If you don’t have a business yet, or if you just want to start a little something on the side, this course is for you.

That’s because you’re going to learn how to start a six-figure business, using only the skills you already have.

Meaning you don’t need developers, investors, a team, or even a cofounder. Just you, your skillz, and a whole lotta hustle…

It’s exactly what our course leader, Daniel DiPiazza, did for himself. And now, as the founder of Rich20Something.com, he teaches others how to do it, too.

And here’s the thing…

You don’t have to have to have mad SEO wizard skills or sales funnel expertise to hit six figures.

In fact, before Daniel started his first six-figure company, he was a waiter at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Now, you can guess how much demand there is for freelance waiters…

A big, fat none.

“What I had to do is I had to figure out…what have I done before this?” says Daniel. “What do I have some experience in that I might be able to market? For me, it was tutoring. I had done that in college.”

Specifically, it was tutoring students in test prep for the SAT and ACT. “In our best year, we did about $250k,” he says. “So a quarter million teaching test prep is not bad.”

In his Mixergy course, you’ll discover how to launch a six-figure side hustle of your own. The full course includes:

  • What to do if you’re already thinking, “I don’t have a skill!” Daniel explains why we often get stuck on that, AND how to get unstuck.
  • The two reasons why a “saturated” market is a good sign (and how to grab a piece of the pie).
  • How to find and close your first clients, WITHOUT cold calls and without feeling sleazy or salesy. Daniel shows you the exact casual and friendly emails he sent to close one of his clients.
  • The ONE THING you should focus on when setting up your business. (Hint: It’s NOT launching your website, getting more Twitter followers, printing business cards, getting a business checking account, or setting up an LLC…)
  • and much more!

One part that really stood out: How we tend to greatly undervalue our skills.

Here’s an excerpt on that, from the full course:

Daniel: So, at Kaplan…I was making about $18 an hour. I thought that was pretty good money, man. My mindset back then was like, “That’s almost three times minimum wage,” which was obviously not the best thing to compare your own salary to, but it’s what I was thinking.

One day I went to a student’s house, and I don’t remember if it was a brochure or if it was a receipt that I saw, but I realized [Kaplan was] getting like $100 to $110 an hour for me to be there. And that pissed me off because I’m like, “Wait a minute. I’m doing all the work. I’m doing all the teaching. I’m driving out here. I’m doing all the communication with the students and the family. The only thing that Kaplan is doing is placing me in a house and taking 90% of my money.

…sometimes you’re unaware of what you’re actually worth.

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