minds around! I also follow a cycle of constant improvement… I'm happy to see I've developed these good habits as well! Thanks for sharing your story!

    Jon @ WoodMarvels.com

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    Thanks Jon.

  • http://www.talkwithtim.com timmoon

    Hi, I just found you today on Yaro's site and I'm glad I did! I've already watched 4 full-interviews and plan to watch many more. There's just so much great information on here!

  • http://thedanielrichard.com Daniel Richard

    Heya Andrew!

    Found ya through Yaro's latest blog article that was an interview with you. I'm loving Mixergy already — after browsing through a couple of pages. :)

    Keep it going!


  • http://www.ihsekat.com/ Takeshi Young

    Awesome site! Just stumbled across here from Yaro's blog– can't believe I've never heard of this before! Lots of great resources! Thanks Andrew!

  • http://insidethenewrich.com/ Robert

    Hi Andrew,

    I came across your site from a post on twitter. I LOVE your site. Its a totally fresh take on things and so inspiring. If all of these people create all these great companies why can't I? I have been watching different videos all day and will continue to do so. Keep up the great, no scratch that make it INSPIRING work.

  • earnmoneyathome

    Wow! You have an encouraging experiences. I will be subscribing on this blog to gather more information about entrepreneurship.

    I would love to share my ideas here through commenting.

  • http://www.georgetownonline.biz/blog Wayne Farley

    Interesting story. People connect with you better when they know you experiences. I am a newbie to blogging, but I try to blog about my experiences and am amazed with the feedback.

  • http://jayliew.com jayliew

    Hey Andrew, now that you have spoken to soooo many entrepreneurs – I would love to know if the web entrepreneurs that are just starting out (and need help the most), share a common problem that can be packaged and solved by someone else? In other words, if I wanted to cater to the needs to budding web entrepreneurs, what can I help them with (is there something I can sell them) ? I'm trying to help the people I like to help, and of course .. pay my bills

  • http://mixergy.com AndrewWarner

    I'm getting married this week, so I'm taking time away from email.

    If you need to reach me, please email me after Monday, Oct 19th.


  • modestynow

    While it may be effective, I find your fast talking, crass, 'look at me' approach irritating. It reminds me of the guy on TV who sells the 'Slap-chop' and 'Sham-wow'.

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  • Colin

    Found this site via http://answers.startups.com
    I think I'll be watching a bunch of videos tonight!

  • thissitesuks


  • JHepCat72

    TicTacToe! Third Disqus comment in a row!

    Literally had not heard of Disqus before this evening.


  • dolangadoury

    Hey Andrew,

    My name is Dolan Gadoury, I am the Marketing Director for Alex Mandossian.

    As you can see I love what I do as it is 2:00am Pacific time in the morning and I am online networking and researching.

    I am cam across your site as a contact of mine Maria Sipka had a blog post here.

    It seems that you and I should connect as Alex Mandossian has been quoted to be the “Larry King of Teleseminars” and the two of you together could really bring some great content to a lot of Entrepreneurs.

    Please feel free to connect with me anytime you are available.

    You can learn more about Alex at his blog, http://www.AlexMandossian.com

    To Your Success,


  • Chris Solita

    Hey Andrew,

    I just found this site recently from a link on your youtube video about Derek Sivers and CDbaby. Its really amazing the different journeys people take to get to the point they are at today, both yours and Derek's stories are inspiring. Anyways…

    I think this website is great! It has so much great information but I agree with someone's comment below on organizing the interviews better, not sure how you would want to do it though.

    Also, I really want to start my own online business but I have so many ideas. Should I try to make one website with multiple, related purposes, or would I be better off making multiple sites and maintaining things separately?

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  • John-Paul

    This is a great site. I've had some great success in my young life, but – so far – has been relative to the sort of success your examples have had. Listening and reading some of these examples has given me the boost I needed to take my hard work and “talent” to larger markets…

    Thanks for giving us this site – JP

  • Rafi

    remember the shuki tuki birds? you beat us to take the hockey championship! great insight, I am inspired

  • pyjammez

    Hey Andrew, I just wanted to say that I'm now a regular viewer and this is one of the websites I anxiously look forward to for every new post! Good work and keep it up! Hopefully one day you can interview me when my business becomes successful! :)

  • http://www.MinneapolisStPaulHomes.com/ Minneapolis Real Estate

    I just watched your Yaro interview and went to the site. It is excellent. I think it has “TED” qualities. I am adding it as a recommended resource at one of my websites. I am looking forward to watching you develop this into something really big.

  • erhankaradeniz

    Hi, I just came across this website, first of all congratulations on this website, it's full with a lot of information that's really valuable to me and probably most of the people that come here.

    As I'm in the middle of starting up a business I'm looking for ways to make connections and get promotion (duh), wouldn't it be an idea to give entrepeneurs a platform to promote their business who haven't made big cash yet. I'm sorry if you already do this, I haven't been through the whole site yet.

  • http://www.stricklandinteractive.com/ Matt

    Found this website/podcast through the “Listen” application on the Android (HTC Hero) mobile platform. Have been very impressed with the couple of interviews that I've listened to so far. You ask intelligent questions and are very through. I'm looking forward to going back through the archives and listening to more. The real reason I came to the website was to find a donate button. I'd like to throw some funds your way to support the show.

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  • http://twitter.com/ministerofgeek ayoub hakdaoui

    If only i had a such Brother, all i know too it's to be a good SalesMan with a lot of project, so if you are developper im your man ;)

  • Chris O'Toole

    Inspired passion. Thanks Andrew. I want to do the same. Not for startup but for existing business that have finally discovered this “internet” thing isn't going away and that they are missing huge opportunities. I look forward to learning from you how to successfully start up my company and help other existing business leverage the internet for greater success.

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Email me if you want to know anything about how I do it.

    Sent from my mobile

  • http://www.rizzotees.com/ Chris @ RizzoTees

    Wow, glad I found this site!

  • http://robwilson.tv/ Rob Wilson

    Great blog. I have also based my blog on trying to help other people in the area of personal finance. It's such a drap topic that most people don't want to deal with, but I'm trying to give the topic a different voice. I enjoy your posts on building your brand and traffic to your site, they have been very useful.

    I've also considered doing Skype interviews on my site. What software do you use to record your interviews?

    You can check me out a http://www.robwilson.tv. What are your thoughts?

  • davidbaer

    How To Make money with affiliate programs Today. Affiliate marketing is the easier and probably the most effective method to make money from the internet. It is basically, a kind of selling technique where potential buyers from your website are directed to the websites of sellers. For every click, the website owner gets a small commission.


  • barmstrong

    Hey Andrew, how much do your sponsorships cost? You're doing a great job highlighting your sponsors in a unique way, but I couldn't find any info on the site about how to purchase one! Doesn't hurt to make it as easy as possible. Thanks!

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Great suggestion. I'll email you privately.

    Sent from my mobile

  • http://www.styleandthecity.com Kamel Lahmadi


    I recommended your blog to my french friends
    Thank you for your generosity

    I won't wish any think for 2010 because only our actions will lead us were we want
    And you proove it

    But i can wish you a good day !

    Kamel Lahmadi

  • igorM

    An easy solution could be to split interviews to thematic chapters, with the main point of the chapter in the headline. You also could follow a common pattern for all interviews with some “standard” chapters, so it is easy for the audience to follow and find what is needed.

  • http://www.cashurwheels.com/ Mitra

    Hi Andrew,

    I bumped into Mixergy just today and I have been browsing through the wealth of information for so long, that I can't even remember how I got here in the first place. Wow! Bradford and Reed, the logic behind having that name is brilliant. I especially enjoyed your interview with Neil, so far. There's a lot more to learn, will definitely keep coming back.

    Just curious, have you done interviews with entrepreneurs from down under? Yaro Stark maybe? Keep up the excellent work. Your Ernest and Young tax returns definitely inspired me.

  • cashurwheels

    Hi Andrew, I bumped into Mixergy just today and I have been browsing through the wealth of information for so long, that I can't even remember how I got here in the first place. Wow! Bradford and Reed, the logic behind having that name is brilliant. I especially enjoyed your interview with Neil, so far. There's a lot more to learn, will definitely keep coming back. Just curious, have you done interviews with entrepreneurs from down under? Yaro Stark maybe? Keep up the excellent work. Your Ernest and Young tax returns definitely inspired me

  • http://www.tech-surf-blog.com GraemeThickins

    Hi, Andrew — and greetings from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St.Paul! We're quite a tech hub here, with many great startups and passionate Internet entrepreneurs. I'd like to suggest an interview for you:
    Lief Larson, founder of Workface Inc., who has a lot to say about the limits of social networks for individual business professionals. His blog: http://businesscard2.wordpress.com/


  • ridwanzero

    Affiliate Marketing is a performance based sales technique used by companies to expand their reach into the internet at low costs. This commission based program allows affiliate marketers to place ads on their websites or other advertising efforts such as email distribution in exchange for payment of a small commission when a sale results.

  • ridwanzero

    Affiliate Marketing is a performance based sales technique used by companies to expand their reach into the internet at low costs. This commission based program allows affiliate marketers to place ads on their websites or other advertising efforts such as email distribution in exchange for payment of a small commission when a sale results.

  • chris

    Hey Andrew,

    Just ran into Mixergy after going through some Seth Godin's interviews for Linchpin one by one. Just wanted to say, that was an awesome interview you gave and im liking what you are doing with Mixergy

  • Zingo

    Hi Andrew!

    Firstly thanks for spending your time teaching/helping/inspiring us upstarter about the business world.

    Many of yours interview are really interesting, and you have manage to cover a lot of important keypoints in your interviews, eg how to get fundings etc. But one thing I misses and would love to watch is a episode about the process of raising money.
    Eg. if I as a upstarter wants to raise money for my upcoming project, how much % of my company should I give away for how much money? How do one of these agreement look lilke? How do I find these investors, how many investor should I bring in to my company, etc etc.
    I keep hearing all these upstarter rasing millions of money, whats the deal?


  • http://goto0.com/ Ettore

    I love the style of your interviews. Very in depth and meaningful. I just saw the one with PG, I loved how you asked him about the beginnings of YC and how so many things popped up. It's meaningful work what you are doing. Keep it up!

  • johndineen

    Hi Andrew, just stumbled across mixergy now. What a great site. Your own story is very impressive – well done. Looking forward to learning from mixergy.

  • http://www.kouklitsa.com/ Maggie


    I've been watching this site for a little over 2 weeks and I already found a resource for my company.
    I think the forums would be a great idea , I have many questions to ask. I missed the show, I will try to view it later in the week. And the best thing about this site is you don't have to be a member to post.

  • http://twitter.com/theReviewGuy grantgrant

    from quicksprout to mixergy, I think I need to open up more on my way to success. I will share more story here.

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  • JJ

    one thing I've noticed is that there are no women featured on your first page. that tells me some people aren't mixing for some reason. i'd be more inspired if they were.

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    I can use some help finding more successful women to interview.

    Sent from my mobile

    El Feb 27, 2010, a las 2:03 AM, “Disqus” <
    > escribió:

  • http://www.kouklitsa.com/ Maggie

    I agree I've been trying to find a place where women give feed back but I haven't found such a place. I tried the business chamber and nothing. It would be great if you can find successful women to interview , who can also provide us with useful tips.

  • buraddo

    Love the shows.. Keep going and keep talking..

    A couple of things.. Being 40 and embarking down this track.. Found this snippet of research re-assuring..


    There are so many startups making very good products, revenue and profit, but are not google, fb etc.. I mostly enjoy that you drive to hear a diversity of stories and not trying to create the winning formula.

    When you interview startups, I would really like you to add one question to the stock list. “How long did you have your original idea before you started working on it ? How long from concept to starting the enterprise?”

  • k_

    Good info. But I still have no clue what you're doing in Buenos Aires. I like Argentina and BA and you probably like it as well, but that doesn't answer the question, does it?

  • thereviewguy

    although following your blog for about 10 days now, this is first time i read your story, at a little coffee shop in my neighborhood, when sun was out, so was everyone else. For me, it's like heaven reading a good story like this, and thinking about the potential of creating something people want with dead simplicity, life couldn't be better! (apart from finding your own girl:)

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  • http://www.kouklitsa.com/ Maggie

    Hi again ,

    Is it possible you can round up European women( with start up business) where we can exchange ideas, feedback,etc ?

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  • DaanvanGool

    I found this site yesterday and, as someone who is looking to start his online business very soon, I just want to say thank you for the extremely useful content you seem to have on here. I've only seen your Seth Godin Linchpin interview so far and you seem to ask exactly the questions I'm looking to get awnsered. So in following of his advice for beginners, I thought i'd just let my gratitude known.

    Daan van Gool

  • http://www.startupi.com.br/en Diego Remus

    I was already a reader, fan and multiplier of Tim Ferriss' ideas and just today one reader (rhamses) of the blog I run (@startupi) gave me the link to Mixergy.

    I'll thank him for being such a nice reader and suggesting such a nice blog!
    It means, congratulations for your mission and the path trailled!

  • wheresmyreport

    I entered my info for a 'free startup report' but all I got was a double opt in email confirmation link so that you can send me random emails. I opted in yet I still have no 'startup report'.

  • http://www.brownbook.net/ dave ingram

    Love the shows, I listen to the downloads via Google Listen on my Android phone. I've recommended teh show to SO MANY people. Great work, keep it up.

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  • ijeshwardhillon

    Hey bro

    Man you have some pretty cool stuff on your website. I was watching Gurbaksh Chahal on Oprah's show and I was more keen to find out more about Gurbaksh's buisness and how he started off. I came across your website and got all my answers. A real good help mate:D
    I was wondering if a can get some advice from you?
    If you have the time…


  • ijeshwardhillon

    Hey man

    I was checking out your site its awsome as. I was watching Gurbaksh Chahal on Oprah today and was wanting to know more about how he started off and I came across your website. Which was a big help.
    i was wondering if i can get some advice from you?


  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Welcome to the site.

    I sometimes do (free) 1-on-1 calls to help viewers, but I don't have time
    right now. When my schedule frees up, I'll announce it on the site.

    (I don't do paid consultations.)

  • Agata

    So, I´m from Argentina. I think your interviews are great. I know a lot of young people who would be interested in hearing and learning from these experiences but.. would not understand a word. Why not translate them into different languages? That way you´d broaden your audience and get more ideas on how to improve Mixergy.


  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Most people in my audience know they can use google translate to translate.
    I'm going to leave it at that for now, since there are too many other things
    for me to do and I need to stay focused.

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  • mizzfit

    Impressive. I can hear the amazing in your voice. Trying to inject that into my own company now.

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Looking forward to seeing it.

  • http://www.braphoria.com David Beckett

    Very inspiring and motivating. I am reading as much as I can to push our business out to the world.

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Thanks. Hope my work here helps.

    Sent from my mobile

  • http://www.freepressrelease.org Free Press Release

    Very inspiring story Andrew. Your site is one of the ten most useful websites on the Internet. I have learned a lot from your guests. Kudos to you.

  • Kev

    Hi Andrew,
    I think you interviews are great. Would you be willing to record a segment dedicated to Mixergy? I'd like to hear about what it takes to keep the site going, Mixergy's finances, technical stuff, your web stats, etc… Thanks!

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    I'd be open to it on a day when one of my guests doesn't show up.

    I'll have someone in the audience ask questions about how things work here.


  • ChoiOrg

    Hi Andrew,

    I love your website. My friend introduced me to this website few days ago. I am a fan of TED, lectures online, etc. I am glad to find a website that fits my interest PERFECTLY.

    As a recent college graduate, with passion for business I find this site to be a very valuable place.

    Thank you so much for the website, and I hope to return every day!

    Please let me know if you ever come to San Diego, I would love to meet you!

  • philipdupont

    I also started out with TED before I discovered Mixergy.
    Although Ted can not be compared to Mixergy. The focus on business and how to do it makes this site unique.
    The quality of the interviews is hitting an unprecedented level, unlike TED where quantity is taking over the quality.
    6 months ago I found motivation and inspiration on TED. Now I find that on Mixergy.
    Andrew Warner is my Hero. I'm still wondering what Andrew's birth name is though.
    Keep up the great work, Andrew!

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  • http://www.talabastudio.com Mark Talaba

    Hello Andrew. Thank you for admitting failure and getting back on track. :-)

    Your commentary on Job Hoppers got picked up in Innovation Daily, and that led me here. I was CEO of a software development shop that became an eCommerce integrator in 1997, and lived the life of a self-funded company competing for talent. Ouch!

    While reading your survey of misdirected and/or simply bad behavior of CEO's in startups, it occurred to me that might like to talk with Dr. Janice Presser, who (through 25+ yrs R&D) has created a completely new way to predict how a person will behave when working with others to benefit their group, overcome a challenge, or achieve a common goal. 

    In other words, you can predict who will be a great team player (and a lot of other workplace behaviors) before you hire the person.

    This is not a new 'face' on Myers-Briggs or any of the myriad other personality tests. They were designed to measure individual characteristics or traits, and they are very well documented. But personality factors do not predict how people will actually behave on a team.

    In contrast, Role-Based Assessment (RBA), was designed from the very beginning to measure 'teaming characteristics'.  It is used for hiring & promoting, works extremely well in matching people to the functional mission of their team, and is also effective in analyzing and solving team performance problems.

    Here's one of her recent writings:

    Best regards,


    P.S. I work with her, and she has excellent CEO behavior.

  • http://www.theintelligentinvestor.com James Hua

    Andrew – I was introduced to you by a buddy that's a serial entrepreneur and as I browsed through your site and read your story I got hooked. I recently started a blog (which I hope will become much more) in the way of teaching people to not only manage their personal finance buy make money and build wealth. While http://www.theintelligentinvestor.com is a long way off it's my passion to build into something great. Perhaps a place where people can learn from the best investors in the world. Cheers!

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Wow, thanks for the compliment.

    I'll answer your question in a private email.

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Looking forward to seeing how your site grows.

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner


    Could you send me more info privately?


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  • http://www.ourbuildhandyman.com.au/ James Mason

    Great story Andrew.

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  • http://www.juicedup.us/ Matt Winder

    Andrew – Since I don’t drink and you do, I am wondering what we are going to do when we hang out in a few years and you ask me to be on the show?

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  • http://reachgoodlife.com Hieu Luong

    I really love your about page!

  • Mommy’s Kitchen

    Since the last time I was here, many things have changed. My dad passed away,I have created a foodie blog, it has been curative for me, It’s a turning point in my life. I have been receiving a lot of positive feedbcak. I’m hoping it will turn into a career. Here is my blog.http://momzcuisine.blogspot.gr/

  • Mommy’s Kitchen

    I would love to connect with women who have made it with foodie blogs.

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  • http://www.formcircle.com Bob at Form Circle

    Andrew, you inspired me to launch my own startup. You can check it out at http://www.formcircle.com it allows you to create, track and manage complex forms you need your customers to fill out over time. If you have a deadline, you can also search to make sure they fill it out on time. Interested to hear people’s thoughts. Thank you for the inspiration!!!! I hope to be on your show someday… ideally sooner than later with grand tales of success!

  • Ümit Berlinli

    Hi Andrew,

    I discover you in 2011 where my professor himself gave me a video file with you interviewing Justin Cutroni – The interview was called “Getting the most out of Google Analytics”. Later I wrote my Bachelor thesis about Using Web Analytics to optimize your PPC campaign, as a case file I used the website http://www.is-rehberi.de, a local business directory in berlin for turkish companies.

    I was really impressed by the way how you interview the entrepreneurs, you bring them talking about the really important issues. Even those who failed. I was inspired through this and get more fascinated about becoming an entrepreuner.

    I wanted you to thank for your great work and for the way how you do it :)

    Best Regards
    from Germany / Berlin
    the turkish guy :D

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  • Krystian Szastok

    Hi Andrew, really need to get in touch about your latest interview… please tweet/email me.

  • Arie at Mixergy

    Hi Krystain

    Will you get in touch with us at contact@mixergy.com?

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  • Denis Smith

    I heard one interview of Andrew and he talks about some difficult times before he starts the ball rolling. In the beginning he was not monetizing his blog as he should but few changes created huge flux. We admit that Andrew has a winning angle. Thank you for all the interviews I heard from your site otherwise I couldn’t have heard it anywhere b/c you present incredibly successful people whose stories have not been well known.



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  • http://www.mystechdynamics.com Mystech Dynamics

    A very inspiring story. We all go through some of the most darkest times of our lives before we get to experience success. Great things don’t come that easy. Well done Andrew.

  • http://www.chillik.com/ Zain Abiddin

    You’re a great inspiration Andrew! Keep up the great work!

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  • David Chatagnier

    #1204 had an edit but was still overshadowed by Andrew’s open invitation to his office for those who lack an adequate meeting place. It was an excellent interview and I’ve always felt Andrew to be the real deal. In this interview he revealed a genuiness that other professionals lack. Sad news is that I know them personally. Keep it up! I rank Mixergy #1!

  • Olivia Alexis

    Very nice excellent ………. http://indoorlotion.com/

  • http://www.calmera.nl/ Runy Calmera

    Love your shows!

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  • Alexandria Lafci

    I’m the (female) founder of YC backed New Story Charity and would love to give my perspective. Particularly on running a nonprofit org as a fast-growing tech startup. alexandria@newstorycharity.org

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  • http://fmit.vn vinalike

    love your post!! how long time it is
    Qu?n lý chu?i cung ?ng

  • Chris

    I’m a 39-year old starting my idea – been searching and incubating ideas since I was 12 and tried to pull the trigger on two ideas but one lost me money and credibility with the wife and so it has taken me a long time to build up to now. Launch was 5 weeks ago. So far so good.