How do you build a company using the lean startup methodology?

Best-selling author, Eric Ries used it to take IMVU from a startup with a failed product to one that will generate $50 million in sales this year.

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How do you start a company with a tweet and grow it to 60,000 business users within 1 year?

Christian Lanng is the co-founder of Tradeshift, a free invoicing service that packs in a social network for businesses and offers apps.

The tens of thousands of organizations that use Tradeshift include the Danish government and UK National Health Services. Here’s the story of how it got there…

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We got into business because wanted to leave our marks on the world and have fun, but instead we’re dealing with the same issues over and over and over.

This program is about breaking free of that dulling repetition. You’ll learn how to systemize your work so it can be done without you. My goal is to liberate you from the mundane so you can have time to plot…

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Have you ever watched a guest on Mixergy reveal something that’s meant to be secret — like their profits — and asked yourself, “why is he saying that?”

I get dozens of emails from viewers who have that same question. That’s why I often ask it in my interviews.

Earlier this week, Julian Hearn (who was shockingly open about his profits in his interview) gave…

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How does an entrepreneur launch a company in the front room of his home and sell it 3 years later?

Today I’m interviewing Julian Hearn from the same front room that he launched his company Promotional Codes, a site that offers discounts which online buyers can use at checkout.

Now, just three years later, Julian has sold Promotional Codes for millions…

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How do you make more money off of less traffic?

It was short-lived, but Derek Halpern felt great when his site got a million hits in a single day and he earned $7,000 from that traffic. Then Brian Clark showed him how he got just 30,000 hits in a single day, but earned about $100,000 from that traffic.

The experience led Derek to…

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How does an entrepreneur change the video game industry and become one of the world’s first space tourists?

Richard Garriott started out by making his own games and selling them in ziplock plastic bags. He went on to launch 2 game companies: Origin Systems, which he sold to Electronic Arts in 1992, and Destination Games, which he sold to NCsoft. Along the way, he coined the term…

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