If This Family Of 3 Can Travel The World And Work, Can you?

Did you read Tim Ferriss’s book and wonder if you could really travel the world and work?

Jeanne D’Arc, her husband and young daughter are doing that. She recorded this Mixergy program to help you learn how she does it, and maybe even encourage you to be a digital nomad too.

Jeanne D'Arc

Jeanne D'Arc


Jeanne D’Arc is a non-stop family travel world expert. Her blog, Soultravelers3.com, chronicles the family’s world adventures and provides educational resources for kids and families.

Here’s an edited excerpt from the program.

How nomadic is your family?

We are traveling around the world. We’re into our 3rd year of an open-ended world tour.

Is it as expensive as it seems?

We try to live really large, and do it on little money. We do this on $25,000 a year. Which people are amazed by.

I can travel the world for much less than I can live at home. And that’s exciting too.

How does your daughter stay in school?

We home school. We home school in English year round. But when we’re in Spain, she goes to the local school. Because one of our goals to have her immersed in her second language, culture and literature.

People who read this site want to stay online and work while they travel. Is it possible?

We take our laptop everywhere find wifi. Even in Morocco. We took it deep into the Sahara, if it’s there–and there’s nothing there–then it’s everywhere.

What do you say to someone who’s thinking of being a digital nomad?

It’s easier than people think. That’s the thing that I found. It’s cheaper. Easier. And more enriching than people think. And I want people to know that.

I think in this economy they SHOULD know it.

And people think they can’t do it if they have a family. Actually, it’s GREAT to be done as a family.


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