How to Get Bloggers to Write About Your Company

I met Marjorie Kase at an event I hosted, so I interviewed her to learn how to connect with bloggers. I’ve been using what she taught me and it’s working.

My biggest takeaway from the call is when you read something, write something. Since my call with Marjorie, whenever I read a blog post that I like, I try to add a comment, or email the author, or blog about it, etc.

At first it felt awkward. I couldn’t think of anything to write and I hated the idea that others even knew what I was reading. But after doing it awhile I’ve learned how to write comments quickly. And I found that coming up with something to say forces me to think a little deeper about what I read.

Now bloggers reach out to me and I’m getting more mentions on their sites. Check it out, I’m in a post on today’s socalTECH.

Marjorie Kase

Marjorie Kase

Marjorie Kase is the founder and CEO of Blogger Reps, a company that helps brands reach bloggers and their audiences.

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