SurePayroll: Launched On Folding Tables, Now The Largest Internet-Only Payroll Provider

Before he helped incubate new startups at Excelerate, Troy Henikoff was the founder of SurePayroll, a company that disrupted the payroll business by bringing it online.

This is the story of how that company struggled to make it, and why it eventually went on to become the largest Internet-only payroll provider.

As you’ll hear, he’s using many of the lessons Troy picked up while working on folding tables and figuring out how to get his business to take off to help entrepreneurs in Chicago.

Troy Henikoff

Troy Henikoff


Troy Henikoff is an adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship at Northwestern University and the Co-Founder of Excelerate, a Chicago-based startup accelerator and incubator that is driven by proven entrepreneurs and investors. He is also an adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship at Northwestern University.



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