How SEO Book Earns A Profit By Selling Content That Helps The Little Guys Take On Giants

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We covered a lot in this program with Aaron Wall, founder of SEO Book. The big areas are:

1. How Aaron built a profitable business selling content to his readers.

2. Why Aaron keeps urging Google to police big sites like Mahalo and why he thinks they have an unfair advantage over unfunded competitors.

3. How you can get more traffic from Google search results.

Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall

SEO Book

Aaron Wall is the founder of SEO Book, which helps large and small companies rank well in search engines like Google. Clients include the likes of PBS and Thomson Reuters. SEO Book has an online training program, private member only forum, and a suite of custom SEO tools that help webmasters better understand search engines, and gain traffic to their websites. [via Crunch Base]



Full Interview Transcript

Andrew: I recorded this interview today at my place in Buenos Aires because the Internet at my office went down.

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