Optimizely’s Founder is volunteering to help you get more leads and customers

Update: Jeremy (our producer) chose the candidates. Stay tuned. He’s working with Dan to get you feedback.

Do you have a web page that you’re using to get sales or leads? Can I help you get MORE?

I want to show your page to Dan Siroker, Optimizely‘s founder, and ask him what changes he’d make to get it to convert better. Optimizely is the conversion tool that many founders I interviewed on Mixergy use to increase their conversions. Dan wants to show you how what’s working for them will change your results.

I’ll do it too.

I’m going to show him the “welcome mat” that new visitors see when they come to Mixergy.com.

Want to participate?

In the comments, 1) add a link to your page, 2) tell Dan what the page’s goal is, and 3) tell him what challenge you’re having.

I’ll go first, so you can see what we’re looking for.

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner


    Only new visitors of my site see and I’m trying to get more of them to enter their email addresses.

    My challenge is that I don’t want to waste time making big changes because I need to focus on improving my site’s courses.

  • Leland Nelson


    My goal is to get my monthly traffic to schedule service online “SCHEDULE ONLINE” box; currently we are trending YTD at 6.21%.  I want to get to 7.5% 

  • Easy Juice software


    2. The page goal is to have people enter in email and ultimately purchase the software

    3. looking for more people to convert to enter email and then purchasing the software 

  • http://briancasel.com/ Brian


    Goal is to get users to sign up for a free trial, then (later) upgrade to a paid account.

    I want to increase conversion rate of both trial signups and upgrades.

  • Emil Hajric

    1. Helpjuice.com
    2. The page’s goal is to grab the attention of the visitor, and have them understand the value proposition our software offers. 
    3. How to describe the technology (Knowledge base software) and value prop (Get less support emails, and improve customer satisfaction) through our landing page

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Brian, your site looks beautiful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1528699626 Andy Twitchell


    2. Goal is to get more visitors to sign up for a trial account.
    3. It’s difficult to explain visitors the value of the product since it’s a relative new technology.

  • http://www.HireYourVirtualAssistant.com Owen McGab Enaohwo

    Hi Andrew here is my signup page that I created using Unbounce http://try.hireyourvirtualassistant.com/free-7-day-trial

    The goal is to get folks to signup for a Free 7-Day trial of our Virtual Assistant services and right now it has a 2.76% conversion rate. I will love to increase it to at least 5%

  • http://runnersconnect.net/ Jeff Gaudette

    1) http://runnersconnect.net/onlinerunningcoach/

    2) The goal of the page is to get visitors to signup for a free trial

    3) Our conversion rate is 2.2%. I would like to get this much higher. We rank number 2-3 in Google for “online running coach”, which drives most of the traffic to this page. Accordingly, visitors should be interested in the service.

    Thanks for the opportunity. Chosen as a site or not, I am glad Dan is willing to help people out.

  • http://www.HireYourVirtualAssistant.com Owen McGab Enaohwo

    FYI Andrew I incorporated ideas from your course on Copywriting with Dane Maxwell to build this page. (<<<— proof that your interviews are making me take action)

  • http://twitter.com/FitnessReloaded Maria

    1. http://tips.fitnessreloaded.com

    2. The goal is to help visitors sign up for the “Insiders” – by putting their e-mail on the sign-up form on the right.

    3. Few people do so, and I want to increase their number.

  • http://www.wealthcareforwomen.com/ Russ Thornton

    My home page is 
    http://wealthcareforwomen.com/ which I’ve setup up to drive more signups to my email list. I’m currently offering a free email course (autoresponder) upon signup and I’m putting the finishing touches on an ebook I’ll also offer to new email subscribers. eBook should be ready in the next couple of weeks. 

    I also have a landing page for my newsletter (http://wealthcareforwomen.com/newsletter/) which people will see if they click the link in the orange HelloBar at the top of my site.

    Really just trying to build my email list over time and welcome any feedback or suggestions on how to improve this.
    Thanks in advance.

  • http://twitter.com/PauldeWouters PauldeWouters

    The goal is to get leads for my WordPress development services.
    how to drive traffic to it? 

  • http://www.coolsiteoftheday.com Mike Corso


    Did you read ‘Born to Run’?  Awesome book.


  • http://www.coolsiteoftheday.com Mike Corso

    Great niche. Huge market. Would like to talk about your marketing efforts. I may have some ideas for you.


  • http://briancasel.com/ Brian

    Thanks Andrew!

  • http://twitter.com/TyrellLiddell Tyrell Liddell


    This site is brand new. It just went live a few weeks ago. (so the challenge is I do not have much traffic data)

    My goal is to sell business cards. I want to get customers to click on products from the home page which should funnel them to a price button followed by a form.


  • Steve French

    http://www.blogprophet.com/ – the goal is to get people to contact me

  • http://twitter.com/benphila Ben Philabaum

    Hey Russ –

    I would try changing the arrow next to the email box into a button with a specific call to action like ‘Get the Course!’

    I’d also change the headline of ‘Get my free email course’ to something like ‘Get your free wealth course’. They don’t want an email course, they want to learn how to manage their money.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5509826 Andrew Page

    This is a marketplace for freelance writing services.

    -The goal is to get businesses/employers to post a project

    -Users are leaving the site before posting a project. How can we tell if the traffic we’re driving the right traffic?

    Thanks in advance!

  • http://www.wealthcareforwomen.com/ Russ Thornton

    Thanks, Ben. Will test those changes and see what happens. Appreciate the suggestions.

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Thanks for that!

    I like your site too:

  • http://www.alistpress.com Alvin Ang

    Our page goal is to double the conversion (paid and free ssl certificate customers) from the previous web design (www.ssl.com).
    Our challenge is that users bounce away from the site because they do not know what SSL Certificates are. They become aware only when a crisis or huge incident occurs.

  • http://twitter.com/AntarcticMark Mark Walsh

    1) http://www.BareFootWallets.com

    2) sell Adventure-Travel Wallets

    3) My time is spent developing new products and establishing
    partnerships, so I am looking for an efficient, straightforward approach to AB testing
    so I can determine how, when, and where visitors interact with my site.

  • Anonymous

     Very nice. I really like the suite of videos right there. I would include a hovering window over the prices for the free intro. My eyes were focused on the price scheme, so the free 7 day trial was not obvious. best of luck with this – its a great idea.

  • http://www.HireYourVirtualAssistant.com Owen McGab Enaohwo

    Thanks @vidinotes:disqus now I have to figure how to do that with Unbounce.

  • http://www.petovera.com/ Matt Ackerson

    2) Goal is to get a visitor to enter his / her information so that they become a sales lead
    3) Challenge is that the conversion rate is really small! ~0.7%

  • Jimmy Moncrief


    The goal is to buy a book – conversion rate is good, but can always be improved upon! 

  • Anonymous

    What is the conversion rate on your books. hilarious. 

  • http://runnersconnect.net/ Jeff Gaudette

     Yes, read it (it’s been a while) and thought it was great. It really changed the way most people look at bio-mechanics and shoes.

  • Ian Braganza


    the goal is to get people to sign up to my email database. I would love to get feedback!

  • Askmydentist

    1.  http://libertyvilledental.com
    2.  My goal is to have leads to our website engage by either signing up for our newsletter and ultimately calling the office for an appointment.
    3.  I am having trouble converting our web traffic into action through phone calls and email sign ups.  

  • http://www.derekmerdinyan.com Derek Merdinyan


    The site’s goal is to encourage prospective clients to contact us about working on a project.  The conversion rate is quite healthy but outside feedback is always appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    Hi chaps,

    1. iPhone Video Hero   http://ivideohero.com
    2. The goal is to sell my iPhone Video skills for biz training course.
    3. Always looking to increase conversions.

    thanks jules

    ps for runnersconnect noticed your main video isn’t playable on ipad/iphone which would lead me to click away.

  • http://transferweb.com/ Chris

    This is great, thanks Andrew and Dan! We’re re-thinking/re-designing this page right now, so this comes at the perfect time for us:

    1) Page: http://bit.ly/LfpyVf
    2) Goal: To sell the ebooks/course
    3) Challenges: Increasing sales and also possibly reducing the seasonality in the business (the vast majority of our sales come in the four months leading up to application deadlines in March).

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

  • Allen Mark


    Conversions on our site are quote requests.

    I’d like to increase conversions :)  Open to A/B splits or any other tips you can offer.

  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Emil. I want to get you in there! I asked Jeremy to talk to Dan about your site. I have to take any chance to mention Emil and/or helpjuice.com

  • http://www.VoucherValet.com/ Darryl Parker

    Our new site: http://www.VoucherValet.com
    Goal: Get small businesses to sign up for the 60-day free trial to sell online gift certificates

    Challenge: High quality traffic.  With so many “gift card” and “gift certificate” variants out there, how do we target our small business owners to get through the fray?

  • http://startuplift.com/ Pranaya


    The goal is to ask startups to select a plan and provide their startup information on the next page. I look forward to the input.

  • http://planscope.io/ Brennan Dunn


    So far conversions are fairly decent. I’m trying to appeal to the pain points of the typical freelance web developer/designer. The 1/2/3/Sign up seems to be working well, but I’m wondering if more insights into the product need to be on the home page (as opposed to the tour page). Cheers!

  • http://planscope.io/ Brennan Dunn


    So far conversions are fairly decent. I’m trying to appeal to the pain points of the typical freelance web developer/designer. The 1/2/3/Sign up seems to be working well, but I’m wondering if more insights into the product need to be on the home page (as opposed to the tour page). Cheers!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.rood1 John Rood

    Hey Dan and Andrew, here’s a link to one of our landing pages: 
    The goal is to convert visitors from organic and PPC to leads by having them fill out our contact form
    Main challenge is converting an ever-higher level of PPC traffic. Once we have the lead we close really well, so it’s all about generating leads from traffic.


  • Jenfitzgerald


    The goal is to hit pain points enough to get them to sign up for the month trial.


  • http://twitter.com/karan_ta karan ahuja

    goal is that interested users should contact us through the form 

  • Anthony Codispoti

    1. http://www.EatGreenTea.com
    2. Goal is to sell more edible green tea
    3. I’ve been told the home page looks like the page you would come to AFTER you’ve purchased the product in the store to learn more about it (although its only sold online). Internet marketers tell me that the benefits and call to action need to be much more obvious.

  • http://twitter.com/MotionArray Motion Array


    Like most, we’re looking to improve our conversion rate.  As it stands, we’re at less than 1% :(

    If anyone else besides Dan has some feedback, we’d love to hear it! 

    This would be awesome if it were in a forum of some kind. ;)

  • http://www.drukasia.com/ Handoyo


    We have grown online inquiries by 300% in the past 1 year. Looking for the next leap.

  • Girish Lakshminarayana

    The goal is to get user’s to sign up for the free trial and then convert them to paying customers.
    The challenge is with communicating the value enough to get the right users to sign up. I am also struggling with conversions from free trial to paid customers. 

  • http://wildwomanfundraising.com Mazarine

    Would love to increase conversions on

  • Hiobhard Mac Chinnisuin

    Hi – here’s the site landing page: http://www.hellou.com/discounts/guestlist-11366?date=21-05-2012

    We’re sending people there to get them to download vouchers -> but the conversion is terrible (2%) even though it should be qualified traffic – any ideas?

  • http://bizmarketingbuilder.com/ marketing help

    Comfortable. I really like this room connected with video lessons in front of them. We would such as a hanging windows above the charges with the cost-free launch. The little brown eyes were being aimed at the value program, to ensure the cost-free 7 time trial run hasn’t been noticeable. good luck on this — it is the better plan.

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