Learn To Sell! – with David Bullock


David Bullock & I made this interview into a sales how-to session, which covers every kind of sale I can think my audience would want to make, including cold calling, landing pages, social media and even video.

Learn from David, a man who built an industrial sales territory from $300K to $150 million.

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How do you bootstrap a profitable company and get nearly a million developers to sign up? You’re about to meet a founder who says he did it by not caring about money.

Joining me is Tom Preston-Werner, co-founder of GitHub, a site that enables developers to collaborate on code. GitHub is growing and attracting developers quickly, with well over $1M in annual revenue.

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Gonzo Arzuaga grew up in a tiny city in Argentina. This is the story how books opened his eyes to opportunities he wouldn’t have known existed before and enabled him to launch several successful tech companies.

You’ll hear how he launched GauchoNet, an internet portal for Latin America, which he sold to Terra-Lycos in 1999. You’ll hear about the stunning setback he had after after. You’ll hear how he recovered by launching KillerStartups, a directory of new companies. And how he went on to launch Startups.com, a deal site for startup founders.

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Four years ago I spoke at a high school program for budding business people. Every few weeks since that day, I’d get an email from one of the students.

He was an incredible student, who kept building his network and it paid off; he recently got his dream job. So I invited him here to tell how he made such good use of his time in school.

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