“Nobody’s as good as I am…”

“Nobody’s as experienced…”

“Nobody’s as committed…”

Chuck Blakeman says that list of “nobody’s” will keep you on the treadmill forever, killing the growth of your business and sucking all of your time and energy.

“It’s one of the major issues with all business owners,” says Chuck, founder of Crankset Group and author of Making Money is Killing Your Business: How to Build a Business You Love and Have a Life, Too. “You have to have the confidence that you can make money when you’re not around.”

But how do you delegate when no one knows your business as well as you do?

And what if you don’t have time to hire–what if you just need to get the work done right now?

In his Mixergy course, Chuck answers those questions and more, so you can build a business you love and have a life, too.
In the full course, you’ll discover:

  • The SEVEN LAST WORDS of a dying business (and if you’ve said these words, you’ll discover how to course correct)
  • The tactic that allowed Chuck to take an entire month off while still generating revenue, after just four years in business (hint: it takes just a few minutes to start)
  • The one thing you need to start doing TODAY that’ll make your life 100xs easier from here on out
  • How to determine your business personality profile (and how Chuck used one client’s profile to help him go from a $400,000 business to $800,000 in the next year and to $1.4 million the year after that)
    and much more!

One idea that really stood out: when you think you can’t afford to hire someone to do a simple job, calculate your hourly rate.
Here’s an excerpt on that, from the full course:

Chuck: [One client] said, “The reason I’m doing the $8-an-hour job is I can’t afford that person right now.”

But I said, “If your time is worth $150 an hour and you land another client for $150, you just made $142. In this case, you’re losing $142 because you’re worth $150 an hour and you’re doing an $8 an hour job. You could give somebody 10 of those and that’s $80 for 10 hours and you go do $150 an hour work for 10 hours. You make $1,500. You give $80 of it to the employees and you keep the other $1,300. This is a no-brainer.”

The guy literally laid down in his office. He said, “No wonder I’m so tired…” He got off the treadmill. He built a business he loved and he got a life, too.”

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