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I recorded a phone interview with Ori Brafman this week about his new book Sway, which helps explain the seemingly-irrational decisions that people make. I have a full audio interview for you to download below, and a short video for people who don’t have time to listen to the 40+ minute conversation.

One of the things that Ori taught me is the power of endorsements. He told me that he put a collection of endorsements on the back cover of his book (instead of a summary or list of topics or a big picture of him and his brother) because people are more swayed by the opinions of people who are prominent, powerful or authoritative.

Like every other good idea that I learn from my interviews, I plan to use that technique. I’ve interviewed some prominent people because of my events on Mixergy. I’m going to start asking them for quotes about me so I could sway others. I started with Ori. Here’s what he said:

“Andrew does a well-researched interview that’s focused on helping his audience use the ideas they learn. A very interesting illuminating conversation.”

Ori Brafman

Ori Brafman


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