You Can Make Everything You Want Come True – With Maria Sipka

Posted on Sep 25, 2009 - 7:00 AM PST

I based the title of this post on comments by two Mixergy viewers who saw an early version of this interview and were moved by Maria Sipka’s entrepreneurial story. (Thanks Sloan & Michael!)

What I think is most inspiring about Maria is how she sees a goal and systematically finds a way to achieve it. I’d sum up her approach using a quote that I pulled from the interview: “Who you become depends on the books that you read and the people that you meet.”

When she started a marketing consulting company, she gobbled up every book on sales that she could. When she got into real estate, she turned to an investor who was further ahead than she was for advice. As you listen to her story, you’ll see how much you can achieve with the right influences.

The full program

About Maria Sipka

Maria Sipka
Maria Spika is the CEO and founder of Linqia – an online marketplace connecting key decision makers of social networks to commercial partners.

At the age of 18 Maria set a goal to become financially independent by 30. She built four businesses over 10 years including a property portfolio of more than 35 properties. By the time Maria was 28 she realized that life wasn’t just about making money. She set out to go in search of her life purpose and embark on the next chapter – a life rich with meaning and inspiration. She joined the Young Entrepreneur Organization, traveled the world and met 100’s of entrepreneurs including founders of XING, who invited Maria to become an ‘entrepreneur in residence.’ (bio via LinkedIn)


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Full program includes

- Hear about the books that helped Maria become a marketing expert.

- See how she built up her real estate business.

- Learn why she gave up her businesses and went off to find her life’s purpose — and what she discovered.

- Learn how she’s landing top brands at her current company.

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- What did you learn from this interview?

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I met Maria thanks to Jared Goralnick, Founder of

  • loumindar

    Tremendous interview! One of your best! Maria just oozes passion. She is a great example of someone who is living intentionally, loving her life, and living it to the fullest. She has discovered her purpose, she's living life with passion, and she's making a positive difference in the world. What a great way to live life!

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  • jankom

    hi Andrew, just wanted to say that I love your interviews and am listening them while I code for past few weeks. This was the one that really turned the ball around and turned me from listener to believer ;) … Maria, kudos!

  • Sharita Blacknall

    This was the best interview I have heard so far. She was so open and willing. She did not hold anything back. She was very authentic.

  • cklin

    ditto. andrew, we want a community where we can meet offline too.

  • cklin

    ditto. andrew, we want a community where we can meet offline too.

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