Recession Proof: Traffic Secrets for a Bad Economy

I invited Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, to talk about how his business has been impacted the current economic situation.

I also want to talk to him about his latest book, Traffic Secrets and where he sees the opportunities for business right now.

Russell is also the founder of ClickFunnels, software that lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel.

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

Traffic Secrets

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels, software that lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel.


Full Interview Transcript

Andrew Warner 0:04
Hey there, freedom fighters. My name is Andrew Warner, I’m talking about a mic that I don’t really love because I’m here from home, and I don’t really love recording from home. But I love today’s guests and I love the software. I was chatting with him about how his business is doing. And he said, it’s doing pretty well. But there’s some changes since the I’m gonna call it a recession, even though it’s not a foreign formally there. And so I invited Russell Brunson, the founder of Click Funnels to talk about how his business has been impacted by it. And to talk about his latest book.

Traffic Secrets as the name of the book, it’s all about how to get traffic to your website. It’s actually well, traffic to your funnel. I think there’s a point in the book Russell where you say the whole point of social media for us has to be to get people into our funnel there it is on page 138.

And of course, Click Funnels is the software you use to convert strangers into full on customers and make it super easy to collect email addresses and then upsell them and then bump sell that. It’s like all this stuff that I go crazy for.

Russell, good to have you here.

Russell Brunson 1:06
Great to be here, man. I appreciate you.

Andrew Warner 1:09
How has How was business in March 2020?

Russell Brunson 1:15
So I really, really good actually, in you know, it’s weird because it’s like been weird because for the most part we’re remote staff but we hadn’t send last 20% of people home. There’s a lot of like fear inside the community and most of our customers are business owners. So there’s like all the fears there’s navigating that stuff, but it’s from a from a financial standpoint. Mars did really, really well for us,

Andrew Warner 1:38
for sure. Why do you think why? Why would there be more revenue in selling software to help people create funnels and teaching people how to create funnels in a market where people are just scared and want to cut back because of the recession?

Russell Brunson 1:53
Yeah, in fact, what’s the one negative part we saw in March so we’ve got different levels of $100 a month level of 350 115 hundred dollar month level, definitely there was some like traction or things drop there. But our trials are up like 30 to 40% higher than normal new trials coming in. And then the most fascinating thing for me though, is on a traditional day, we get about 15,000 people who walk into the software that are doing something inside of it. And over the last two and a half, three weeks, we’ve averaged over 30,000 people a day, their logging software. So I think part of this because people are home now and they’re like, I’ve been talking about this funnel thing and talking about building my thing forever. And now it’s like, I’ve got no other excuses than to do it. And so people are logging in, they’re doing it, people that have been putting it off for people that had canceled or coming back now. I think it’s just with with, with more time people are focusing more back on like, this is a winner I can focus on building my business, or they’re scared that a business is getting shut down in the training transition. We’ve got, I seen a lot of people who are gym owners, I saw dance studios, things like that, where they were 100% like getting people to their dance studio, and now it’s gone. Now they’re doing dance classes through zoom and so they’re shifting, you know, trying to get all their stuff online so they can sell the classes. Online, as opposed to getting people in the door, and they’re making those kind of transitions. And so I think things where people are logging in and using it, which is just been good.

Andrew Warner 3:08
You know, before we started, I said, if all we talk about is how easy everything was and how great things are going, no one’s gonna root for you or really care about you and this interview, talk about like a challenge. And you started saying, Todd was, was he freaking out? Who’s Todd and what was he doing?

Unknown Speaker 3:28
So Todd’s my co founder, he’s a genius to build Click Funnels, and literally the smartest person I’ve ever met in my life. Like he’s smarter everything almost a point where sometimes you’re just like, I hope he’s wrong. So I can be right just once. And in December, he starts sending me messages like what was happening in, in China what was happening and he started getting nervous. And, and I’m more of like, I’m always like, just a positive like, Oh, well, you know, like, it’ll all be fine. And it’s interesting because in in January, we had our funnel hacking live our big user event which had, like 4500 people there and we get people These two comma club awards everyone comes on the stage and they get it. And tada that points like, I don’t wanna touch anybody. So he had like in the line we had big old bottles of of hand sanitizer made everybody get like fake soaked themselves and hand sanitizer before they come and shake our hands. And it’s just like, I kind of embarrassed about like, come on. And then after I got back, like, like, he kept sending me messages like we should be worried about this. And he’s putting in contingency plans for all of us. And I, I feel bad now because I I literally teased him a lot, and summer. So I think like he was like, really, maybe it’s like one of our few founder feuds meet him where he didn’t talk to me for probably a month, because he was just, he was like, annoyed that I didn’t seem to care about it. And then as things get closer and closer to like, three weeks ago or so whenever the first time President Trump came out was like, everybody stopped doing stuff. That sounds like oh my gosh, like he’s actually been right this whole time and I sent a message kind of apologizing. And then, as you know, I’m a Mormon. So Mormons like we all have a huge food stored. We’ve got guns We have all these things I was like hey Todd This is the deal like I’m so grateful that I’m more mixed I have all this stuff but now I’m kind of freaking out what do I need to do? And like it kind of reopen the conversation with him which has been fun and now it’s like he showed me how to prepare and like all these things we can do and and it’s just been it’s been good again I think I am grateful for him cuz I totally missed it.

Andrew Warner 5:19
Like I think it is about your personality that got you to default to confidence instead of taking in fear even even after you’ve discovered this is a serious thing. We’re going to be in lockdown. I still don’t see any any fear. I still don’t see any dread. I see confidence. What is it about you?

Russell Brunson 5:39
Um, I think a couple things number one is I was in business last time we had the recession cycle and I got beat up pretty bad in the middle of it and it was really really painful and but I learned a lot of stuff and and you know this time as we go Click Funnels, but I think we prepared in ways that were better. I guess one part of it, I think The second part of it is just I know, we’ve talked in other interviews about God, like, I just have such a strong belief that like, I don’t think any of us are going to live one second longer or shorter than, then God wants us to live here. So it’s like, we’re going to die. Like, it’s gonna happen, you know, it’s like, I’m not afraid of that just like, so inside of that, understanding that it’s like, let’s do the best that we can. And I think especially the time wherever is freaking out, like if I’m the leader of my company, coming in with a high energy level, and I’m like, I’m excited and like seeing the future seeing the opportunities that are there. If I don’t display to my team, my team is gonna freak out my team freaks out, the whole company collapses right? And the second tears like to the to our community, like we’ve got such a big community and like if I don’t come out and like and show people the faith and hope of like, what’s possible on the other side of whatever this is, I don’t know if it’s a little bump or a big bump, but if I can’t show people like a vision of the future what’s possible then people are gonna stop and they’re gonna run away and and they’re going to miss out on arguably, this could be the greatest, you know, time in business life.

Andrew Warner 7:00
Now I’ve heard several people by interview say this could be the greatest time how

Unknown Speaker 7:06
to think about like right now ad costs are dropping dramatically. I had one of my buddies, Alex remos. He’s in the gym market, he his ad cost of six x and 600% decrease in AD costs. We’re seeing the same thing across the line. Right now I’m launching my book. And it’s funny because I think everyone everyone thinks like money has disappeared overnight. And it’s not true. Like what happens at home now and they’re not spending money at the movie theater, not spending money. They’re like nervous about what to do. But there’s still people still want, you know, they want to do something. The government has dropped $2 trillion in on the economy. I like there. There’s money. There’s things are happening now. And I think the biggest thing, I think the biggest thing that most businesses are going to miss and why a lot of them are going to go under is if you think about customers, like everyone’s customers are coming, they’re either moving. If they’re coming to you, they’re moving in a direction they’re either moving like towards pleasure like the buying your product or service because they want more pleasure or happiness or They’re in pain, and they’re trying to move out of that pain, right? And you think about over the last seven to 10 years for the majority of our, of the economy as a people been in, like in a spit in a space where they’re trying to move towards pleasure, because they’re happy things are good. They’re moving towards pleasure. And I think most people’s marketing and businesses have been focused on that. And now three weeks ago, everybody shifted to the spot of like I’m in, I’m in excruciating pain. And the people understand that, like, how does the product or the service of the thing that I provide, how does it get somebody out of pain and by making that shift in your marketing, the product does that just ship it like, but like the marketing shifts, and now people see like, Oh, this is how this product or this tool can get me out of pain. That’s when they’ll start following you. I think that people understand the psychology of customers. Right now. They’re going to get the lion’s share of customers at a huge discount. It’s gonna be way cheaper there to help them through this time of uncertainty. And then on the backside of it, we’re now we’re in a space of certainty. Your ability, your audience is going to be 10 times what it could have been if you would have you know if you slept during this, this time,

Andrew Warner 8:58
I’m going to get an audience in a moment. Because obviously you talk about that in traffic Traffic Secrets. But you know, my mic is now on to shoe boxes, and there’s no room for me to put the book. I’m such a such an obsessive person when the person I’m interviewing has a book, I read every frickin page and my kids now got to watch me sit there and they couldn’t believe that I read it this fast considering how long it takes us to read one of their books. But there’s a section in here where you talk about fear as a motivator. Do you think fear is a bigger motivator for customers then pursuit of pleasure? I know you didn’t exactly talk about that in traffic secrets. But as someone who’s written a lot of marketing copy over the years, what do you think?

Russell Brunson 9:40
Um, I don’t know if it’s a bigger motivator.

I think in the season we’re in right now. Yes, because people are in a safe state of fear. I mean, look, just look at your Facebook feed your news feeds like right now like every other. I’m probably 90% of the posts are about fear. Corona, right. Like what’s happening like, there’s so much of that. So right now, definitely, because Is the hot button lt in a normal like economy a month ago? I wouldn’t have said yes to that economy today. 100% Stephanie, bigger motivator right now for people. And so would you shift your marketing to touch on the fear that people have right now? Yeah, in fact, it’s funny because so I was launching the travel seekers book launch has been in plan for a year right. And little Dido the day it launched to be the same day that Trump came out and told him to stay at home. And if you look at like, like the messaging that I had, initially for Traffic Secrets is like, let me show you how we build a company to, you know, $200 million AR using traffic, let me show you like, like, how we grew, how we made money, how we like that was going to be the messaging. And right now like that’s like, I don’t think anyone’s sitting at home like how do I grow my company to $10 million 100 million dollars. They’re thinking like, how do I survive? And so if you look at any of the interviews, or the messaging of the marketing right now, it’s definitely like, help people understand that right now, like, your customers are your life preserver, like it’s the thing that’s going to stabilize you and the companies who know how to get customers and keep customers will be the ones that that survive during the time that thrive after and so they definitely might be my shifted just shifted from like, here’s how to scale grow a company to the top two. Let me show you how to protect your company, same product, but the messaging shifts between the

Andrew Warner 11:07
way to protect it is to get that audience that is yours. And I feel like a good way to illustrate that is Do you remember the Arsenio Hall story that you told in traffic secrets? Oh, yeah, definitely. What was who was Arsenio Hall?

Unknown Speaker 11:22
So back in the 90s, Arsenio Hall was late. I talk show host right. Never. You think it’s Arsenal? I think it was who he was the guy who did that at night. Right. And he, he was the talk show like it was it was a big deal back then. In fact, when President Clinton was running for president, he came on and played the saxophone. And a lot of people actually credit Clinton winning because he was on the Arsenio Hall show because he got all the minority and young voters who wouldn’t traditionally vote for someone they saw him and then they showed up in droves because they saw him on the Arsenio Hall show. And you look at that, two years later, the show got canceled, and nobody ever nobody ever heard of it again. Right. I get it. In fact, I bet most people listening probably don’t even remember who Arsenio Hall is. And it’s funny because I didn’t. I forgot about him until I think it was 2012 is when he came on Celebrity Apprentice is one of the one of the people do you watch the season? He was on Celebrity Apprentice? Did you watch that show? I love watching this, like weird marketing lessons you that I would pick up that were just random. And this was one that was like, it wasn’t like they were the show didn’t try to create this as a lesson. But like, it was the lesson for me. So I think it was the fourth or fifth episode. And it was a fundraiser one where it’s like, let’s see who can raise the most the most money. So all the celebrities out there and they’re calling their buddies and they’re doing things to get to get money and some of them raised like millions of dollars. And every contestant raised some amount of money except for Arsenio Hall. And they got they show him in this thing. He’s calling everyone his phone Rolodex and nobody will pick up the phone. And at the end, right before they go to the boardroom. He’s sitting there looking at the camera, and he’s like, you know what, when I had my own show, everybody returned my calls. And I was like, that’s the thing. Right. Like, if you don’t have a platform, you don’t have customers like it’s really, really difficult. And I look at like just the relationships I built over the last decade like, I people like Tony Robbins or Dean or you or anybody, like I, I would like think like I built relationships because like, I think I’m cool, but I don’t think that’s it like the reason why like Tony Robbins would return my calls because I have a platform I have customers that the heat, like the value I can provide partners is is this platform I’ve created, right. And I think that Arsenio Hall, like he had a platform like he got the person’s running for president of the country to like, return his call, show up on a show perform play the saxophone. And when he lost his platform, he lost everything. You had no ability to generate any money at all. It’s just interesting. We understand that.

Andrew Warner 13:40
And so our platform is the email list. You’re very big on email list, but it’s also the social media platforms that we’re on Instagram, YouTube, you write very favorably about YouTube and you’re right. with YouTube. The old stuff does bubble up. I’m now into this guy, Seth hacks. That’s my way of unwinding at the end of the day, I’ll watch a 10 minute video for Seth, about mountain biking and fixing mountain bikes. I don’t go mountain biking, I’m never going to fix my own bike. But I watch it. And YouTube knows it gives me videos of his from like four years ago when he wasn’t crazy when the mic was kind of crappy, and I appreciate it. And so I get your I get your love and appreciation for YouTube. You’re saying that’s our platform? What I wonder is I see you on all these platforms. How many hours a day are you on social media versus I don’t know running Click Funnels this company that

Russell Brunson 14:35
Oh, man. Well, it’s it’s deceiving because it’s not only obvious at this point, I’ve got a team but when I got started, it was just me and I didn’t I couldn’t do like 10 platforms like I picked one. So for me when I when it first started, like my platform initially was with podcasting, because that’s, you know, that was the first time I really dove into outside having my own email list. And so I started doing a podcast and and that was my first platform. So for me, it was like I was on my phone. driving in my car and I record a podcast every day. And I think I’ve done like 700 hundred episodes like that. And that was my first platform. That’s all I did for a long time. And a lot of my initial followers and people came from that from that channel. And then as clickfunnels started growing and started doing it, I was like, can we figure out Facebook and we dove in there, we figure out the processes and got things in place, but then we plug people in to help make sure that didn’t crash and the same thing with Instagram and stuff. And so I don’t spend that much time now. But I do spend time every day dedicated to creating content, then our team grabs and Mike will put in all the different places and then they comment and make sure that that things are happening.

Andrew Warner 15:33
I think if I get a message from Russell Brunson on on my comment on Instagram, is it coming from you or someone on your team?

Unknown Speaker 15:41
This visitor direct message is coming from me if it’s a comment on a on a thread, it’s probably from someone on the team. Okay,

Andrew Warner 15:49
and it’s something that you really believe in. Did you still at a point where everybody gets a comment back?

Unknown Speaker 15:56
No, not everyone. No, I would drowned if I did. Okay. It’d be too much, you know, and I tried to make it, you know, enough like you can tell on Instagram or stuff like who who’s got big followings whose people you connect with? And so I’m always trying to find like, Who are the people that if I can, if I can connect one person opens up more doors and you know, connecting there and then, but my team tries respond back to as many things as they can set the comments. Just keep conversation flowing and things like that.

Andrew Warner 16:22
Yeah, that was a big thing that you talked about in traffic secrets, Dream 100. And I want to ask about what the dream 100 is, and how that led you to Tony Robbins and other people. But you also said, Look, a lot of people think they’re going to shoot one video with one thing, then they’re going to take the transcript of it and they’re going to put it up on podcast app, and then they’re going to take up sorry, they’re gonna take the audio, put it on podcast app, the transcript, put it up on medium and so on, and they think that they found the sexy solution, but it doesn’t work and feel so awkward. You do have a process and you kind of went through it in traffic secrets. What’s your process for creating so much content?

Unknown Speaker 16:57
Yeah, I think one things yeah, people understand is that each platform has its different intricate intricacies, right, like the way that things happen, each one’s different. And I think the first time I got this is when I launched my YouTube channel, I was like, Okay, I’m gonna be the YouTube guy, and I’m gonna do go all and we did a, we made these amazing vlogs he did over 100 episodes, we’re just like, document our whole life. And when all said and done after 100 episodes, I was like, nobody’s nobody’s watching these things. Like, I couldn’t figure I didn’t get it. I remember going home that night, being super frustrated. I was like, I’m gonna fire the whole the whole YouTube teams, we can’t figure this out. And I looked at my kids, my kids love YouTube. I was like, I don’t actually watch YouTube’s I don’t. I didn’t understand like how YouTube really worked. I said, I couldn’t watch my kids watch YouTube. So I sat down and I came on watches watch YouTube and like, we talked about that and I just do your do your thing. I’m gonna watch. I sit back and I start watching my kids. I watch. They turn on the show. And when they watch me, like I watch say which ones they spend like 10 seconds like, oh, next video next video, which was a stay for like, what happened and I start watching how my kids watch YouTube, even my daughter, I’ve a five year old daughter and she she’ll get my phone and she’ll watch YouTube videos and show it swipe, swipe, swipe and you get sucked into one. Like, why? And I really like the youtubers didn’t like me like ripping my audio for my podcast and plugging it on on YouTube didn’t necessarily didn’t work on YouTube like I got some like my, my, my hardcore fans would listen to it but it never grew after that, I started realizing that like there’s intricacies in each of these platform, when you understand them and you respect them, then you can, then you can have success. So what we started doing, because I didn’t want to spend like six months, you know, doing every it’s just it’s too much. And so about about twice a month right now we do what we call the Marketing Secrets show, which is a Facebook Live, but if you look at it, it’s all broken down into different segments. So I know that like the way I do my podcast is me telling a story about you know, a topic and I kind of just tell a story about it. And so I start the market secret show where it’s like Jimmy Kimmel coming out doing his like his opening monologue, right? And so for me, I do my opening monologue, which which is structured the same way I structured my podcast episodes. So when that’s done, my team grabs it and then boom, it becomes a podcast. I do. I do like two four monologues and those become my podcast episodes. For the for the podcasts, and then I’m like, okay, Instagram, I need to Instagram stuff. So like, I hold up a picture I print out, if like my family and I tell a story about it, I hope and then I go through five different pictures telling the story about it. My team now has those in there, those go on Instagram, they know how to, they know how to post my story now my own words, and like, why this picture was important to me. And then I go and I, I make I to how to videos which are very YouTube driven, I do it the way I would do a YouTube video. And so I spent about an hour and in that hour, I create all the content that they need for the rest of the month. And then they take that chop it up and then each one’s very specific to the platform.

Andrew Warner 19:33
And then like video is a huge is a is you doing screen share and teaching

Russell Brunson 19:38
or no not sorry, screen share, but it’s it’s more how to so it’s like, Hey, this is Russell, I’m gonna show you how to the six biggest steps to creating a sales funnel like something that would that would kill it on YouTube. Like it’s the kind of content on YouTube people like, that’s what they’re looking for there. And so I teach that session just like that, like six steps or three, three ways to whatever you know, and I teach it in very, very much a YouTube way and there’s a Rapid is beginning and then and then between that on the live show I break am I okay, that was a YouTube video I’m gonna make another YouTube video already. I do the next one. And so the audience sees behind the scenes on Facebook Live they see behind the scenes they think it’s really fun. And then and then afterwards that all gets taken and then now it fills the fills all the social networks for next week in a live audience, which takes away the weird feeling of just talking into I think some people do a camera, I don’t have it, I need another human being. I get it. And then I think what you do at the end of that is you record the intro and outro or whatever you need all in one shot so your team can pull those out and turn it into the intro for the podcast and so on. That’s Yep, and then I take screenshots like they’ll give me like weird Castilla like a hat and it’s like, there’s that’s gonna be the thumbnail for the video for the thing we just recorded 20 minutes ago and stuff like that.

Andrew Warner 20:46
Yeah. You know, I really like your backdrop. I actually that this is my thing. I always look for the thing that shows the least amount of me like I went and found the wall over here so that we can stay focused, but I like that. I’m looking over your Shoulder I see the fireplace I see your books. I see I guess that’s a video wallpaper. How are you dealing with working from home? I’m doing okay now, but it’s not great. It’s weird. I like when I’m in the office like, this is like my office in my bedroom. So it’s kind

Russell Brunson 21:14
of nice. Like, I’m enjoying parts of it. But I tell you, it’s funny. I always hear people talking about mom guilt. And I never will talk about dad guilt, man, I I just weird dad guilt where I hear the kid I can hear him outside. I can hear him. And I say, like, I feel like so that’s the hard thing. I don’t feel like you want him at the office. I feel disconnected. And like, you know, it’s like I definitely feel that and that’s been the hardest part for me is just like, I feel like I should go and do more stuff with them. You know what I have, it’s been nicer to because in between interviews or projects I run out, I’ll play it the break 15 minutes I come back, I kind of get that fixed which is nice as well.

Andrew Warner 21:44
I do that too. But that that actually is really hard on me to say to them, I have to leave you because I’m going to go do work, which is more important and I can’t get into this is an American thing. I feel like American families are really big on guilt for not spending time with their kids. versus people who are, who are immigrants will say, No, you should appreciate that I am the dad going to work. This is a really important lesson. Yes, Lego with you is really important. But going and working is also important. I’m sending you a message that we do our work more than just saying, I need you to sit and do your math homework, even though we’re all at home right now. Yeah, you have any of that? Um,

Russell Brunson 22:23
I like that. I’m gonna I’m gonna try. I think it’s tough to in the year like the business owner, because then it’s like, yeah, you don’t excuse me, you don’t have to do that, you know, like, well, he’s like, Oh, my boss is making me go to work. But the kids like yeah, you don’t have to make break do like, I have two more. So like, I have so many more people that rely on me showing up you know, and it’s, it’s hard for them to see but I I’m gonna try that. I’m gonna actually tell them that story about the immigrants and like, finish the lessons. I think it’s right. Like, they understand like, you know what you’re doing for them? I think it’s it’s good.

Andrew Warner 22:51
Anyway, when we used to have plays in elementary school, my dad never showed up to one of them. I was really proud. There was never even a slightest because I didn’t watch Mainstream movies, there wasn’t a slightest feeling that my dad was not participating in my childhood. I felt really proud that he was working. And I To be honest, I felt a little bit of shame for the people whose fathers were there. Now that’s not the way to look at people. But there was a sense of pride of work. And then that also translated into me not missing a day of school even though I hated school me following through on work, even on days when I didn’t feel like it. It’s just the way we are. And I should, I should own that with my kids. Here’s who we are. We are the people who continue to work even when we don’t feel like it even when we’d rather play Lego.

Russell Brunson 23:35
That’s really good.

Andrew Warner 23:39
It’s so hard to go back into our conversation after

the dream. The dream one, you know what? The couple things that stood out again, I read every single page of the books that I get, I read yours. I haven’t found a typo. I wish I would have gotten this book before you got started. There’s a typo you’re missing an essentials. Ferris’s last name and then I said, I can’t tell him that and then I realized, Oh, they sent me an uncorrected page proofs. Okay, that’s fine. They probably fixed Tim fair. Hopefully

Russell Brunson 24:08
did I didn’t go check that out. Now.

Andrew Warner 24:10
The Yeah, it’s in there in the book, you’ll catch it. The other thing that I noticed was you complimented me thank you said that mixergy is your favorite podcast. I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 24:19
It is I listen to your podcast more than anybody else’s like I To this day, like you’re my favorite interviewer by far.

Russell Brunson 24:24
What do you like about it? Um,

Unknown Speaker 24:27
most people’s podcast you listen to it. It’s like they follow a set of structure at night. It’s funny. I’ve tried to do interview shows in the past and I’m not a good interviewer. I think the reason why is like, when I asked him the question, they’re telling me I’m listening and super engaged and then like, they get to the end the question and I don’t know, I’m like, Oh crap, and then I put stupid questions. They’re not prepared for it. And the way your mind works like as soon as you can tell when someone asks you a question, like you’re thinking the three or four levels deep and you come the next day, you you such a deeper level than anybody I’ve ever heard. And it’s just like every conversation I’ve told you this before, even some of the hosts Are some of the guests on like I really care about them or the business like you still somehow dig in a spot where awesome like this interesting thing comes out of it And anyway, I don’t miss an episode like I love listening to stuff and it’s it’s by far my favorite so what

Andrew Warner 25:12
I do is I read you all the time I don’t even look for my next question like I could see as I was talking about the dad guilt and all that if you go back and rewind, you’ll see your face changed as I said that and I’m constantly paying attention to how people react and what they think and then I know where I can push and where I should back away

Let’s go into the the dream 100 Yeah, what is the dream 100

Unknown Speaker 25:39
so it’s it’s the key like, it’s funny because I in the world we’re in right now. People think that the traffic is like Facebook ads and I started this game before Facebook before MySpace before Friendster, like back before you know things happen. Like we were trying to figure out how to get traffic and, and the dream 100 is a really simple way to figure out who already has your dream customer. Right, like who’s already congregated, and like, I’m sure you’re very aware, there’s tons of people who have come on your show as as a guest. And because you have an audience of people, they come on and they, you know, you, you interview with it often they get tons of people come to their business and it grows a company. And I remember like when we were the beginning, clickfunnels this is almost six years ago now. Todd, Todd’s my co founder, and then our other partners name is Dylan. And they were sitting there coding we do these like late night, hackathon. They don’t play anyways, he below office, maybe coding like crazy and talking and saying all these words I understand. And I’m the non technical co founder, like, What do I do? Like, I can’t code I can’t do anything. I do that like my role in the whole thing is like, as soon as the software is done, I need to have a line of people who are ready to like come in the front door. And so while they were coding and hacking, I was like, okay, who are the people that already have our dream customers and started going channel by channel like who are all the podcasters who already have the business owners that I want to, to buy click phones to the podcasters that already have that As in there in the listening audience, I made a whole list. And obviously, you were on that list and jld and all the different podcasters, who had my dream customers already congregated, and then went to Facebook, who are other Facebook, you know, big Facebook channels that have my dream customers, and then YouTube and Instagram, start going through all different networks. And so I started going and building these lists of all these different people. And then my job is trying to become friends with them. And how do I get to know these people? How do I how do I work my way and so that they’ll have me on the podcast so we can do a facebook live together or something so that when clickfunnels launches, we can start, we can start fueling the company.

Andrew Warner 27:32
And so that was kind of, like 167 people on the list that I got, obviously, it’s not meant to be an exact number, but how are you maintaining contact with, let’s say 100 100 different people without feeling like

you’re sending out a cookie cutter message to every one of them.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
I think a big part of they don’t send a cookie cutter messages. And it’s interesting because I’m all using Instagram, for example Instagrams kind of easy one like I went through like unfriended all my friends in high school buddies in college. from Instagram something I don’t want that distraction, but I just I found, I think there’s like 50 or 60 people on Instagram that that have my dream customers, I follow all of them. And what’s cool is every day I opened an Instagram I swipe through I start seeing all of their, their posts and their feeds. It’s like a comment I can like I can and I just like, spend 10 minutes a day just kind of in the people who are my dream 100 posts Am I going to comment on like, I put things in there, and it’s all in there. And it doesn’t take that long, but I’m connecting every day. It’s like even if I just like this thing, or I say something like, that’s not that people will start like oh, Russell’s paying attention. And then like podcasting. Like I listened to you I listen to podcasts I like and then so I can do a cookie cutter messenger but you know, we scroll back through Facebook Messenger. I messaged you all the time, like little things like, dude, I love that interview. Oh my gosh. And like, yeah, like just when I hear you say something that’s cool, that pops up. I think I can like let you know, like I sent it to you. And then and now we have relationship, right? And it’s just, it’s just trying to do little things. Like it’s not like the big thing of I need to have a huge sales letter or a cookie cutter thing or it’s just just building connections. with people and having respect for them because because you actually legitimately do and I think that’s a big part of it. So I just, I spent a little time on all social platforms, I spent time on different podcast and just things like that, and connecting with the people that that I like. And then I tried to just have a little connection points here and there was a

Andrew Warner 29:16
dream 100 100 people who have the audience that we want, and that’s who we’re targeting. And the way we start to understand them is by following them on different channels. We reach out to them with something nice, that’s not at all salesy. We’re not even asking for anything, and you’ve got a step by step process for what to say. And then eventually you do come in and you ask, right.

Unknown Speaker 29:37
Yeah, you do like for us, hey, got my new book coming out. I didn’t ask me. I know I felt guilty. But then you asked me right, because we have a relationship and Right, right. I’ll be on the show, Mike. Do that’d be amazing. Do you know

Andrew Warner 29:49
him I said I’m ready to whatever Russell needs and I think that might have been mistake that I shouldn’t have said whatever. I should have just been a specific when I finally got a response from you was when I said do You want to do an interview? And that’s when you said yeah, I don’t usually feel comfortable asking thanks for having me on. But that’s Is that what you wait for? Or at some point you come in and say, I think it’s time that I should be asking, say, john Lee Dumas if I could do an interview with him, it’s time for me to ask Tony Robbins. Can he interviewed me on his platform? Is Is that it?

Unknown Speaker 30:21
Yeah, it’s just I think a lot of people that build relationships and never asked and then it’s not so good either, right? I think it’s, it’s, it’s asking but asking respectfully to it’s not like, I don’t know, I I’m assuming I hate people like, hey, promote my thing, right? No, but they if I know they have a book launch coming out, they send me a book, I realized this is actually really good then that I’m more interested in in helping as opposed to you know, I mean, so I think that’s kind of my approach always. It’s never been like, like, I don’t know, it’s like a soft ass like, like, hey, just, you know, this thing’s coming up to me. It’s really important to me, and if you can help me, if not, no, no pressure, no stress. And then from there, people come in like, Oh, yeah, I would love to help me, you know, and I let them kind of Open the door. And I know that something’s happening that would love to help with that. I also don’t want to make it weird. I’ve had a lot of people in the past that that have had a relationship with me and then something’s coming out and want me to promote it and I can’t for whatever reason, and then it burns a bridge when they’re angry or upset and I’m like, and for me, it’s like I have no I have no I’m like if you said no or we didn’t make sense I wouldn’t have changed my relationship my feelings towards you at all. Like I don’t have anything I’m I’m I’m banking on happening. It’s just, but you know if it makes sense for you, if you’re artists and yeah, like I love to do something. So I opened the door, but I tried to like not not shove it down, but make it like, there’s something I’m working on. I love to help. Let me know like Tony Robbins. When I texted him, I was like, I say, hey, Tony, can you box it? He was like, Yeah, he’s like, give me some quotes for the book. And I was like, that’d be awesome. And you know, but I didn’t ask him I just like I said it was against an open door. I’m gonna book launch one send you a copy and just loved it. You know, I think you’d be awesome that he can kind of come back and like, Oh, this is how I can help

Andrew Warner 31:54
in a non weird way. And in the actual final copy of Traffic Secrets is in there. There’s a quote from him.

Russell Brunson 32:01
No, he just sent me the quote. It’s funny. He just said to me right

away, it’ll start popping in ADS soon. Yeah.

Andrew Warner 32:08
So what’s your model, your model here, you’re doing this interview with me. The idea is eventually some people hear me talk about the book, pick up on a couple of ideas. Say, you know what, I kind of like it. I’m willing to read this. They might go over to Amazon, but you’d ideally like them to come to what Traffic Secrets calm. And that begins your funnel, right? And right now it’s a book, but maybe previously would have been a lead magnet, which is a reason for people to come to your site and give you their email address. What’s your funnel look like right now? If someone were to go to traffic

Unknown Speaker 32:38
Yeah. So if you go to Traffic Secrets, the funnel again, I’m the funnel nerds. Like I geek out on stuff. So I spend it as I was writing the book, I was just dreaming about what the funnel could look like. And he wants to see good funnel like it’s the highest converting highest EPC like, book funnel I’ve ever done, ever. And so you got to come to book and the book is free plus shipping so you get the book and then there’s an order Form bump, which basically like if you want the audiobook for an extra 37 bucks plus these other five or six reports, it’s $37 right now it’s like 36% of people upgrading the audio book right there in the order form. And then there’s also I did a two day event, teaching this stuff, and there’s a second order form for 97 bucks. So those are on the order form people upgrade to and then the upsell after they go to that the upsells basically, the Traffic Secrets is one book in my trilogy, right read expert Traffic Secrets. So the the upsell is like, hey, if you want to get the whole box set, along with the workbook you can right here and so that’s the upsell and then um, and then the second upsell we did a partnership analytics, they’ve got a really cool funnel tracking software, we can get analytics so that’s that’s the original funnel and after you get that then the email sequence the follow up funnel then pushes you into Click Funnels and say look, if you want to get traffic, you need a funnel to like drive it to that’s how you that’s how you profit on traffic and it pushes people to go get a Click Funnels trial. So what happens right now is we average about $65, from every person who buys a book. So I can spend up to $65, to sell a book, on ads on everything, and then get a customer for free. And then from there, we transition and introduce them to Click Funnels on the back side.

Andrew Warner 34:15
And so I know you’re doing a bunch of interviews. So every one of these interviews at some point, you’re, you’re giving out the website traffic secrets, and then people are gonna go through this process, and you’ll end up with $65 per person who comes through.

Unknown Speaker 34:27
Yeah, on average, upfront. And then and again, at some reason, the book, because one of the biggest things that we teach in Traffic Secrets is just understanding that like, whoever can spend the most money to acquire customer wins, right. And the way you do that is through a funnel. And so we teach that process in the book and, and naturally, in fact, it was crazy. We found right out in expert seekers as my last book. And of the people that buy expert secrets. 20% of the people who bought expert secrets to this day have active clickfunnels accounts. So that’s kind of the crazy metric we look about the

Andrew Warner 34:57
book still have an active account where They’re paying at least 200 bucks. Is that right? I think that

Russell Brunson 35:03
was nice about a month. Yeah.

Andrew Warner 35:04
At least how much? It was $37 a month other than $97. I guess we’re on the 199 or something. I don’t even know where we are.

The one thing I do always remember is, I did not want Click Funnels, I was happy with what we had. I didn’t understand it. And I think if I even explain to someone why Click Funnels makes sense. It’s hard. It’s because at least with my audience, anything that Click Funnels does, we could build. It’s kind of fun to build it. But it’s hard to explain how if you don’t build and you just hit a checkbox, or you drag a box into your form, you could test it faster, and somehow converts just a little bit better and it just works. It’s hard to explain that to someone. Do you worry that your market is going to dry up in a recession where people say, you know what subscription revenue is, subscription expenses are too hard to maintain. Someone’s going to come up with a one time price thing to compete with Click Funnels and you’re going to lose your audience to them.

Unknown Speaker 36:00
You know it’s it’s interesting ever since we want to Click Funnels how many people have launched like one off like the WordPress plugin does everything clickfunnels does but then it’s funny because like they don’t they don’t ever last like I think right now we’ve got almost 400 employees that we have that are support that our development their program they’re keeping things going and I’ve never seen the longevity in any of the one off sales here I mean like they they’re and then they can’t support customers then they disappear and it’s i don’t think i don’t i don’t really fear that

Unknown Speaker 36:30
you know that side of it at all i think

Russell Brunson 36:34
you know, my my bigger thing is just

I think people that are using a be successful there’s a group of people use Click Funnels because they want that they haven’t figured out how to make it work yet, but they have a business and if their business goes under, like that’s the bigger thing. It’s like if they lose their business before they figure it out, then then we lose that that segment or I mean, yeah, that’s my bigger friends but people that are using it, it’s utilities, if you start using it, you can’t really stop because it is Your business but if you lose your business, then you don’t need the tilde anymore if you shut if you’re if you have a brick and mortar shop and you shut down, you don’t pay electrical bills anymore exciting. That’s my biggest fear is like, how do we make sure that people are still profitable making money during this time? Because if they lose their business and they don’t need, they don’t need us, as long as their business they need us. You know,

Andrew Warner 37:19
you still I wrote down geeked out and you still get you still geek out about creating funnels. You know, one of the things that I noticed about one of your competitors, I was in my head trying to figure out do I say him by name or not? I think I won’t. But they grew cynical about the market. They saw the people who are internet marketers who are just pushing stuff. They saw the repetition in the messaging, the repetition in the fake sincerity, and it exists for sure. And they grew cynical, and they moved on. You don’t have that cynicism. Because

Unknown Speaker 37:52
I would say it’s because I’m, like, one of the most founders stuff like I’m still so much in the trenches, not just myself, but like I still actually We do a lot of coaching and clickfunnels is a big coaching program stuff I’m involved with. And I see. And yes, there’s a lot of like garbage out there, but I see like the people who are doing it, right, I see like, the, the transformation they have on people’s lives. And, and I know what good like, like one person who has these tools like the good that can happen on the backside of it. And I try to surround myself with those with those people in those stories because like it’s, it’s what’s the most motivating and I can tell you a dozen I tell you, I tell you 100 different stories of people right now that are like that, that taking these principles and the process and the software and are literally changing or saving people’s lives, people’s marriages, people’s health. It’s like for me like that’s why like I I’ve seen I’ve seen the people that do it right and it’s it is so fulfilling for me.

Andrew Warner 38:42
So you’re not you’re not letting yourself focus on the people who maybe bought clickfunnels maybe bought one of your masterminds and then didn’t get results and they spent a lot of money and it’s significant amount of money for them and they lost it and you’re just not focused on that. You’re not letting yourself get dragged down mentally by that

Russell Brunson 39:00
Um, no one for a couple reasons. I mean, one is is,

is we kill ourselves in fulfillment and delivery and like, you know, it’s like, it’s not my bigger thing that’s, that’s harder for me is like, when you see somebody who comes in and buys your stuff, and then they, they’re using it in a way that you don’t feel good about. I mean, like, I don’t like showing examples, like someone who’s a product or service you don’t believe in and then they’re, they’re using your tools and your software, you’re stuck, like,

Andrew Warner 39:28
give me one without mentioning the name.

Russell Brunson 39:31

I think I know, there’s stuff that comes into like we legally have to shut down that we you know, when we get reported we shut down just like legal like the legal stuff, right? Like, it’s like that’s those like the far edge. There’s like all this stuff in between. It’s like, you know, I have my obviously my faith. my beliefs are what I believe in and then there’s like, there’s things on the side that like, I don’t, I hate that AI tools are being used sometimes to promote things I don’t

Andrew Warner 39:57
even like porn products, sex. It’s that type of thing.

Unknown Speaker 40:01
No those be shut down for sure.

Unknown Speaker 40:04
But yeah, that side of the spectrum actives

Andrew Warner 40:07
What’s that? Like? You mean a different religious perspective? Like if somebody is out there preaching against I don’t know preaching pro Satan, anti Jesus that issue for you? Kind of

Unknown Speaker 40:17
oh yeah for sure. That would be definitely and that’s what’s like I care about like, but I posit yeah like pro Satan’s definitely like that’d be like how do you fight that? Like I don’t know she’s someone believes differently maybe they’re if they’re Muslim or or Buddhist, like I’ve no problems there but like when you get to the scary side, or you know, like, Yes, that would be Satan worship would be definitely I would struggle with you know, drugs or like people doing you know, things that may not be illegal drugs, but are like, questionable. There’s like, so those are the things that are harder. The hardest thing for me was just like, you know, I mean, like, that’s, that’s, that’s the line that’s hard to notice. Fuzzy, you know, like,

Andrew Warner 40:56
you know, you mentioned that you’re Mormon. I’m fascinated by Mormonism, but I stopped that Asking guests questions about it, because I got the most negative responses to Mormons more than any other religious group. And so I stopped like even clay, the founder of Infusionsoft. I wanted to ask him, he specifically said, then God turned my wife around or something. And then I came home and I said, I’m gonna she said, you could stick with this software company and see where it goes. And I knew I thought at the time, oh, he’s gonna get beaten up negatively because of this. I don’t need it. And I didn’t ask him but you’re smiling so much. Now as we’re talking about Mormonism. What’s going on? How does your faith lead you to be a better entrepreneur? Let’s focus on business

forget family. Yeah, um

Unknown Speaker 41:40
it’s because there have been so many guests on your show that I know that that are Mormons and,

Unknown Speaker 41:45
and I really asked

Andrew Warner 41:46
them before the interview. Can I ask you about being Mormon? They said yes. And then I said, Who needs agita? It was so what are you gonna say about that? When I interrupted you, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 41:55
I came over who was one of your guests. He was a Mormon who got baptized more and he’s like, I still drink but drinking Less and like

Andrew Warner 42:00
ah, Lavinia

Unknown Speaker 42:02
yeah like I want to give a guy a hug like I love him. I don’t know. I just like I love that because there’s so much I know and then use the truth any religion so much judgment of people like you’re not perfect you’re evil I’m saying no like we’re all like we all have issues we’re all struggling and it’s like you went to one of our McCollum articles of faith one of our one of our core beliefs is it says we claim the privilege of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience and we allow all men the same privilege let them worship how where what they make, and so like, I worship basically what I believe but I have no problem with people believe atheists. I love it. Like I like I’m a big believer if you’re gonna believe it, believe in 100%. And I don’t care if it’s my belief or someone else’s. But I think that I think then when all said and done we’re gonna be held accountable to what we believe. And and so it’s like, whatever you believe, go for just stick to and do your best otherwise. That’s That’s why God was

Andrew Warner 42:53
put you on this earth to do what you believe something that’s getting you to keep on building Click Funnels even when it feels like another funnel, or when other people might say another funnel. You believe what what what do you believe? What’s well? To be honest with you, I don’t care about the part of your belief that makes you a better husband. I’m curious about that as someone who’s married and struggling now we’re all together in the house. I care about that. But in this in this conversation, I’m more fascinated by how does faith make you a better entrepreneur allow you to do stuff that might seem miraculous or superhuman to other people? Where you get exhausted naturally?

Unknown Speaker 43:34
Yeah, I remember when we did the the interview, dry bar comedy club, you asked me a question. I do do honestly believe that God is his guiding clickfunnels and what you’re doing and I was like, yeah, hundred percent. But I think, um, you know, it’s interesting. Like, I feel like our purpose on Earth, right is we come down here, and we’re here we have families and stuff. And really, it’s about like, how can we make this world a better place? And so I think about it like you Come here and like we’re supposed to gather our people or how we gather them together and we help them we serve them. And I feel like every entrepreneur, I feel like businesses is a calling, right? They’ve got this calling. It’s like, you’ve been called to serve this group of people. And this is a skill set to give you in the talents, you got to bring them together. So the good example is, um, Stacy and Paul Martino, some of our, our clickfunnels members, and they, they had a marriage was falling apart and they fix it anyway. They, they have a program called relationship relationship development. And they’ve got right now they have a 99% success ratio and 1% of people that have gone through the program who’ve ever gotten divorced, like they’re just amazing what they do, they their skill sets, amazing. I feel like God’s blessing with like, these talents, and they did these gifts. And then their job is to gather people together and then serve them and try to change their lives, save their marriages, right. And that’s one person. No one gave showing here, which you had gave on the show. Yeah, engaged. Awesome, right. And he’s got a town where he was able to create beats and music and then he figured out marketing for this industry, and then nobody ever figured out before. Now he’s gathered all these people together, and now he’s serving All the people who are doing music and showing them how to like, how to get their message out how to get their beats, and how to sell more how to, like, make this like this, this talent, they have a career, and now he’s serving all those people. And so, for me, it’s like, I feel like my role in this is like is I’m helping people who are gatherers who are gathering together communities and serving them and changing their lives. Like my role is I’m somebody trying to gather gathers together, I mean, gathering all the gathers and then giving them tools like here’s, here’s concepts here’s how to handle the funding so to share your message here’s how to get more people into your world. And it’s like, that’s my, like, my role in this is like, is to help people gather gather together their people and then change their lives. And so that’s what gets me excited and motivated like is like, how can I help more people get get their people in there? You know, and I think for all of us, we’ve had a time or life where some community we got into change our life, and suddenly there’s a religious community there’s wrestling with wrestling, like changed my my life like that, that community, the coaches I had, like, like, legit Yeah I’m a different person a better person because of them right and i think about in health like there’s there’s groups I hang out with and health have changed my life and it’s like, I’ve had such a big impact on people who are I’ve had such an impact on my life because of people who have who’ve gathered together groups and like shared with their God given talents and beliefs. Like I’ve like that’s my role and and that’s why that’s why I’m still doing this even though like, everyone’s like, why don’t you just stop Russell? Like, please just stop like, I can’t. It’s so exciting when I see it all. It’s fun.

Andrew Warner 46:29
I think I lost sight of that. And I realized it as I finished up my marathons last year, seven marathons, seven continents, and then at the end, I said, a lot of this was just very self indulgent, which is fine. I should take some time to do things that are really fun, like traveled to Antarctica and run. But I’m kind of losing track of who I’m serving. And I thought, How do I get the best entrepreneurs to meet when I travel the world? I didn’t think how do I get to people who are in my audience? Well, I’m here to serve for dinner, for drinks for Anything. And that was that was a mistake. And then I said, I’m also so focused on numbers that I’m losing sight of the people behind them, you know, like, how’s our revenue growing? Is are this doing better than that? Instead of that I take time to like, connect with Gabe schillinger, you’re just talking about him. We’ve been meaning to get together for a drink. We haven’t, you know, and because I’ve been just very self indulgent. And that’s one of the things that I took away from last year’s experience. All right, trying to think oh, I know what this is. This is my own little personal curiosity. I’ve been following you on Instagram, how much do you publish every day? What would you say? How many?

How many pieces of content would you say?

Unknown Speaker 47:41
Um, so instead of like, the stories they’ll probably publish are 1010 to 15 a day depending on if we’re doing something cool.

Andrew Warner 47:50
And then there’s also stuff that goes on to your wall then there’s I don’t know if you’re on Twitter or not, I don’t follow you there. Tweet. I don’t know you don’t tweet, you’re on Facebook and so on. It seems like you Do maybe 40 pieces of content on? No, I take 20 a day, right?

Russell Brunson 48:05
Maybe so our Instagram, like, we post one image a day on Instagram on the wall. And then like, and then yeah, there’s the the 10 to 20 stories a day. So that’s kind of Instagram strategy. Facebook right now during the books I’ve been going live on Facebook every day. And I don’t always do that in the past, but I have every day for the last two and a half, three weeks. I’m going chapter by chapter through the book and explaining the principles. And but I would say probably across everything, I mean all of our daily like YouTube’s a couple times a week, you know things like that. So it’s probably probably yeah 1520 things a day are being republished.

Andrew Warner 48:41
So one of the things that you said in here was that you need to find we as readers of Traffic Secrets need to find our JK five JK was the name of the person who came up with this, and five is the five things that we’re going to focus on. I think I know yours. Tell me if I if I’ve got a right one is family, right? You’ll I don’t post any photos of my kids. You do that. You’re You’re showing that another one is, is faith another one? Because you occasionally do show family faith? You’re nodding yes for that. There’s some kind of aspirational thing that you do without being a little bit too much on it. What’s How do I express that?

Unknown Speaker 49:14
I’m probably personal development is that kind of where I grew up it like, it’s like, things I’m doing are like sharing, like how to, you know, outside not just business, but like personal development stuff.

Andrew Warner 49:24
You know, why don’t you give me your five I’m kind of trying to get them from a distance, but I want to see if I could understand what you’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 49:31
So yeah, so the concept is like, when you’re posting something, it’s not just like the post business every day because you’re very lopsided. It’s like picking a different category and rotate through five categories. So mine is definitely family, faith funnels.

Russell Brunson 49:45
Personal Development and I’m blanking out in my wallet

Andrew Warner 49:51
in the book and I didn’t see it.

Russell Brunson 49:53
It is in the book. I do write out the book there.

Unknown Speaker 49:58
In fact, look like you look my posts right here, you’ll see There’s there’s a picture me I posted on Sunday with me talking is in the middle coronavirus, crazy. They talking you’re sharing a scripture about from cry about Christ. Then we’ve got a picture my family and then a picture of funnels for development. What’s the fifth one? I’m blanking out?

Andrew Warner 50:18
I see it in the book. I saw that you did say we should find five. And then it struck me. Oh, he’s going into the book to get

Unknown Speaker 50:23
it look it up while you’re just so funny that

Andrew Warner 50:26
he’s so like uncynical, this woman comes up with this five by this idea for five different things. Most people say ah, another info marketer with another tip that you put her name into and has five restaurants No, this is the thing it makes sense. I’m gonna actually apply it. There’s so many times in this book where where some books some something changed your life. Like there was one day you failed. You go back to your wife and say, Okay, I know I told you you should quit your job, but you can quit your job yet. I failed. And by the way, baby. Can you take $1,000 from this job. have yours and give it to me so that I can buy this guy’s info product. And she says, Yeah, sure. And you read the info product whose name I still can’t get. And actually it helps change the way that you think about business and you stop spamming. And I do love that you talk about spamming in this book. I love that you talk about the blackout and Google stuff that you did in this book. I love that you never just own that type of your past. And then that approach ended up working for you. Did you find the five?

Unknown Speaker 51:27
I did? I did. Family funnels faith, entrepreneurship and personal development. There you go. Okay. All right.

Andrew Warner 51:34
I like this book. here’s, here’s my take.

I’ve loved your books in the past, because you will say things that I can’t believe Russell’s doing this. Like, I almost feel like in one of your books, I forget which one. You’re basically telling people how to create a cult with no feeling of there’s not like this tons of excuses. I’m sorry, I know I’m using the word cult, but I’m only using it to get you’re just saying look, you want people who are passionately believing in what you’re saying and you want them to care about your product. Let me tell you how to do that and we’re going to walk through Step by step, which is like an amazing thing for a guy who’s running a software company that’s doing what over $100 million a year right has 400 people working for him, it’s amazing thing to do that of all your books. This is the one that’s the most practical, though it’s the most like, Alright, I’m gonna break it down for you. Here’s how to take all these strangers online if you want. If you want to spend money, I spend money, here’s how to do that. If you want to just build up a following where you’re the main character in this show, here’s how you do that. And I’m gonna walk you through how many minutes to spend on it. I’m not gonna pretend that social media is the greatest thing, I’m actually going to tell you. Your job is not to go and consume it, step away from it after a few minutes. Your job is to go create it. Now let’s talk about how you’re going to create it without going crazy. And I like that about this book. I feel like this is the right book for the time right now because it’s the most practical of all your books and it’s the most here’s how to get the top of your funnel the potential customers for free. Here’s how much each thousand customers was worth to me per month in revenue. Here’s where you can start thinking about this. All right, make sense? Yeah. All right. I still freakin hate working from home my kid just came in here I wanted to grab them and just bring them on camera but he was on a mission he wanted to rip apart that cushion from the rocking chair.

Unknown Speaker 53:12
I get to my way from the barge the door any second.

Andrew Warner 53:16
All right, well both go and spend time with our kids. The book is called Traffic Secrets. If you want to be in Russell’s funnel, go to Traffic Secrets calm. If you don’t want to be in Russell’s funnel, just build up an audience for yourself. He’ll offer to send you the book. I have his book. He’s still offered to send me the book for free. Whoa, dude, I got the book. I got it, I think feel free to send me all his past books. I said Do you remember I bought all your books. But I do think that I really liked your writing. Russell, I really like your approach. I think anyone out there who gets his book is going to see exactly what I just said. practical ways of building an audience from a guy who writes well because he’s probably said this stuff a million different times and seeing what resonates with people and seeing what turns them off and then he got rid of it turns off and wrote more of what resonates. Traffic Secrets calm. Thank you so much Russell for Being in here. Thank you all for listening and congratulations on having a good March. Bye everyone.

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