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I’ve gotten dozens of requests for this interview from people who know Neil Patel’s reputation for growing traffic online.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Quick Sprout

Neil, built his reputation as a consultant who could deliver measurable traffic growth to the biggest online brands. He’s currently the co-founder of two online companies that help web sites measure and improve user experience, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. And he blogs about business at Quick Sprout.

In this edited excerpt from our interview, Neil talks about business development:

Three years ago, I pitched TechCrunch, saying, “I can help increase your traffic through search engine optimization.”

It took a while and they said, “Great thanks. We’ll consider it.” But they never really did. They didn’t really hit me up. They didn’t care that much.

Then I started working with ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, and a few of their other competitors. They saw how those sites’ traffic increased and they said, “Hey! Yeah, we’d like to do an engagement.”

So my original deal wasn’t really for the links that they gave me back to my site. I wanted the branding and I wanted revenue. Michael Arrington, TechCrunch’s founder, is well-known in the venture capital space. So what I ended up doing is saying, “Hey Michael, I’m going to grow your traffic over two weeks if you send a mass email out to all your VC friends.”

So Michael sent out an email to people like Josh Kopelman–founder or First Round Capital and the founder of before that–and he said, “Look what Neil did with my traffic. He’s awesome.” And he sent it out to quite a few VC’s, and what endedup happening is those VC’s mass emailed all their portfolio companies, saying “go hire Neil.” That’s how my business grew.

That was the main way I leveraged Michael. The link is great, and I do appreciate them linking to me, but that wasn’t the main thing I wanted from Michael. I wanted his connections.

The full program includes:

  • Evaluations of sites submitted by Mixergy readers
  • 5 no-brainer ways to grow your traffic
  • 5 dopey mistakes that sites make
  • Neil ripping on Andrew for now posting text transcripts

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31 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Business – With Neil Patel

  1. chiropractic says:

    Neil has an incredible mind. I like that you're transcribing content, all the great webmasters do it. :) This way I can read it at office and not disturb others with the noise.

    More interviews with Neil and like this one please, this stuff motivates.

  2. AndrewWarner says:

    Yeah, but I'm not transcribing the full interview.

    He ripped into me for that. Made good points too.

    Since there's no revenue in this yet, I don't want to spend money on
    transcription. Plus, because traffic growth from transcription isn't easy to
    tie back to the money spent on it, I don't think it's worth the expense.

    You're one of the smartest guys when it comes to content and traffic.
    (Evidence: ) If you think otherwise, let me know

  3. Duncan says:

    I did a quick search on elance for transcription services for you:

    Seems like there are lots of people who will do it cheap! (the quality may be another story!)

  4. AndrewWarner says:

    Thanks Duncan.

    I love that you looked it up for me!

    I still don't see how to justify the cost. Even at that price.

  5. Ryan Born says:

    My favorite Mixergy interview to date….Neil is so incredibly creative. He really thinks outside of the box and does not follow the main stream. He has build a great brand for himself. A real superstar. He's incredibly accomplished and everything he seems to get his hands on turns to gold. A traffic generating powerhouse, entrepreneur, mentor, and creative. Did I mention he's a real “down to Earth guy”? What a hilarious story about his early entpreneur days selling CD's at school and getting his CD's confiscated by customs. He's had entreprenuership in him from the beginning and he's been able to bring his creative ideas to market. Thanks for the great interview Andrew.

  6. k says:

    You refer to the chat, but I can't listen in when you do the interview so I can't see the chat. Is there a way to record the chat and show it when I click the play button on the video.

  7. AndrewWarner says:

    “Down to earth” is right. Can't believe he gave out his email address and
    invited anyone to call him.

    Andrew Warner

    2009/4/22 Disqus <>

  8. AndrewWarner says:

    Finding a way to show the chat might be messy. I'll try to do a better job
    of reading the comments I refer to to so it'll be clearer.

    Kris, if it's still now clear, please let me know and I'll find others

    (I already recorded this week's interviews, so the change will show up in
    next week's interviews.)

    Thanks for pointing this out!

  9. PaulMagee says:

    Great interview, thanks Andrew / Neil.
    The hidden takeaway for me relates to thinking big. This applies to any service, if you can offer it to the rich and famous (or top 100 bloggers) then they should be your primary target.

    Neil said he increased traffic to one of the sites by 20% but when that site has millions of visitors a day, it's a huge deal.

    There are 1000 other guys with the same technical skills as Neil, who wouldn't have taken the initiative to forge relationships with the big blogs, they would have pitched to smaller, “easier” companies. My bet is, those guys are busy working a lot harder, to make a lot less money.

    Work for the people who will value your work the highest!

  10. AndrewWarner says:

    Promising growth is a gutsy move. He's very good.

  11. This sounds like a fantastic idea.
    Keep up the good work !
    Dr.David Black

  12. RedBoy1 says:

    A great interview!! Full of clear, detailed, actionable points!! All that remains if for me to pull my finger out and act on all the recommendations :-)

  13. I he as genius like michael scofield on prison break?? lol dont get over with this tv series..

  14. AndrewWarner says:

    That's what I'm aiming for with my work!

  15. samorville says:


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  16. anthonyidem says:

    Wow, I like your style man. You are incredibly thorough with your questions which is very helpful for us viewers/readers. I love how you dig in and ask great follow up questions. There is much to be learned from interviewees such as Neil and we will get more value with you asking questions. I'm very impressed.


  17. Great interview AW! Your site is one of the best resources I have come across in a long time and the interview with Neil Patel is excellent. I agree with Neil that you should do full transcripts. However I do not agree that you should attempt to make this site a subscription-based service. As you continue to build your viewership you will run into PLENTY of monetization opportunities whereas if you ask people to pay to see your interviews it could inhibit viral growth that will later represent huge profits. Just my 2 cents worth. Keep up the great work.

  18. Hi, i like the way you ask question. Surely i'll borrow one of them.

  19. Good helpful post you got there! thanks.

  20. Kurban Ali says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome interviews on online promotion.

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