Imagine creating your next product and KNOWING it will sell because your customers TOLD YOU they’d buy it before you poured your time into making it. In fact, let’s go a step further. Imagine your customers actually gave you money for this product before you built it and now they’re cheering you on and helping you create it, because they feel like they’re on a mission WITH YOU.

Now stop imaging and listen to this program, because…

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How does a single guy in his 20s generate over 1/2 million dollars in annual revenue by helping moms get fit?

Dustin Maher is America’s Trainer to Moms. He helps them get into shape through his DVDs, in-person bootcamps and his new book, Fit Moms for Life. I invited him to talk about how he built a business around his love of fitness. I’m also curious about how he gets on T.V. so much…

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