RevZilla: The Legal Way To Deal With A Patent Troll – with Anthony Bucci

What would you do if all of your suppliers said to you, “You know what, we don’t sell to Internet companies. Sorry, never going to happen”?

Well, I bet you won’t believe the unexpected solution that today’s guest came up with, but it worked. Anthony Bucci is the co-founder of, which sells apparel, gear and parts for two and four-wheeled motorsports.

Also, how are you going to deal with a patent troll who wants to sue you for patent infringement? Anthony says it happened to him, and he’s going to reveal the correct advice his lawyers gave him, the advice that saved him and just might save you. That and so much more is coming up.

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About Anthony Bucci

Anthony Bucci is the co-founder of, which sells apparel, gear and parts for two and four-wheeled motorsports.

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  • Chris Conway Bourke

    Great i’ve been waiting for a video from Anthony for awhile! As a nightrider i’ve always loved his store and reviews. Thanks Andrew, i’ll post my comments once i watch it through!

  • Chris Conway Bourke

    Well now I’ve listened through, its another great example of how back breaking dedication to an idea can lead you through dark times to the light on the other side. It seems the secret sauce is always the hardest to make
    and you’ll probably only get there through iteration. Great stuff cheers guys!

  • Arie, Community Manager

    Thanks for the followup, Chris!

  • Kyle McCrary

    Like the animated intro, Andrew. (Hmm..I bet you’d make a cool cartoon character.)

    My Notes:
    – “Passion Factor:” Sometimes, the selling point is WHY you’re selling – not WHAT.
    – Consumer Analysis: What’s their motivation? Why are they purchasing? Who is it really about? What’s leading them in? How/Why did they get here?
    – Try not to give a big sense of urgency in the middle of constructing a deal.
    – Seek out things to focus on, that the market is ignoring.
    – First ads are [practically] never gonna do well.
    – Bypass criticism: “Puffing your chest out” and “hiding your face” can make you look big.
    – Wanna be cash-flow positive sooner than later? Sacrifice time and pay.
    – Be granular. Little gains will add up to the overall success.
    – Look for passionate people to hire. Anyone who comes to you “has” to work there.
    – Putting a gong in the office can be a good for morale. Yes… a gong.

    The title was a bit misleading, but I did learn that sometimes it actually is a good decision to take a risk, dig your nails in and drag your feet, until the problem is solved over time.

    Thanks, Anthony and Andrew, for the new pieces of information! Keep growing.

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  • Chris Stoddart

    I’m too interested to not ask, did you edit the video at around 3:20? The video skips right in the middle of your revenue questions, but I know you always say you won’t edit. Did you lose connection or something?

  • Arie, Community Manager

    Interesting! But just a coincidence. :)