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Sean Percival seems to be a social media ninja. You don’t see some of the techniques he uses, but you feel their impact.

In our interview, he told me about how he uses social media for his site and for the companies he works for. Here are few ways (listen to the interview to hear more).

Sean Percival

Sean Percival

Serial Investor

Sean Percival helps companies like MySpace and MobileRoadie build compelling online and mobile experiences. He’s also theĀ founder of the Los Angeles technology blog lalawag.

A few lessons from this program

Jump on news – Because we’re living in Google’s world, if you’re the first to have a page about a big event, you’ll get traffic from it. If you don’t have the money to hire someone to pay attention to every media outlet try this method instead:

  1. Check Google trends for news.
  2. Write a QUICK page about anything that relates to your site. Do it quickly so Google can index it.
  3. Link to your page from sites like Digg and Delicious.
  4. Bulk up your page with more information.
  5. Grow your links by telling related sites about it.

Get alerted – If you create a web site about European license plates, there’s a good chance that Sean will know about it and he’ll email you to ask for a link to his site, Custom European Plates. One of the best ways to raise your profile in Google is to notice when new, related sites are launched and ask them for links.

Play – Have you noticed that Facebook will tell you when you or your friends are tagged in a picture or video? So did Sean. Before our interview, he got me to watch a video about his current employer, DocStoc, by tagging it with the names of people I follow in Facebook. He’s constantly playing with different ideas to see what works.


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