How I Edit My Interviews. –Featuring Steve Wozniak’s Joke About Steve Jobs

Watch me edit, step-by-step:


See the finished video:

Other tools I use:

I do almost all my work in ScreenFlow. That’s the program you see me using in the video above. It’s made for video and screen capture, but I swear by it as an editing program too. (Thank you Janet and Jeneane of Telestream for introducing me to this program!)

I do most of my interviews on Skype. And I record them using Call Recorder by Ecamm. I also use Ecamm’s program to convert video to audio.

I edit audio using Audacity.

The mic I swear by is the Blue Snowball. (Thank you Chris Darbro for telling me about this mic. Before I got it the buzz in the audio of my interviews made me ill.)

Special thanks:

Susan Smith and for introducing me to Steve Wozniak! I owe you.


    Thanks for the behind the scenes Andrew.

    I like videos like these, because it helps bring everything together in terms of different tricks and resources you can use to improve your business.

    I don’t have a Mac (yet), so won’t be able to use screenflow, but what’s an option for us PC users?

    Yes, I’m a PC (ducks before the angry Mac evangelists arrive)

    – TRENDS

  • Stacie Tamaki

    I think this was really interesting and hope you’ll throw in tutorials like this from time to time.

  • Phil Bundy

    Andrew – Excellent tutorial… You make it look so easy! I would love to learn more about your visdo and technology tools in future posts. Keep up the great work, and thanks! Phil

  • AndrewWarner

    Thanks Phil.

    I try to keep it simple to keep from letting the technology distract
    from the ideas. Even if an interviewee works a few blocks away from
    me, I prefer to use Skype to keep from messing with a camera, tripod,

    Andrew Warner

  • AndrewWarner

    On a PC, I think you can use CamStudio.

    I've never tried it, but it seems to be the Windows alternative.

  • Michael DiVirgilio

    Tools are helpful…but the interviews are more valuable. Perhaps 'tools' ~20% of the time. Thanks!!

  • AndrewWarner

    Thanks Michael.

    My other concern with tools is that they change so fast. Within a few
    months, every one of the tools I mentioned will probably be replaced with an
    upgraded version and this video will be useless.

    With the interviews, I think the ideas last longer.

    By the way, I love how you're interacting with your constituents:

    Andrew Warner

  • Tom Ruffner


    Love seeing your creative process. I'm going to check out Screenflow!


  • David Murphy

    Very useful — thanks, Andrew.

    And, while I'm at it, thanks for all your other videos, too. Very interesting stuff.

  • AndrewWarner

    Thanks David. I appreciate hearing that.

    Andrew Warner
    (sent from my mobile)

  • AndrewWarner

    They have a great free trial too Tom.

    Andrew Warner
    (sent from my mobile)

  • Bill F

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for the How To video on ScreenFlow. I enjoy your Interview Videos the most, but this was an excellent hands-on overview of ScreenFlow. I'm gonna go download their trial today.

    Curious why you decided to go with ScreenFlow rather than using iMovie on the Mac?

    Keep Rockin it with Mixergy!


  • AndrewWarner

    Thanks Bill.

    I move doesn't allow me to capture my computer screen. iMovie also doesn't
    let me do picture-in-picture.

    If I'm wrong about that, let me know. But I think ScreenFlow is the most
    robust and flexible program out there.

  • Bill F

    Ahhh… iMovie is great for capturing/editing video, but if my goal is to create web-friendly videos that combine video clips, screen captures, picture-in-picture and other other cool features then I can see the benefit of working with one easy to use tool. I'll test out ScreenFlow tonight. Thank you for your reply Andrew.

  • jaiken

    Andrew…thanks for pointing this out to me…very helpful.


  • AndrewWarner

    Glad it helped.

    By the way, I love the promotion you guys are doing with Mashable. Really
    shows the power of 99designs.

  • victorseo

    I was looking for video editing tools when I got this link. It was a good, useful post. So I looked at the rest of your blog (for the first time). Wow! I am truly annoyed I have not been here sooner. Your content, your layout, your format and your simplicity are great examples that should be required study for anyone interested in doing anything “internet”
    THANKS! (and thanks to Michael Jones for reminding me to focus on the core value proposition)

  • AndrewWarner

    Thanks Victor!
    These aren't the tools with the most features, but they're fast and easy to
    work with.

    Glad you found (and like) my work.

  • Jennifer

    This is so helpful. Thanks Andrew. The only thing you didn't cover is your webcam. Do you just use the built in isight or did you get something special?

  • Kaspar

    Hi Andrew,

    thank you very much for this video! This was extremely helpful! I wondered why you use Screenflow to record in stead of Ecamm Call Recorder….

    And some minor thing, when you usually stop your interviews/movies you can see your hand moving to the 'stop' button, this doesn't really look fancy to me. What about just recorder one more second, and stop it, and remove your ' moving to the stop button' part?

    Love your work!

    Best regards,

  • Steven

    Hey Andrew, I enjoy watching your interviews. Keep it up.

    I noticed that your recent interviews are published side-by-side instead of layered.

    I was wondering if you're doing something different with the technology you have listed in this post, or if you're using different tools, etc.? In short, have you updated your tools since this post?

    Thanks Andrew.

  • Andrew Warner

    Good question. I'm still using the same software, but I'm editing

    Sent from my mobile

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