Why did Derek Sivers’ CD Baby grow after he stopped showing up for work on a daily basis? How did his people take it from $1 million in annual sales to $20 million in his absence?

You’ll see in this interview…

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Mixergy fans keep asking about the books that helped the site’s interviewees build their businesses and leave their marks on the world.

So Aditya Shukla emailed them and put this list together. Check out these surprising responses. And let Aditya know what else you’d like him to ask past guests.

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What would you do if you created an email-based business in a world where people are tired of getting email?

Most of us would look for ways to urge people to join.

In my interview with Jason Ross, founder of JackThreads, I learned about a different approach.

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Founders I interview keep telling me to focus on the One Thing, the key feature that’s so important to users that they’d put up with the bugs which are a natural part of a startup’s early days, but I often wonder, “how can we find that One Thing?”

David Cohen gave me the answer..

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Focus [Big Idea Series]


Luke launched an online health store that started selling no more than a couple of dozen products, but somehow…

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Lucas & Lee Brown had a successful product, but it was draining.

You see, HasOffers, the software they built to enable advertisers to create affiliate programs, was free. So every time they were “successful” and landed a new user, they were also landing a potentially expensive customer service obligation.

Then they…

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