Unbounce’s Founder On How To Increase Your Landing Page Conversions

My goal for this program is to show you how to convert more of your site’s users into members or paid customers.

To do that, I invited Rick Perreault, co-founder of Unbounce, a tool that makes it dead easy to create and test landing pages.

Rick Perreault

Rick Perreault


Rick Perreault is the CEO and co-founder of Unbounce, a tool that makes it dead easy to create and test landing pages.



Full Interview Transcript

Three messages before we get started. First, copy this Facebook idea for your business today. See how they make it super easy for their users to import their contacts from AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.? Well, you can add that functionality to your site today using CloudSponge. By using CloudSponge, your users can easily import their address books into your service, and invite their contacts to use your site. And if you use the discount code Mixergy, you’ll get a couple of months free. www.CloudSponge.com.Next sponsor is SuperConf, where I’ll be speaking on February 25th and February 26th. Come watch me and the guys behind Blippee, Wufoo, Grasshopper, and other successful Internet companies live. Also, SuperConf is where mind-blowing startups were launched. If you come, e-mail me so we can meet up in person, and I can introduce you to some of the speakers and the guests and hopefully we can have a drink together, www.SuperConf.net. That’s where you want to go.

  • Andrew..another nice interview..I ran across unbounce sometime ago and didn’t pay it too much attention..but this interview really open my eyes to what those guys got going on over there.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Thanks.

  • Dmitry

    What an awesome interview! Truly enjoyed it! Curious – when you say conversion do you mean people who sign up on the site or actually transact/swipe their credit card on the site. Seems like you used different definitions of conversions throughout the program. Overall – a great shout out to make sure people are testing their sites!

    BTW – Great examples of templates on unbounce.com – good stuff Rick!

  • Rick

    Hello Andrew, this was alot of fun and again, thanks for getting in touch and asking me to participate. I wanted to give a shout out to PipeJump CRM as they were the example I used in the interview that I though they were doing a awesome job of really using highly effective ad+landing pages.

  • Hello Dmitry

    You are correct because a conversion might mean something different depending on the goal of a campaign.

    Conversion might mean an sale
    Conversion (from an advertising POV) might mean a new lead
    Conversion might be a contest entry

    Whatever your goals are for an advertising spend, that’s a conversion – though hopefully something that leads to immediate or future revenue.

  • I meant for all conversions.

    Should I have narrowed the scope of the interview to one or the other?

  • Thanks for doing it.

    I’m a fan of your company.

    Great templates for quick landing page creation.

  • Hey Rick, great interview. I’m in the process of designing some landing pages for a new product I’m launching, so your insight was valuable.

    I also though I heard some hard east coast accent, so I had to look you up on Facebook – way represent the Maritimes!

    Brad Mills

    P.S. How does Witch Test 1 relate to landing pages (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae6y86T2EzM)

  • Sorry, maybe I missed it but did this interview cover how to drive traffic to the landing page because without that nothing matters. I’m assuming targeted Google AdWords is the best way for doing that?

    Great interview as always Andrew!

  • Oh yeah, shout out to http://www.DesignPax.com, they design editable Unbounce landing pages! Good people!

  • Been following this company since it’s launch! THEY ARE THE LANDING PAGE PEOPLE!

  • Love Love Love you revealing Unbounce to the Mixergy community. So excited to use this tool.

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