• http://www.JiansNet.com/ Jian

    Very inspiring story, saved for listening in the future as well.

    I am very impressed how Kim could bootstrap the business doing consulting work, definitely something to learn from. Thanks Kim and Andrew!

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/sholaabidoye/ Shola Abidoye

    Wonderfully unique content! Keep it comin’

  • http://www.discountcleaningproducts.com/ Mike Kawula

    Rocking interview Andrew!

    Kims awesome and would be a great comeback guest to teach a course. Her community is highly engaged and like your guest Pat Flynn the other day, she’s everywhere. Love her quotes on Linkedin each day and like you said..she’s got great attention to detail!

  • Arie, Community Manager

    Mike–what would you like to see her teach?

  • Arie, Community Manager

    Thanks Jian.

  • Arie, Community Manager

    We will! We’ve got a great week of interviews coming up :)

  • http://www.discountcleaningproducts.com/ Mike Kawula

    Her community is super engaged. 130K Twitter fans (#’s indifferent, but hers are engaged) 32K Facebook fans with a 30% engagement (huge), always on Linkedin and G+. How she manages it all, stays engaged, systems she has set up. For instance how she automates and follows up. What tools she uses and what tools has she used that don’t work as well. How does she get all this great content created…in-house or outsourcing all and to who? Fiverr like or VA’s? Make sense….I could really ask a ton of questions?

  • http://anicasmarketing.com/ Aj Singh

    Wow… nice having a detailed transcript to compliment the video

  • Arie, Community Manager

    Thanks Aj–we have almost all of our programs transcribed to help our listeners since it can be A LOT of content to consume.

  • http://billionsuccess.com/ Herby Fabius

    Wow, great story. She couldn’t even copy and paste when she first started. That just goes to show even if you don’t’ know how you can learn how. Nice interview.

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