How This Entrepreneur Makes Money By Wearing Shirts

Jason Sadler

Jason Sadler

I Wear Your Shirt

Jason Sadler is the founder of I Wear Your Shirt, a site where companies pay to have their shirts worn on social media sites like Twitter, Ustream and YouTube.

Want to see an example of a simple business model that’s growing using creativity, persistence and social media?

Jason Sadler, founder of IWearYourShirt, is a model of how an entrepreneur can build a business using hard work and some social media. Here’s a paraphrased version of our conversation. (Download the 35-minute interview for more.)

What’s the concept behind I Wear Your Shirt?

It’s me, Jason Sadler, wearing shirts every day in 2009. I’m selling to the world what shirt I wear.

So today is Feb 3rd, I’m wearing Brown Dog Creative, which is a local web design company here in Jackson Hole. And they bought today for $34.

How do you get so much press for this idea?

Public relations is one of those things that’s not a “Golden Ticket” that you can hand to someone and have them say, “here you’re in the New York Times!”

I tried to get in the New York Times for 3 months. And just kept plugging, kept asking, kept talking, and kept sharing what was going on. And they finally just said, “Okay, we want to write about you now.”

Could you tell me about one way that you’re getting an audience?

I wore a shirt yesterday for Scott Rench of Yoso, and a couple of people who are regulars in my live chat wanted to buy one of his little pieces. That’s my audience getting involved with him.

But he also posted about on his blog. So I had a bunch of people email me and I had a bunch of people email me and say, “Hey, I saw your site on Scott’s blog. I really love what you’re doing. Great idea. You’re a Genius.”

How does social media fit into your business?

None of us work a 9-5. We may put in those hours that are dedicated to the core work of posting blog posts. I’m constantly following people on Twitter. I’m messaging people on Facebook. I’m trying to get my views up on YouTube. I’m still trying to promote my ustream video.

You can’t stop. You have to either say, “I’m going to put my time into it.” Or you’re not going to succeed.

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