Why? Why does it seem that other founders command their companies with confidence using outsourcers, but when you hire an outsourcer it becomes an expensive headache?

Maybe it’s because you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to working with outsourcers? ;-)

Don’t worry. Watch this. Let Liam show you how to do things right.

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How does an employee with little money go on to build a business that generates $13 million in sales? Matt Curry runs Curry’s Auto Service, a full-service car repair shop with 8 locations in the Washington, DC area.

I don’t usually interview non-tech companies, but I met Matt when I took out some Mixergy fans for drinks here in DC. I thought his story was so interesting that I asked him to come on tell us how he built his company.

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How does an entrepreneur discover his profitable business model?

Paul Berberian launched Raindance Communications in 1997. The company went public in 2000 and sold for $160 million in 2006. Along the way…

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How does a founder build a million business — and NOT get to keep any of it? You’re about to find out, and if you internalize what you learn, you’ll avoid a similar fate.

Jon Pospischil built an online sporting goods company and grew its sales into the 7 figures. I invited him to tell the story of how he did it and why he doesn’t own the company today. I also want to find out about his new company, Custora, which…

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How does a founder build a company with nearly a quarter-million dollars in revenue each month?

Louis Rix is the founder of Netcars, a used car classified website with the unique pay-per-click billing model. This is the story of how he overcame several setbacks on the road to building a hit company.

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