How The Lean Startup Became A Best Seller (And Movement)

What you can’t say about Eric Ries is, “The dude is just lucky.”

No, if you know the Lean Startup methodology he created, you understand that he thinks in a more systemized and organized way than most people.

So, when his book, The Lean Startup, became a New York Times best seller, I knew it wasn’t luck. So I asked him, as one friend to another, to talk openly about how he made it happen. Listen in to see how a well-thought-out system can help you make your own luck.

Eric Ries

Eric Ries

The Lean Startup

Eric Ries is the BEST-SELLING author of The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses.



Full Interview Transcript

Andrew: Three messages before we get started. First, you might have noticed that many sites are using video. Here it is on SnapEngage right under the free trial button. You might have noticed they’re using video to increase conversions. Here it is on Well, what do you do if you want to try video on your site, but you don’t have production capabilities in-house?

  • Jeremy

    very powerful tips! thanks for sharing

    those small tips about bundling will make a HUGE difference to any author.


  • Thanks.

  • Great interview, I love the movement and the book. Eric has truly inspired the whole ecosystem and now guys like Trevor Owen are taking this ethos to these startup events like the Lean Startup Machine. 

  • That info about how to approach people misusing your trademark is REALLY interesting.

  • This was awesome and super-useful.  The topic of book marketing doesn’t get talked about a lot.  Generous of Eric to share his “lessons learned” (pun intended).

    Thanks, Andrew, for the interview.  You always do a great job drawing out the insights, but you did a particularly good job on this one.

  • Anonymous

    When I saw Eric Ries at the top of the home page again I did a double take – then I remembered you mentioned at the end of the last interview that you wanted to split it up into two posts!

    This is an awesome second installment, thanks heaps guys.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Dharmesh, I tried to connect with you on Twitter and LinkedIn to no avail so I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to sneak into your inbox via Disqus.

    I have a product that I think would be a great fit for Hubspot. Ping me on if you’d like to check it out.

    Sorry for the spam :( but as Pharcyde said “Ya gotta hustle y’all, gotta hustle”.

  • Anonymous

    Ditto to all Ian said, and I’ll add emphasis to the fact that I almost didn’t click through to this interview since my initial (and incorrect!) thought was that I’d already “seen this one”. Maybe some sort of in title helper such as “Part Two:…..” or “Just Released Update…..”.

    On second thought….better to let da’ Kopywriter Kourse graduates (or originator!) do the title helper suggesting.  :-)

    Bottom line….I’m truly thankful that you provided this awesome “part two”…and I’m only offering feedback aimed at helping you to help others to help themselves to Eric Ries’ help. Errrr….or something like that.



  • Manny

    Great quick interview Andrew and thanks Eric for being so open !

    I question I have is on how Eric and/or Pivatol Labs did A/B tests his site It is super useful to see the detail of the tests live and I imagine these tests may have been custom built but can Eric or Andrew advise more on which tools they suggest to do this kind of in depth testing…For example “Average number of shares for people who clicked on a share and then shared” .



  • Martin

    Andrew, thanks for doing all this.

    I just finished my diploma thesis on the application of lean thinking to the marketing of hi-tech startups, something I probably wouldn’t even have thought about without your interviews with Eric Ries and Steve Blank. Just joined a month ago and I already fell like I’ve learned a lot more than in years studying this stuff.

  • Anonymous

    …..>@b8376335f68e00db10f1aec16890cbc4:disqus …………

    This is crazy…My sister makes 73 hourly on the PC. She has been fired from work for 11 months but last month her paycheck was 7756 USD just working on the PC for a few hours. Read about it on this web site….

  • Thanks Eric! I’m an Assistent Organizer of the Houston Lean Startup Group. We’re doing awesome here and the group is growing!

  • Hope to visit. I love hearing that.

  • Hit me up if you’re ever in Houston Andrew! It’s been a long time. I tell the whole Lean Startup group to check out Mixergy + for all the University’s I speak at – I point to you as the number one reference for where to learn the real stuff. SPike in Traffic = Glenn. 

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