Need help with your sales? Tout’s founder will answer your questions.

Let’s try a role reversal. You ask the questions.

I’m looking for people who care about sales at their startups to join a private Facebook group. If you join, you’ll have a place to ask your sales questions and Tawheed Kader, the founder of Tout, will answer. I’ll post the most useful questions on Mixergy.

The kinds of questions we’re looking for are…

… “How do I manage my sales process without seeming too stiff and formal?”

… “When should I hire my first salesperson?”

… “I have so many tools — Salesforce, Lead gen forms, Tout, MailChimp, etc — what are some of the best? And how do they work together?”

Ask whatever you want, but keep it on-topic.

Why Tawheed of Tout

Tawheed Kader of Tout

I invited Tawheed to do it because I know many of you are already using his software for your pitch emails because of the secret data it gives you. (My favorite example of that came from Sam Ovens who said his best headline for reaching prospects was “Strange question.” He knew that because he uses Tout to keep track of what people did when he emailed them.)

To keep the group helpful, I’m going to 1) limit it this Premium Members (at least in the beginning), and 2) ask that you keep off-topic conversations outside the group.

Join here

Go Premium and this text will be replaced with the magical doorway to the group.

What’s premium?
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If you’re not Premium and want access, join now. For obvious reasons, I’ll have to stop letting new members into this group in a few days

Fill out my online form.

  • Owen McGab Enaohwo

    I am very very interested in this since I currently use Toutapp a lot these days!

  • Erik Chepoy

    This is actually very cool! I know mixergy really does its best to help entrepreneurs, and this…this is a new level!

    This can take all who’s constantly saying I cannot do that, or that…and give them the tools from someone who is really experienced in that area and move it up to the next level.

    So it’s very exciting! I know I am and surely there are many people like me…

  • Andrew Warner

    Thanks Erik.

  • Andrew Warner

    Now that I know what to look for, I’m amazed at how many founders use it.

  • Dean Gammell

    yes please, count me in, sales, sales sales :)

  • Andrew Warner

    Join. I keep looking for your info to come through. Would be great to have someone with this kind of enthusiasm.

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