Sahil Lavingia

I’ve invited Sahil Lavingia to do an interview because he’s a college student who keeps launching apps and websites. I wanted to find out how he keeps cranking out products while so many others only talk about launching their first site.

His products include Dayta, that’s a data tracking application for iPhone, and Rmmbr, a note-taking web app that doesn’t require registration.

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Don Dodge

Don Dodge’s Twitter profile says he’s a “startup guy,” but he hasn’t founded any startups of his own. What he does is help accelerate startups’ growth.

He does that at Google, where he introduced a developer to the company’s app marketplace and helped turn a side project into a profitable business. And he did that at…

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Dan Siroker

When he worked for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Dan Siroker ran A/B tests on the campaign’s email collection process and grew contributions by $57 million.

After the campaign, Dan launched Optimizely, a tool to help web sites run similar tests more easily. I invited him to Mixergy to talk about his new company, and to teach optimization techniques that you could use to grow conversions.

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Chris Nagele

How do you crank out profitable web apps when you have no funding and are working with a virtual team? That’s what Chris Nagele did, so I invited him to teach how he did it.

Chris is the founder of Wildbit, a web software firm focused on building complex web applications that are easy to use. Wildbit has launched Beanstalk, a code collaboration, management, and deployment system, Newsberry, an email marketing system, and Postmark, an email delivery service for web apps. Each one of those apps is profitable, and…

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Rick Marini

How does a first time entrepreneur build a company that sells for $100 million dollars? That’s what Rick Marini did with Tickle, a quiz site that he co-founded and sold to Monster. You’ll hear how he did it in this interview.

You’ll also hear about his latest company, BranchOut, a career site that uses your Facebook connections and LinkedIn resume to help you network.

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Rick Kash

How do you identify demand and build products to meet that demand? That’s what I invited Rick Kash to talk about.

He is the founder and CEO of the Cambridge Group, a growth strategy consulting firm, and the co-author of How Companies Win, which shows how to profit from demand driven business models.

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Josh Koppel and John Lema

ScrollMotion has over 10,000 apps in the Apple app store. If you never heard of the company, you certainly know the brands that it built apps for. Those brands include Esquire, Oprah Magazine, John Grisham, Kaplan and Sesame Street.

This is the story of how co-founders Josh Koppel and John Lema imagined the future of mobile technology even before Apple built its app store and how they quietly made their startup into a mobile giant.

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Jake Nickell - threadless

Threadless sells tshirts, but if you call it a “tshirt company,” you’re missing the point. The important part of the business is that it’s all community-driven. Community members submit design ideas. Community members vote on those designs. And, after Threadless makes the highest-rated designs into T-shirts, community members buy them.

I invited Jake Nickell, the company’s founder, to talk about how he built this community and to tell me about his new book, which is also called “Threadless.”

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