How to Market on the Social Web

When I worked on the Mixergy Traffic Forum, I posted to Twitter and Facebook that tickets were available. Within minutes a few people bought tickets. That’s when I really started really caring about social media.

I’m a businessman, I don’t care that Twitter lets me tell you what I ate for breakfast. But if you show me how to use it grow my company, I’ll pay attention and take notes.

That’s why I called Jackie Peters. She’s the Founding Partner of Heavybag Media. We talked about her 5 pillars of marketing on the social web.

One of those pillars is to use online tools to listen to what people say about your brand. So I did that for “Mixergy” and “Andrew Warner” on Technorati, Google News, Summize, and FriendFeed.

Do you know of any other free services that will help me and others hear what people have to say? Add them to the comments.

Jackie Peters

Jackie Peters

Heavybag Media

Jackie Peters is the founding partner and creative director for Heavybag Media, an interactive marketing firm that helps companies like Sun connect with communities.

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