TwitchTV: How To Pivot When The First Vision Falters – with Emmett Shear

How does a company without a clear vision, go on to become a top platform?

Emmett Shear is the co-founder of the live video platform, When his co-founder was on Mixergy, he said that didn’t have a clear enough vision. Then it reinvented itself as TwitchTV, the video game broadcasting community that Emmett runs today, and the company took off.

Emmett Shear, TwitchTV

Emmett Shear is the co-founder of live video platforms and TwitchTV, the video game broadcasting community.


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  • Tim Troppoli


  • Shaan Rafiq

    Man it would be so valuable if I could get a course cheat sheet or something with his 8 questions. I’m sure as hell they’d apply to market research for many businesses!

  • Anonymous

     I’m guilty of adding to their views stats haha. Great takeaways here about testing. Thanks Emmett, thanks Andrew!

  • Eric Ingram

    This is one of my favorite interviews. I couldn’t agree more with Emmett’s views on the CEO’s role in the product and customer development. I had the chance to sit down with Emmett for a YC office hours meeting and thought his feedback was spot on, and the founders listened.

  • Matt Medeiros

    One of the best interviews yet.

    A true insight to organic growth through asking users and solving their problems. On my second listen through now, might even do a 3rd through my run!