Do You Text While Driving?

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Suppose you’ve been texting while driving, and it never caused an accident. Wouldn’t you start believing that it’s safe?

What if you had a few close calls but you managed to still avoid accidents. Wouldn’t that reinforce your belief that you’re safe?

Of course, you’d be wrong. It’s not safe. And your past success is making you stupid.

Haven’t you seen similar examples in business?

To learn why we make such seemingly obvious mistakes and how to avoid them, I interviewed Laurence Gonzales, author of Everyday Survival, a book about “Why smart people do stupid things.”

Download this interview to get insight into how your mind works.

Laurence Gonzales

Laurence Gonzales


Laurence Gonzales is a prolific author who has won numerous awards for his books and essays, including two National Magazine Awards, the Carl Sandburg Literary Award, and the Sigma Delta Chi Award.

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