Keep our Mission in Mind:
Mixergy is a site where proven founders teach.


Must haves:

* Interviewee must be a founder or co-founder. (If there are multiple founders, we prefer the founder who can talk about the business side of the company.)

* The founder’s company should have accomplished something that an audience of entrepreneurs are dying to do. Examples:

* Built a company that was acquired

* Generated revenue over $1 million a year

* If you’re bootstrapped, the success metrics we look for are:
(a) more than $600k in the first six months
(b) more than 200k users in the 1st year.

We prefer:

* Tech-oriented companies (software, hardware, mobile apps, web content), NOT digital marketing agencies or “how to make money online” businesses.

We need more:

* Female entrepreneurs.
* Founders from outside the US.


* Any founder who failed big and wants to share the story.
* Anyone who does something that tech entrepreneurs are dying to do well, and can teach them. For example, landing page optimization.

And now to our magic form so you can let us know who you have in mind…