“If You’re Not A Millionaire, You’re Poor”

…And guess who wants to make you a millionaire.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my annual interview with Tim Sykes.

As always, I expect to get a lot of email from people who complain about him, and probably even more email from guys who want to be like him. But I’d like you to consider another reaction. Steal his best ideas.

Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes

Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes is a penny stock trader, blogger and entrepreneur who thinks you should be.



Full Interview Transcript

Andrew: I’ve told you about them forever, so you probably already know the name’s of my three sponsors, right? For example, if I asked you who’s the lawyer that tech entrepreneurs trust, because he understands the start of community. You probably know it’s Scott Edward Walker of Walker Corporate Law.

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Finally, if you have a friend who says, “Hey, I want a phone number. And then, if somebody presses one, I want it to go to sales. And two, I want it to go to tech support cell phone number. And three, I want it to reach my home phone number, and all that stuff.” Where do you send them? Of course, you send them to grasshopper.com. Three great sponsors, now let’s start with the interview.]

Hey there freedom fighters. My name’s Andrew Warner. I’m the founder of Mixergy.com. Home of the ambitious upstart, with a big question for you. Should you be more selfish? Timothy Sykes is a penny stock trader, blogger and entrepreneur who thinks you should be.

And he also thinks that I should tell you in this intro that he is a millionaire. I think he pretty much insisted on it. You can read his blog at timothysykes.com. And two of his start ups are investimonials and profitly. And Tim, welcome back.

Tim: Thanks for having me again.

Andrew: What do you mean by more selfish?

Tim: So, people are used to sharing for the good of social network B-S and for their own ego. And if they were more selfish, and if they were a little greedier, they could actually share and profit. Because, what you post on the internet influences people.

So, my whole thing is I make millions of dollars from teaching others with blogging, and millions of dollars from my stock trading. And I show everything. I show exactly how I do it. I’m Andrew Warner on Mixergy. So, I’m very transparent, but not just talking about money for the sake of talking about money. But for the sake of inspiring people.

This past year, I’ve learned that, guess what, I’m going to be around for several years, several decades, maybe centuries if I actually clone myself like I want to. But, I need to think longer term. And so while it was nice to make a few million dollars a year, I didn’t know if it was over.

Now I realize, okay. I have a very good product, because I am an expert in the industries of penny stock trading. And now social media, blogging for profits. So, I’m going to be around for a while, and I need to start thinking long term. And thinking long term means, getting the best products out there and getting the best customers.

And getting the best customers means, you need to inspire them daily. Which is what I’ve learned, because when I post pictures of what I do with my money, my students trade better. They’re harder workers. They watch more of my videos.

They give me more feedback on what I can do better as a teacher. And, it’s all a nice little circle of goodness and money. And I think more people need to . . .

Andrew: I see what you do with your money . . .

Tim: . . . realize that.

Andrew: and I’m going to talk to you about this . . .

Tim: Yes.

Andrew: Pictures with Lamborghini. Pictures with women in bikini’s. But, let me just stick with the audience and me for a little bit. When I first interviewed you . . .

Tim: I have a rap song.

Andrew: . . . about five years ago. You told me . . .

Tim: I name dropped you.

Andrew: What’s that?

Tim: I name dropped you in this upcoming rap song. You’re going to be very happy.

Andrew: Good. You should. I have a bigger audience, and now that you name dropped me . . .

Tim: Don’t be offended, ever.

Andrew: Oh, I will not be offended. I’m saying you should name drop me, because it’s good for me to get my name out there, and it’s good for you, because I end up talking about people who talk about me.

Tim: Good.

Andrew: One more thing, guys. If you’re in the audience, and we do have a live audience for this. And you’re texting me because you’re a premium member, in a moment I’m going to go to my phone. But I want to stick with this for a bit. Tim, at first when I interviewed you about five years ago, you told me about the need to sell.

And it took me a while, but I learned to sell. And it took me a while, but I learned to sell. You told me about giving people meek. Giving them a lot of substance. And I said, ‘Hey, you know what, that is why people go to his site. Because he has substance.’ You told me about topics like ‘Kill your Failed Projects Quickly.’ And I really took notes, and I implemented. And . . .

Tim: Good.

Andrew: . . . I saw that you did it. Today, I go to your website and I see these empty blog posts that basically link over to sales pages, that then link over to ‘How to be Millionaire’ processes. I do follow you on Facebook, because I really like you as a personality, but I see pictures of you with bikini models.

There’s not much substance there anymore. You’re not teaching, you’re saying, ‘Hey, be rich like me. You’ll have hot women, you’ll have a car and you’ll be a millionaire who gets to be out on a beach.’ Is that basically the message now?

Tim: That’s the message for non students. To become a student, you need to basically inspire them. That’s what the pictures of the Lamborghini and the travel, it’s fine. It’s to get you to subscribe. Now all of my good stuff is behind the pay wall, you have to pay me.

Andrew: You’re telling me that all that is, is marketing designed to get me into a program. Then once I pay you for the newsletter, once I pay you for the video series, that’s where the content is.

Tim: Exactly, it’s the same teachings, always, it’s actually more. I now have 14 DVDs, I have 800 video lessons. All categorized, all teaching.

Andrew: That’s what you want us to do now.

Tim: Yes, that stuff I used to give out for free. I would give out free things. You know what, if you don’t want to learn, I’m not going to give it to you. I’m looking for the best students these days. I’m not just looking for any students.

Before, I was trying to grow my business. I wanted the most number of subscribers. Now, I realize, that most of my subscribers, most of the students who want to be rich, they want to be rich, but they’re too lazy. They’re not willing to do what it takes. My job now, is not profiting, it’s always easy to profit. I made $2,000 in 20 minutes today. I made $20,000 in sales for my educational products today. The hard part, is finding solid students.

Andrew: Can you find solid students who really want to work, when you’re showing millionaire ads?

Tim: Yes.

Andrew: I’m scrolling through your blog, and …

Tim: This is what inspires them the most, I didn’t choose this. Before I used to write 4,000 word exposes on scams, and be like, learn this bitch. Now I still write that for my premium students, but to get people in the door, guess what, a picture of a Lambo with a girl in a bikini, that gets you inspired a lot more.

Andrew: Here’s what I think, and I don’t blame you Tim, because I want to learn from you, I always have. You’ve challenged me by being more pushy in the past, and saying, Andrew, you need to be pushier, and it’s helped me. I want to be open to your way of thinking.

Frankly, what it seems is, you have a bunch of get rich quick sex, that you’re using to sell. It’s about the sell, and it’s about generating more money, which is totally fine with me. Its not about teaching. It’s just about, hey, how do I get rich quickly, so I can parlay this money into an asset that will outlive me. That seems like your plan isn’t it?

Tim: That’s basically just the ignorant assumptions of somebody who doesn’t have access to all my premium content. I have that, and I encourage that, because the haters like to think that, and negativity spreads faster than positivity.

I’ll give you an example; I bought a $27,000 watch the other day. Instead of posting a picture of that first, I posted a picture of a fake knock off of that watch. The negativity was like, Tim Sykes has a fake watch, blah, blah, blah. That spread, and that got me like 200 new Facebook subscribers. I converted some of that into premium members. Then, I posted the real watch later. I can be like, look, I can have fake watches, I can have real watches. I’m rich bitch, you got nothing on me. I don’t have to hide anything, that’s the beautiful thing.

There’s so many internet scammers, they’re not going to post fake stuff. They’re worried about what people think of them, because they have nothing behind them. You know, these people that teach social media, and it’s all bull shit.

What I have is a huge educational infrastructure built in the background, that non subscribers don’t see. When you say, oh, it’s all about getting people in the door. Guess what? No, I’m talking, and this is why I said, I want to focus on the long term. I need to find truly motivated students. To do that, I post the rewards. The rewards help me find the better students.

Andrew: The better students are the ones who are …

Tim: Who want these goods that I post.

Andrew: Who want the goods?

Tim: Yes. I need to find, I become superficial, to find superficial people. Superficial people are better students, is what I’ve found. That’s why in 2012 alone, I had over a dozen students who made over $100,000 with my strategy. Every single one of them is a new student in the last year or two. Not students from three or four years ago.

The original students, it’s a lot of hard work, and they didn’t have what it takes. They weren’t inspired, because I would do all the hard work, and I’d be like, OK, this is a good life, you’re working hard, you’re making money. No, in the last year, I’ve shifted to saying, guess what, it is hard work, money is good. Guess what? Look at all the fun things you can have, and that brought in a whole new crowd, and these people are better students.

In going forward, that’s going to pay off big dividends. The reason why I’m in LA filming a new TV show, is because, guess what, I want testimonials for my TV show. I want to say look, I’ve created a millionaire. My top student has only earned $600,000 so far with my strategy. I need to create a millionaire before this TV show airs. Then my business can really explode when I have the new TV show.

I also have two books, and seven new websites launching. I want better testimonials, which comes from better students. Which comes from me finding more people who are superficial.

It’s funny how it works, but it’s true. You know, it is 100%. I’ve got my partner here, Zack Westphal. Were launching Upsellonomics.com. We’re actually working on it right here. I mentioned it last time. Now we’re going to have a way of basically teaching people how to monetize social media in a way that no one has ever done before.

Andrew: You’ve blogged about stocks and you said, “Watch me guys, as I start to earn back my money.”

Tim: Yes.

Andrew: That was the beginning. You rose up, I think the first time I interviewed you, you were doing $45,000 a month. This was back in 2008.

Tim: Yes.

Andrew: In 2010, you came back and told me that your revenue was $1.3 million.

Tim: Yes.

Andrew: 2011s revenue you said was $3.5 million.

Tim: Yes.

Andrew: 2012, what was the revenue?

Tim: $4.4 million.

Andrew: $4.4 million. From what? Where does the biggest chunk of revenue come from?

Tim: It’s all educational products, with the newsletters and the DVDs. Now we group it, because I have so many DVDs and newsletters. Now when people see this picture of this Lamborghini they say, “I want the Lamborghini, teach me.” So my team gets on the phone with them and we talk with them, and we say, “Here’s what newsletter is going to be best for you. Here’s what DVDs are best for you,” because everyone is different. Teaching people about the stock market, it’s not an easy thing. Most people lose money as a trader. Most investors under-perform the S&P 500. We’re looking for superstars, and to create superstars from scratch.

Andrew: What’s your funnel like? A person comes in, and I’m guessing from Google, right, mostly?

Tim: Yeah, some, but it’s all over the place.

Andrew: The largest, Google, social media is huge, because people see those photos. People see all those shots of you in these great locations, with great women, and cars, and so on. Then they come back to the web page. What’s the next thing that they do? You try to get them to buy right away, it looks like.

Tim: No, no. You see, this is the thing, if you go to TimothySykes.com/store, we don’t even have a store. We don’t want people to just buy. We want to see who’s actually worthy. This is what has changed …

Andrew: How do you tell who’s worthy?

Tim: This is not an easy thing. This is why I have over 20 employees now. Many of them are consistently interviewing these people who apply. They say, “I want to be a millionaire.” Well, you have to go through a series of tests. We have to see if you’re worth our time, because …

Andrew: I see. So now I see three different sales options. Now I think I understand it. There’s small, medium, and then do you want to be a millionaire, and do you want to be a millionaire is a video, and underneath it is a button to apply, and then when they apply that triggers a call from you guys, where you figure out what they’re about, and you decide what to sell them.

Tim: Yeah, and we’re trying to help them. We’re trying to see what’s best for us too, because it’s no longer, obviously you see my sales growth, but its lagging. It goes one, two, three, four million. Okay, next year maybe five, maybe six million. No, that’s not what I want. I want to get to 10, 15, 20, 30 million. The way to do that is true success stories. Google helps a lot and everything, but people don’t know who I am on Google. A lot of our best sales are referrals from existing customers. When they pay me a few hundred dollars for an educational product, or a few thousand dollars for in person coaching, they make $10,000 or $20,000. They tell their friends and they tell their family. So a lot of my customers are just word of mouth. That seems to be the best thing, because then you get rid of the whole scam doubting kind of layer. That’s what …

Andrew: If it’s so easy, then why do you teach it? Why don’t you just trade your stocks?

Tim: It’s not so easy. It’s easy to make a few thousand dollars. Making $2,000 in 20 minutes this morning that was as simple, it’s the exact same pattern as everything I’ve been teaching for five years. Only about two or three dozen students actually made the same trade and saw it ahead of time, because most of my students are lazy. That’s the sad truth.

Andrew: Even after you screen them out, they’re mostly lazy?

Tim: They don’t want to look every single day. No one wants to see all the video lessons. I have 800 video lessons, roughly 70 hours of content. There’s always new stocks in play. The stock market, unlike social media, is constantly moving. When I go into teach social media and how to monetize it I’m much more excited, because it’s not always changing. You can actually stand still for a week and nothing changes. I made over $3 million trading, but now I made over $10 million blogging in just a few years.

Andrew: I want to come back and find out how you monetize social media, but for now let me stick with a couple of things that we talked about in the past. First, you were going to create a site that teaches people how to blog, but my sense was, when you told it to me and you told it to my audience, I think we talked about this publicly, it was a test. You wanted to see if people are interested enough for me to build it.

Tim: Yeah.

Andrew: You didn’t end up building it, did you?

Tim: No, I mean, it’s also me managing my time. I’m still getting better. I finally just hired a personal assistant and live in chef. I’m just trying to sort through my busy day, because there’s so many people, thanks to these pictures, thanks to my marketing, there’s so many people who want in. So, I need to manage my time better. 2012 was a big year with that.

So Upsellonomics is tremendous. It’s why I’m also here with my partner Zack, who’s like the brains behind us. But, you know, it takes time and that’s what it comes out. Everything good takes time. I’ve been working on two books for the year or so but just a little bit in the background. I haven’t had time to dedicate because again I make nearly $300,000 trading in the stock market last year. I’m also doing video lessons, seminars, webinars.

Andrew: So what’s the biggest source of revenue? Is it that monthly newsletter for $100 that people sign up for, is it the videos? What’s the biggest?

Tim: I mean, it’s all kind of merged now because we create these combo packages where it’s not like ‘You’re just getting the newsletter’ because now it’s the newsletter and the DVDs and the seminars. Our products go all the way to over $10,000 now where if you want to learn with me in person, like I’m going in 1 week, actually less than 1 week, 4 days, I’m going to be in Rome teaching students from the [??] and I’m going to lose money on renting this $7,000 a night hotel room that these people are paying me to learn. But it doesn’t matter because I get great video and interest and all feedback and they say look ‘We’re living luxuriously and you can ]??], you can make money from anywhere’.

So even though I lose money on in person events, my whole thing is I need to create successful traders and create successful customers. My future business depends on their success. So we have a good relationship.

Andrew: If anyone in the audience wants to text message me, text message me. I got my phone here with me with an extra battery until we figure out the chat box. I want to at least use text messaging to interact.

And I want to hear what you guys think of the photos that Tim is posting online. What do you think about his approach to selling. There should be a box right on Mixergy.com/live where people are watching us live where you can tell me about this.

So Tim, here’s my feeling about this and help me understand this.

Tim: Please do tell me. What are your feelings?

Andrew: Here’s the thing. I want to follow your lead here but I don’t feel comfortable saying to the world ‘I can make you a millionaire. Be a millionaire’. I don’t feel comfortable flashing this stuff out there and I know that anyone who’s listening to us is going to say ‘That’s great for Tim. I don’t want to tell to people that they can be millionaires’. I don’t want to go down these path.

Tim: Everybody has their own limits. You have to decide what your limit is. I have no limits because I want to be the single most successful teacher in the history of the world. I want to do whatever it takes to create a millionaire. I will do whatever it takes to create multiple millionaires.

So if I have to take photos of girls in bikinis and drive Lamborghinis and travel the world, which you know, it’s really not that bad of a job, it’s actually quite fun, I’m going to do that. Because that is what I found works best to inspire people. And people who don’t see the educational value, think it’s just fluff. I’m working just as hard on the background for my premium stuff as ever. But this stuff is great to try and get you in the door.

Andrew: And the long term strategy is to do what?

Tim: Create a millionaire. create multiple millionaires. And then wit the rewards of telling people about [??]. So we brag about it. Everything I do I brag about. If I’m driving my Lamborghini and I get a ticket for triple [??], guess what? I’m going to post a picture of the ticket. [??] is real. It’s the beauty of the business.

Andrew: It’s all about bragging.

Tim: I don’t exaggerate. Like there are [??] who rent these exotic cars for like a day. I own my Lamborghini. I have a $5 million mansion in Miami these days, like, these are the things that I already have so it’s about being real and being ostentatious. Being a little over the top but it’s just for a good purpose and that’s what it always comes down to.

You know, if I lost my Lamborghini, would I be crying? No. I don’t really even care about it. It’s just a toy, it’s just a marketing device to get people in the door. People who want Lamborghinis work harder. That’s the honest truth and that’s my stats say. And this is what Upsellonomics, this is what it’s all going to be about because you don’t see the stats that we see. I see that the video views have gone up 30% when I get new students who want these superficial things. 30%. That’s a big increase for doing the exact same videos before and after when I post these like rich lifestyle type photos and videos.

Andrew: Wait, wait. So you’re saying 30% more people buy from you when you post a picture?

Tim: They watch and they read the content and they open the emails more because they want the rewards. showing the rewards first before the teaching is a huge step. Before I would always teach and teach and teach and teach and people were like OK. There’s a few hard workers but that’s not the majority of the people.

Our society, our world is driven by monetary and superficial rewards So, by showing these rewards first it’s showing them the carrot. That’s what gets them to drive much faster and further. That’s why I had a dozen students who made over $100,000 last year. The year before I think I only had one or two. It’s not because I had that many more students, it’s because I had better students. My key is finding better students and getting more, because what if I come back next year and say, “Look, I had a dozen students who made over $1 million.” Guess what I would do with their photos and their videos? I would dress them like the little monkeys that they are, although they’re self sufficient, because I’ve taught them and I haven’t just given them a million dollars, which is more valuable. Then my business expands from this four, five, or six million going up a million a year type thing, to 40, 50, 100 million because, guess what? More people want to be millionaires. I’ll do what it takes. You have to decide what it takes for you to live with what you can post, and what you can do to inspire your students.

I will do anything to inspire my students. That is what’s most fulfilling. When I make $2,000 in 20 minutes, I’ve done it thousands of times, I felt nothing, but I was very glad that some of my students made the same trade. Some of them even made it better. Mark Crook [SP] used to be an accountant working in a cubicle. He’s watched all of my videos four times. He’s now one of my teachers too. He’s up nearly $200,000 with my strategy. He no longer works in the cubicle. He can travel anywhere. Guess what? He is incentivize by my pictures. He did the trade better than me today. Fantastic. That’s what gets me really excited to bound out of bed every morning these days.

Andrew: In the beginning it was a blog with you trying to sell. You were selling a book, you were selling videos, you were selling membership. It evolved and we learned about how you grew it over the years. What happened in 2012? What was the new thing that you, I keep interrupting my own question, but it seems like one thing you learned is to call up customers and close the sale over the phone and qualify them, as you talked about. What else did you learn that’s new that my audience can say, “Hey, you know what? This guy has some real substantive business tactics here.”

Tim: It’s all about thinking long term. Social media, teaching over the internet, this is all new industries. For the first few years I just wanted to build my net worth. Now I’m worth a liquid $3 million in cash. That’s nice, but what is my life really going to change if I’m worth a liquid $4 million in cash? Not much. I want to get to 20, 30, 50. More importantly, I want my students to get there.

Andrew: Wait, let’s see how you got to here, and then I want to know what you’re planning to do to go even bigger. What did you do? What else did you learn that someone in the audience can say, “Hey, I took that one tactic away, that one message away, from Tim’s interview, and I feel enriched by it.” Give me one thing you learned that worked for you.

Tim: The main thing is getting better customers, not just getting more customers. Quality over quantity, because those are the people, the brand ambassadors, whatever you want to call it, what is it, a thousand true fans? That whole thing where you get these people who absolutely love you. I didn’t do that before. I was spreading myself too thin with too many products, just trying to cast a wide net all over the internet and trying to catch people in. Now, I catch people in, but most people aren’t worth my time. I’ve become much more picky. I think that if a lot of people can do that, rather than saying, “Oh, if China has a billion people, if I just get 1% of the market…” No, forget China. Most Chinese people are incompetent, and corrupt, and greedy. Those aren’t good customers.

Andrew: At the end of last year, you told me privately that you had fewer customers and less traffic than the year before, even though your sales grew. Actually, you probably told me that publicly too.

Tim: Yeah.

Andrew: Did the same thing happen this year, fewer customers?

Tim: Yeah, the exact same thing. You know, I’m still working on quality free content. I’m actually trying to get better with that, but with the TV show, writing the books, caring about premium subscribers more, some stuff falls by the wayside. The other day I forgot to blog for five days. I wish that I had more time, but I also don’t want to get sick. I already work 17 hours a day. This is why I’ve started hiring more people. We talked about this last year, but this year I’ve doubled my team up to over 20 people, to handle everything from programming, video, dealing with students, brand ambassadors if you will, and just taking a lot off my plate.

Andrew: Wait, what are the brand … You have students who do what?

Tim: What do you mean? Well some students, this is the interesting thing, before it was just me giving my trade alerts. Now some students like Mark Crook [SP], Alex [??], a future one Tim [??] has made over $100,000 and he just graduated from college, they become teachers. They’re teaching my strategy, or some variation of my strategy. The students become the teachers, because they’re experts. It’s kind of like, you know, I call it the Jesus business model. You have Jesus. He’s one man. He died. I don’t want to die, but [??] have priests giving the same kinds of advice, and the same kinds of wisdom, so that I have more time. So, we’re just building these little businesses. They’ve all just started in the past year, but it’s a very good process. [??]

Andrew: You’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I think before you called it the P. Diddy model, where you wanted to be a producer of other artists, and you wanted them to go out and make money, and you get a piece of it.

Tim: I think I said it was Def Jam Records [SP]. I don’t know, something like that, where it’s definitely more along the lines of rappers. We’ve been doing that. I just launched this guy. His name is Paul Scolardi [SP], his nickname online is [??]. In two months, he’s over 200 students, because he’s had all these 50% wins and 100% wins. People are like, wow, this is amazing. It’s also a bull market, so I am …

Andrew: You get a share of his money?

Tim: Yeah, I take a third, you know, a 30% cut.

Andrew: You process all his sales to make sure you get the money?

Tim: Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. I handle all the market. Basically, what we do for, if you’re a profitable trader investor out there, we’re always looking for more gurus, we basically handle everything on the back end. There’s a lot of stuff on the back end. We have 22 different pieces of software from credit cards, to affiliates, to customer service that we basically [??], so the guru can focus on creating good content and teaching his students. That’s what gurus should do all the time. So, that’s what we try to do with these guys.

Andrew: I’m being asked about Investimonials and Profit.ly, those two sites.

Tim: Investimonials is an SEO powerhouse. We get 2,000 unique visitors a day just because there’s over 25,000 reviews on different brokers. We have over 10,000 products, financial products listed and there’s just reviews. It’s like Yelp or Trip Advisor. We really haven’t figured out how to monetize it yet, but we just keep getting more and more reviews, and it becomes more and more useful over time.

Profit.ly, you’re sharing all your trades, and it’s become this platform where we can deliver real time trade alerts via text message, we have a chat room. We have roughly a thousand students in the chat room during the day now. That’s up from 600 last year, which is up from 300 or 200 the first year. The chat room is much more interactive. Any time during the day …

Andrew: Do you have to pay to get in that chat room?

Tim: Yeah, yeah, so that’s part of the newsletter. The newsletter, you’re getting chat room access, you’re getting watch lists, you’re getting trade alerts, you’re fully prepared. Before, when I first started, it was one here, buy a book, buy a DVD, buy this, buy that. It was one off products. Nothing was syncing. Nothing was symmetrical. Now it’s okay. We have an overall mission to make you into a better trader. We simplified the Profit.ly tag line, just become a better trader, be a better trader. That’s it. We’ll do whatever it takes, whether we show you data, we show you video lessons, we show you trade alerts so you can learn in real time, all we’re doing is trying to share information as good and as comprehensive as possible to make better traders, and more profitable. Then, because our prices are so low, you can make back all the money in one trade. It’s a good value proposition.

Andrew: Now if someone buys into this and says, “I’m not ready to go as far as Tim Sykes and get a Lamborghini, and show off the picture, but I do not want to be one of these idiots with social media and waste my time on there building value for someone else. I want to build my own piece of this, my own business the way that Tim has to the extent that I feel comfortable.” What do you tell them to do? Where do you start?

Tim: You need to test your audience. In the first two or three years, even though I was making a million dollars a year, I was just testing nonstop, posting different photos, posting different kinds of blog posts, exposing scams, posting customer testimonials, and seeing what got me the most sales. At the time, I was focused on growing my business one sale at a time. Now I want better customers, better students, more dedicated, so I’ve shifted a little bit. But, always be testing. Never just post, some businesses think I’ll just post one testimonial a day every single day for a month, testimonials should sell. No, you need a variety, because you need to see, based on Facebook likes, based on Instagram likes, based on feedback from your customers what gets people motivated about your business. For everyone’s business it’s going to be different. For me, because it’s the stock market, because it’s about making money, you’re graded in the stock market by how much money you make, that’s the one thing. It doesn’t matter if you do a great stock trade and you lose money on it you’ve lost. You want to make money in the stock market. So, everything I do is based around money. Obviously there are some people who are teaching how to kayak better and that has nothing to do with money. So, maybe show photos, maybe show videos, but always be using these social networks, and use your audiences …

Andrew: What didn’t work for you?

Tim: What didn’t work for me?

Andrew: Yeah, what did you post that just fell flat.

Tim: Long videos, long exposes, anything long, people have a short attention span. That’s why I went with Lamborghini over Ferrari. Lamborghinis are more striking. They hit you. You know what a Lamborghini looks like right away. A Ferrari, you might mistake it for a Toyota or a Lexus, if you’re not looking close enough. So, I learned that people have short attention spans. Even if I make an amazing video lesson for an hour talking about everything about this company, dissecting it, which takes me four or five hours of research, I get three Facebook likes and people are like “Good job! Hard worker!” Then, I freakin’ take a picture of my Lamborghini, I posted a picture of the trunk because the trunk is in the front of the Lamborghini. It was funny, going grocery shopping, I had baby spinach and I couldn’t fit all of the baby spinach in the trunk because I didn’t want to crush the baby spinach. People loved it! That took me no time, the baby spinach was like $4.95 a pack and that got a lot more feedback than an hour long video. I tested and I evolved.

Andrew: What about being a leader instead of being someone who is trying to pander to peoples’ interests?

Tim: I am a leader. I don’t see any other bloggers or finance people talking about what they do with the money that they make. I am fully transparent, even more than transparent. I’m over the top–

Andrew: Shouldn’t you say, “Hey, you know what guys, I know you want to watch this Lamborghini shot, but what you really need to see is a picture of this desk where I sit and I frickin’ work my ass off all day long. Then, I go to sleep and I wake up and I do it again.” If that’s what–Go on.

Tim: You have to be careful about instilling your values in others. I do that by teaching. Gradually, if you’re a student and if you’re learning the premium video lessons and watching how I trade every day and work hard every day despite, I was in Turse and Kakos the other day, I’m in LA, I’ll be in Italy. I still work hard, I still do my research, I still have my routine but in order to get people to see that, day in, day out, you need to, kind of, trick them. When I make the analogy, “If you see a homeless guy on the street and he’s asking for something to drink and you have a bottle of Jack Daniels in your left hand and a bottle of green detox in your right, which is he going to choose? The bottle of Jack Daniels or the green detox?”

Andrew: The Jack, I would choose the Jack.

Tim: So, this is what I would do. I would give the homeless guy the Jack, but because he’s homeless he probably has cataracts and he’s probably not in good shape, I would put the green detox in the Jack Daniels bottle and trick the homeless man into drinking the good green drink. That’s what I’d do. All this social media, all this stuff, I’m tricking people into actually working hard and they don’t realize it. Outsiders think that it’s very superficial and stupid. They look down on me. What I’m actually doing is good for the homeless people, good for social media people and they just don’t see it until you see the effects over time which is why that thirty percent increase in video watching is so important. You can see all of my students profits. My students have now made over six million dollars. The increase in their profits, the arc has gone up, the steepness of the profits has increased thanks to this stuff where I’m tricking them because they’re basically like homeless people. I want that to make sense. It’s very important.

Andrew: No, it makes a ton of sense. I did an event with Neil Patel, up on stage and Otis Chandler, of GoodReads and a bunch of other entrepreneurs. At the end I took Neil and a couple of others out for a drink and I said, “Neil, I’ll be honest with you. Here’s the revenue from the night, here’s how it went.” Neil goes, “That’s okay but if you really want to make money, what you need to go after are the people who have to make the mortgage payment this week. Those are the guys who have the real money, those are the guys who are willing to spend their real money.” Which is so counterintuitive. Have you found the same thing?

Tim: I don’t want to go after those people, I want people who can be self sufficient but yeah, you want people who want it more. That is what Neil Patel is basically saying. People who are motivated. Finding the people who are the most motivated is what matters. I don’t want to go after somebody, like I get emails saying, “I want to make $3,000 this week can you help me?” I don’t want those people. I want people who are interested in the longer term, but I want people who want that money. That is the toughest part of my job, finding the hardest working students. My guy who made $600,000, he’s not even posting his trades anymore because now he’s spoiled. I’m like, “Yo dude! Post your trades!” and Eric, he likes to play golf, he likes to drink, he’s like, “No, I’m making good money. I want to be private.” That’s not your fucking choice! You know? If you come with me on this path of making a lot of money, I need you to be diligent, I need you to be transparent because its not just about yourself, its about inspiring others. What I’m trying to do is create a whole society that is open. The finance industry is not an open industry. It is the antithesis of open. So, I’m trying to change the industry for the better, but yes, I am using tools like these superficial pictures to get people interested and motivated and it works like a charm.

Andrew: What happens when you fail? How do you as a person–

Tim: I won’t. I will not fail. Even if I am dead, my video lessons will live on. I will create a millionaire from scratch. I will create a millionaire from scratch. I will create a millionaire from scratch. I will create many multi-millionaire’s from scratch. You watch, Andrew Warner.

Andrew: Tim . . .

Tim: You watch . . .

Andrew: That’s not what I’m saying Tim [laugh] . . .

Tim: . . . for the next few years. You said what if I fail.

Andrew: No, no, no, no, no . . .

Tim: Failure’s not an option. I will not fail. I want this too bad. I get too fucking pumped up. I love seeing my students banked, and I will make sure it happens.

Andrew: What I meant was, a couple years ago you were on here you had a set back and I asked you why were you open about it. And you said, I want to leave the world bread crumbs and show the world that yes I had this setback and when they come back and look at my story they will see that I was open with my setbacks. And that’s why I did that interview with you on [??] and was open about it. [breath] What I mean today, when you’re a guy who’s now seen as a success, when you’re a guy who people are trying to imitate and pinning their hopes and dreams and their big aspirations that they were too embarrassed to even have, on you. And if you have a public setback, how do you handle it?

Tim: I blow it up. I make it huge. I show off all of my failures and I make it big. I actually was speaking at Tulane University. I have a scholarship there. They invited me back to speak to the students about career advice the other day. And the same question came up. And there was a whole panel of speakers.

One guy who manages a 2 billion dollar hedge fund. There’s all these successful people. One lady works for Obama. And they said, you’re going to have set backs, you just try and diminish it. Try to down play it, move on and be more positive. And I said, ‘Fuck that. Blow it up. Make it huge. Show everybody the failures, because when I fail, I know I’m always going to come back.’

For example, one of my biggest blog posts last year in 2012 was when I lost nearly $40,000 in one day because I was trading with a fever. 102 degree fever, and I was stupid. It was a dumb mistake, but it was the right pattern. I eventually turned out to be right 24 hours later. But I took too big of a position. My head was hurting. You shouldn’t trade with a fever. And a lot of people doubted me.

And that negativity spread everywhere. And people were saying, ‘Sykes is over. He’s going to blow up. He’s such an idiot. He’s making excuses about some fever.’ I actually did have a fever. And the beauty of my business model is that everything that I talk about actually happens. But what happened was, the next day when I turned out to be proven right, even though I lost 40,000 in 1 day. I made back about 26,000.

It was one of my biggest profit days and people saw it live. And even though I still had like a 99 degree fever, the negativity knowing the fact that I would succeed, I didn’t know if it would be the next day, or the next week, or the next month, the negativity brought in people to watch, because it was real. Rather than these [??] who claim I make money on every single pick. People like Jim Kramer on CNBC.

He’s only right 30 to 35 percent of the time. But if you look at his track record, guess what? He doesn’t show it all. He doesn’t talk about it. He doesn’t delve into it. One of my most successful emails of last year was learn from my biggest loss of 2012. And I show it. And I talk about it, because I know that, guess what? No matter how bad it is, I will succeed because I’m that motivated. And that’s what I want. People to get back on the horse. A lot of people, they have a big loss or they screw up and they never come back.

And they’re embarrassed. They can’t dig themselves out of the hole. And that’s the wrong attitude, so my showing exactly what the right attitude is helps. Helps dramatically. And it helps all these people who do have losses. And sometimes I have losses. It happens to everybody. But for me as a teacher, I need to blow everything up.

Whether it’s a big win, a big loss, I don’t care. Because I’m just trying to show people, this is what I’m doing. Look at me. Learn from me. Learn from what I do right and what I do wrong. And that attracts a lot of customers.

Andrew: I’m glad you’re recording your side of the conversation. Some of this is coming in a little bit blurry, but we’ll take you recording and post it for the people watching, afterwards. I wonder what the value is, frankly. Let me ask you this, Tim.

Tim: Yeah.

Andrew: A lot of people have been asking me to do some kind of community. And the reason that I’m doing this interview live is so that maybe we can put a chat box underneath it in the future, and let people talk to each other. But what’s the value of just letting people chat with each other? Why do they keep asking for it?

Tim: People are lonely. Especially internet people, and they want community. I was against my chat rooms at first, because I think that if you learn ahead of time, and you’re prepared ahead of time, you don’t need the comfort of others. Unfortunately, most people, again, most of my students are lazy. They don’t have true faith in me.

They don’t have faith in the patterns that I teach. So they look for others, and they say in these little chat conversations, “Who else is from Canada?” And people go back and forth. And they’re like, “I’m from Canada.” And they feel better, because they’re not alone anymore. And I don’t think that’s a good thing.

I wouldn’t create a community if I didn’t have to. The chat room is necessary because of real time information with the stock market. With you, I wouldn’t create a community. I would say, “Look mother fuckers, I’m the expert here. These other people that you’re talking to, they’re just wannabe’s.” It’s like going to a networking event where there are all these little people who are meaningless and they are going nowhere in life and they’re have all their business cards and they waste your mother fucking time. You need to do better with your time and that’s what I try and teach people and it’s not an easy lesson because they want to chat, they want to be lazy, they want to be sociable, no. If you’re truly an expert or if you truly want to be an expert, you need to focus on your craft like the fucking Samurai soldiers who used to spend all day perfecting their craft. Watch The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise.

Andrew: All right. Well, for anyone who is watching us live right now, this is an experiment. After Tim and I are done, I want to get one person, maybe a premium member, up on Skype to chat. Maybe we’ll even broadcast it; I want to hear from you guys why you want this community and what you’re looking for and what the experience of watching this live has been for you today. Tim, Upsellonomics, what is it?

Tim: Come in here Zack. Let’s have Zack explain it. We’re working on this literally like all day, this morning and tonight. This is my partner, Zack, and he’s responsible for really helping me change my business from just…, I used to do like 50 percent off DVD sales. That was my big sales tactic. Now he’s changed the business. He’s going to explain for a second.

Andrew: OK, Zack, I hope he’s recording this clearly because right now you’re just coming in as one big blurry blob on the screen [??].

Zack: That’s what I look like, so [??] what’s up, is that good?

Andrew: Give me one thing useful before…, I don’t want this to be a promotion for Upsellonomics. Give me one useful tactic for selling. Tim just said that you helped him sell, that you gave him better ideas than his old 50 percent off sales idea. What’s one thing that you did that helped him?

Zack: Obviously like Tim and I have been working together now for a couple of years and even before I came along, obviously Tim was really successful, but it’s all about presentation and like Tim’s been talking about inspiring people, and so it’s kind of like selling people the dream, but actually that’s where a lot of marketers have it wrong, is they try and sell the dream, but their product sucks or they’re just doing it to make money; whereas with us, it’s about selling the dream and building that posture, and then actually getting like a kick-ass product.

Tim: Giving the homeless guy green detox juice.

Zack: Something like that, so but I can like wrap it up…

Andrew: That’s what you’re saying, you’re saying, “Hey, the thing that we did to increase sales is create a good product,” and most people don’t?

Tim: Get out of here, get out of here.

Zack: I’m explaining this.

Tim: All right, all right.

Zack: So no, the most important thing someone could ever do is [??].

Andrew: Come on, channel Tim.

Zack: Work on your funnels, that’s it. Like if I could tell anybody anything, you work on your funnels, you posture the people like putting emails into your funnels. You take them through the exact funnel that you want to take them to [??].

Andrew: [??] most audiences wouldn’t be that interested in a funnel, but once you start talking about a sales funnel, I’m curious. What did you do to smooth out his funnel?

Zack: Oh man, as you can see, we only have like two different areas someone [??] off the website. Everybody always tries that stupid bullshit like, “Sign up for my free newsletter or a couple of big tips,” and stuff like that; whereas people come into our world and make X dollars, X amount of days or drive this Lamborghini or come trade with me here, right, so we bring in this excited funnel which we actually really live that lifestyle, and then the funnel usually lasts probably like four to six months [??].

Andrew: Four to six months is how long a funnel [??]

Zack: This product and this product, and so we offer them like a level of different products of ours, different services of ours, and you know what? The thing that is really advantageous for us, maybe versus other businesses, and this is where a lot of businesses suck, is their products suck, right, so they try and launch and drive people as fast as possible to buy their best product the fastest; whereas we can take someone, get them started here, get them started here, and they keep buying more of our products because we actually have a good product. We spend a lot of money and we spend a lot of time on product fulfillment and that’s where everybody gets it wrong, everybody gets it wrong, so that’s why we see big returns as months go by. Usually, life of a lead for some people is what, like five to six weeks sometimes, so after you capture their email, standard marketing is four to five weeks after that lead is dead, right, there’s no responsiveness; whereas with us, it’s not even a lead, it’s a client of ours and they’re just getting better and better because we actually give a really good product, so we sell, and we market, we give really cool and we sell it kind of hot with like really cool cars or models and all this cool stuff, but at the same time, we actually really back it up and give that student a chance to create wealth or whatever, and then four months down the road when we release a new product, when we have a new event, guess what? They’re buying again versus other marketing companies. That lead is already pissed off; they don’t feel like they had a good product.

Andrew: I’m so glad you guys are recording your side of the conversation. I apologize for that because I wasn’t able to live capture most of what you said, but here’s what we’ll do, Tim?

Zack: Yeah, I’m back, Upsellonomics.

Andrew: Upsellanomics.com, Tim [??].

Tim: What he said is posturing, and that’s so important because I’ve always had a good product. I just didn’t explain it clearly and I didn’t explain the rewards in the past, so now I clearly define the rewards and now people can justify it, “OK, this is what could be done, this is what could happen if I am successful,” and so it’s my whole job at getting people successful so that we fulfill everything, and that’s what it comes down to.

Andrew: OK, so you say you’ve always had a good product, but you had a hard time explaining it or you didn’t do as good a job as you do today explaining it, and the way that you explain it today is by showing people the benefits of it and those benefits are the models, the cars, the trips around the world, and the money in the bank.

Tim: That’s it. You show them, you give them the carrot and then they race and it works so well. I’ve always had the product the background. That’s why like when you came on here, it’s like, “Oh, all I see are these empty blog posts and stuff like that.” I’m going to get you signed up as a premium mother fucker and then you’ll see exactly what we have.

Andrew: Is part of the reason that you call people is so that you can figure out what to charge them, like the electronics sales people in New York used to do?

Tim: No, no; what you have to understand is whether I make three, four or five million dollars right now, it just doesn’t matter. That’s the truth. I mean with the $4.4 million in revenue, just under 50 percent margins, I’m doing well, but my life doesn’t get changed until we do something huge where we have these amazing testimonials, and so I don’t care if someone spends $1,000 or $2,000 or $5,000. It’s nice, like I want them to buy more, but I also want them to have the right fit and some people, if they just want to learn like part-time and they’re not really into it, OK, so they can study the video lessons on their own, but they don’t have time for the fully intensive stuff, so I’m not going to try and pitch somebody who’s working 7 days a week and try and sell them like, “Oh, you should come learn with me in person,” because they’re not going to have time because you can’t take off work, so it’s about finding what works best for people so that they can be the best traders that they can be.

That’s what I learned over the past year and it’s not an easy lesson because before, I’m a greedy Jew and I just want the most money, so I’ve had to take a step back, and we have scholarships too. Every now and then we have somebody where they’re like, we want to invest in their future because they want to work so hard, and that would be fantastic.

Andrew: All right, well, you’re incredibly compelling. I love watching what you’re doing on social media. I love watching how you react to people; I love the photos.

Tim: Don’t you dare say I failed though.

Andrew: You know what, that that’s what you heard and that that pissed you off the way that it did.

Tim: Because there’s a difference between [??].

Andrew: I may say [??], but why does that bother you so much? Are you feeling like you’re close to that? I don’t see it today.

Tim: No, I’m not close to it. I’m just so determined and I want you to understand how determined I am.

Andrew: So why did that piss you off so much. You clearly got angry, so angry that even as I tried to explain that what I meant was a set-back, another issue like you had back [??].

Tim: Because you used the word “failure.” Fail is different than set-back. Fail is permanent; set-back is temporary. I have set-backs all the time. I had a set-back where I had to realize that I wanted better students rather than more students. That was a big set-back for a very long time, for several months, when I had to change my whole business to basically go from giving all this free content to get the most number of students, to getting the best, and that took awhile. That was a set-back. Fail is permanent, like you have failed, you will not create a millionaire, and I am so determined to create a millionaire, I will not fail.

Andrew: I see, that’s your next goal and now you’ve said this publicly, that you’re going to do it.

Tim: Yeah, I mean I’ve written blog posts. That’s what [??].

Andrew: I said, “What if you fail?” You thought I was talking about this. What if you fail at finding a millionaire?

Tim: Creating a self sufficient millionaire from scratch. I will not fail because that is what it’s really going to take my business to the next level. And so my entire, again, whether I make $1, $2, $3, $4, $5 million. It’s all nice. I’m living comfortably, it’s fine. But to really get the big money to be really successful, to influence the most number of people, to teach the most number of people I need to create a millionaire and that’s what everything is focused on.

So even there’s empty blog post, guess what? The people who actually want to be millionaires, who have the best shot at being millionaires, they’re not even reading my blog posts, they’re not even following me on Facebook because they’re already in. They don’t need to be tempted, they don’t need to be inspired anymore. We’re already studying all the premium content that I give them, which is a lot.

Andrew: James Ash says that he was glad that I asked you about the failure question, that I followed up with that.

Tim: Give me a few audience questions. If you’re going to do a live interview, I mean, let me hear them.

Andrew: You know what? All I have right now is people texting me and I realize that I didn’t give them enough room to text. So the questions are being cut off.

I knew that you’d be up for experimenting.

Tim: Nobody asks a one sentence question. Tell your people to be more concise. There’s a freaking lesson. Twitter has 140 characters.

Andrew: Oh, here we go.

Tim: You can’t ask a question in 140 characters?

Andrew: No. I’m cutting it off.

Where does Tim see himself in 20 years? What does he want to be?

I know what you want to be. You want to be $30 to $40 million, you said earlier, right? How do you get there? Sorry, actually, you know what? I shouldn’t answer for you. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? James, I’m sorry for cutting off your question, and how are you going to get there?

Tim: You know, it all depends on when I create a millionaire and how many millionaires I can create because if I create 1 millionaire in the next 10 years, sure, my business will probably do $30 or $40 millions because everybody wants to be a millionaire. But if I create 100 millionaires, then guess what? I don’t know where my business is going to but I’ll be damned happy that I created 100 millionaires.

So it’s tough to visualize where I’m going to be in the future based on how many millionaires I create.

Andrew: And then how do you capitalize on that?

Tim: Let me focus on creating a millionaire first and then, you know, again I have the TV show, I have the books, I have websites, I have social media knowledge. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem. There’s a little company called Subway and they did pretty well off of marketing Jared who lost all that weight.

Andrew: I see. You’re looking for your Jared.

Tim: I’m looking for my Jared. And, you know, I think that’s going to really change everything. Once you hit that, I mean. It’s cool to make a few hundred thousand dollars and all the people that have made over $100 thousand last year are very happy. I mean, they didn’t pay me anywhere close to that amount, you know, a small fraction. So they’re in the green by far. But there’s something about millionaires status and being totally self sufficient and just free of everything.

Andrew: I see. The more you say this to, the more people want to sign for your programs because people who are listening are saying ‘I can be that person. I can follow Tim’s advice, I’m determined, and I’m going to make it’.

Tim: Well, I mean, just thinking about what people are doing there. They’re going to school, they’re getting in debt for years and years and years hopefully to get a job that’s paying 5, maybe 6 figures eventually so that they can pay down the debt and maybe then 10 or 20 years later they can make enough money to become a millionaire.

So it takes them all and all, if you’re a doctor, lawyer, 10, 15, 20 years to be a true millionaire. With my stuff, guess what? You can start learning, you can start profiting today. There’s no debt and everything is just sped up and yes, it’s not like a respected industry like doctors or lawyers or perhaps that’s why there’s so much opportunity because everything is chasing the wrong stuff and I have this undiscovered niche, which is the way that I like to think about it.

Andrew: All right. I’m going to take one final question from actually someone who wrote in to me. This [??] came into me from Andrea [??] who runs a company called Launch Grow Joy which helps people with their physical products, jewelry, toys, apparel, etc. She helps them with those kinds of businesses and she says she likes to hear people talk about overcoming their obstacles.

How about that? Do you have an example of an obstacle you’ve overcome in the last year?

Tim: Yes. I mean, the main obstacle was finding dedicated students and that was changing from, you know, posting a lot of detailed stuff for free because people, you know, when you learn for free you don’t come back to the site. You’re not really inspired. You’re like ‘Ah, I’ll check it out every now and then. He posts good content but I’m not really going to be dedicated’.

When I make sure that, yes, you have to actually pay and you have to get in here. You have to be motivated constantly, daily, with pictures and videos and showing you possibilities to actually want to study hard. That was a total shift. If you look at my Facebook photos, or I just joined Instagram a month and a half ago, but if you go in and look at my Facebook photos from two years ago versus now, totally different, totally, totally, totally, totally different. That was a big obstacle. I take a lot of flack. A lot of people don’t get it. A lot of people are like, “Oh, you’re so obnoxious.” That is the main change with my business. You haven’t seen it reflected in the numbers, the revenue numbers, but we have seen it reflecting with the students. I think that will be reflected in the students success, which will eventually get back to my revenue numbers and profit numbers going forward. It was a weird problem to have, but it’s definitely an obstacle.

Andrew: All right, the website is TimothySykes.com, but frankly don’t go there. Go follow his Facebook profile. That’s where I feel a lot of the fun is. Tim, thanks for doing this interview.

Tim: Thanks for having me, and say hi to all your poor fans out there. Hopefully you can be more financially …

Andrew: Why do you say that?

Tim: Because most of the people listening are poor. They’re dependent, and they’re insecure, and they hate their boss. They have to worry about rent, and child support, and crappy little fees like that. That’s how they’re living their life. They need to entertain themselves with bullshit like Huffington Post, and Press Hill [??], and on the internet. When, in fact, they should be looking at the internet at the giant boat of opportunity that it is, and taking advantage of it, and capturing the low hanging fruit. Then they don’t need useless entertainment. They can change their lives. They can finally be free and finally be happy. That’s why I say, say hello to your poor people, because they’re using the internet wrong …

Andrew: I don’t think that’s my audience. I think the person you’re describing is not my audience. I think the person …

Tim: Who cares what you think? Who cares what you think? You’re poor too.

Andrew: [inaudible]

Tim: You’re wrong. Your whole audience, and when I say poor I don’t mean somebody who has $5 to their name, I’m saying somebody who’s not a millionaire. Your audience is mostly not …

Andrew: I see, you’re saying anyone who is not a millionaire is poor, and they should go and sign up for your program to become a millionaire now.

Tim: Correct. Correct. [??] sign up. I don’t want people …

Andrew: That’s essentially your marketing right there.

Tim: No, I don’t want just people who sign up. You’re stuck, if you actually have a dedicated program, if anybody has something dedicated to turn somebody into a millionaire so that they can be self sufficient and not so unhappy, 75% of people under the age of 30 hate their jobs. That is your audience. That’s everyone’s audience. That’s disgusting. You spend most of your life at your job and you hate it.

I’m offering you the opportunity to try and change that. I wish more people were doing this. I wish there were more teachers like me with more Lamborghinis. I don’t think there’s that many teachers with Lamborghinis, and if there are they’re embarrassed to show it, and that’s sad. For shame. For shame. The American education system is screwed up. We need to change it. I’m at the forefront of doing that.

Andrew: I can watch you talk like this all day. I freakin’ love it. All right.

Tim: I can talk like this all day. I’m talking into a laptop, but I know that I’m reaching these poor people out there, these non-millionaires, who want to be millionaires. Maybe there’s one or two who’s like, “You know what, Tim? I’ll do this. I’ll study.” All it takes is like an hour a night. I’m not asking you to devote your life. This isn’t a true Jesus [??] business model. You don’t need to become a priest, you just need …

Andrew: You know what it is? We don’t have a TV at home, but when we’re away on vacation, if there’s a TV in the hotel room, I will turn it on and watch an infomercial. Olivia won’t know why I get sucked into it. It’s because I love good salesmanship. I feel like that’s what you’re showing.

Tim: This is not salesmanship. This is just truth.

Andrew: You’re one of the best …

Tim: This is not salesmanship at all.

Andrew: It’s not salesmanship?

Tim: This is not salesmanship at all. If I was the best salesman, I’d be a fucking billionaire. I created Eric Wood. He’s texting me right now. He’s up $600,000 in a year and a half. I have over a dozen students who make six figures. If I was a good salesman, I would be a fucking billionaire. I’m not a good salesman. I’m just dedicated. I will be a billionaire when I create a thousand millionaires. Think about that. Think about that.

This is not an infomercial. How dare you say that, Andrew. I’m going to smack you next time I see you.

Andrew: What is this?

Tim: What is this? This is me being fucking pissed off that there’s not more millionaires in the world, and there aren’t more people willing to do this. That’s what this is. I get frustrated, because I get emails every day …

Andrew: I’m getting questions. I’m getting just reactions to you. [??] I better hold it in … All I’m doing, this guy’s off the wall …

Tim: Let’s hear what these poor people say. Let’s hear it. Let’s hear what poor people think. What kind of ramen noodles is Tim eating? No, I don’t eat ramen noodles. I’m having an amazing caviar, and lobster, and steak tartar dinner.

Andrew: This is the best. Look, Tim, here’s what I see here. You can talk like no one I’ve ever seen before. You can rip into people. You can sell. I could watch this all day.

Tim: [??] inspire. This is what I want to do. I just want to inspire people. I want people to realize that if you’re not a millionaire, you’re poor.

Andrew: If you’re not a millionaire, you’re poor?

Tim: Yes. That is …

Andrew: Is Zack poor?

Tim: That’s on my tombstone. No, Zack’s not poor, we’re multimillionaires.

Andrew: Zack’s not a multi-anything.

Tim: Zack is a multimillionaire. I’m going to post this.

Andrew: How is Zack a multimillionaire?

Tim: Guess what? He is great at posturing. That is what we do. He changed my business. If he didn’t change my business I’m still selling these DVD’s…

Andrew: He’s been posturing?

Tim: Yes. Posturing. That is what I’m selling. That is what all this is about. I’m teaching people how to change their businesses. I was doing a million a year. It was fine. I was technically a millionaire. Now, it’s about multimillions per year. There is a difference. There is a whole other realm that you need to get to. You are not doing it right yourself so you are going to be one of Upsellonomics’ best students. I’m excited.

Andrew: I’m looking forward to checking it out. I’m looking forward to having you back on to talk about your growth. This is one of my favorite interviews of the year. It feels like it always comes in February.

Tim: We will be back. I don’t know when stuff is launching. All I know is that we will keep you updated.

Andrew: I’m getting all kinds of comments from the audience that I will not read.

Tim: Give me some comments. Come on! Give me something. Give me some fuel. I love this stuff.

Andrew: “This guy is off the wall.” Here is another one; “Tim needs to teach a mixergy course on how to strategically be a dick.”

Tim: I am off the wall!

Andrew: I hate saying these because I like you. I don’t want this.

Tim: I’m pissed off that I haven’t created a millionaire yet. It’s absurd that after five years teaching this same.. Look at MJNA. It is the exact same stock market pattern. I’m not creating anything revolutionary. People still don’t do it. It’s pathetic. It’s disgusting. So, Yes. I am off the wall. Thank you buddy.

Andrew: I have to tell you, I don’t agree with that person. To me, I could watch you all frickin’ day. I love this stuff.

Tim: That is because you are a multimillionaire and you know what it takes to get there. Do you appreciate it? Poor people don’t know what it takes. They don’t even have the faintest idea of how hard they are going to have to work to actually become a millionaire. That is why I despise them. I want to slap them silly and tar and feather them if it were still legal.

Andrew: The website. As many negative comments as I am getting right now, I am not going to continue to read them. I know that after the interview what will happen is people will send me compliments like they did that one time that you said…

Tim: Negativity to poor people is positivity. Negative times a negative is a positive. All these people are meaningless. They are going nowhere in life. They don’t mean anything.

Andrew: Another person is actually saying, ‘That comment was said with love. I enjoy this.’ Alright. Great. Don’t worry. I’m not going to read your name.

Tim: He is still not going o change his life. After this interview he is going to read Perez Hilton and see what Beyonce wore at the fucking Grammy’s this weekend. That is disgusting to me.

Andrew: All right. I’m going to leave it there.

Tim: Although she looked great at the Super Bowl. I give her props.

Andrew: Why do you do this? You wear Lamborghini, you tell me, “Andrew, give me a few minutes to go get myself to look right”, and then you are in a bathrobe. I was looking at the video from two times ago and you were at home in a bathrobe too, with your hair all funky.

Tim: This is how I work. I work from home. I can work from anywhere.

Andrew: Why don’t you inspire my audience with the way that you look or a good backdrop or something?

Tim: I don’t plan these things. If I planned this I would have the models in here and one would be licking my ear right now. That’s what I would do if I really planned this. This is how I work. I work in a bathroom. That is the beauty of being a bathrobe millionaire. You can work from home. You can work from your hotel. I don’t own a suit, Andrew. I’m out here filming and if they want me to wear a suit, I don’t own a suit. I don’t own a suit. OK? I don’t. I wear loafers to weddings. I don’t own nice dress shoes. I don’t need that. I can do whatever I want because I’m a fucking multimillionaire. I want more people to feel that way. That’s it.

Andrew: Whatever I say, you are going to come up with a great way to turn it around.

Tim: I’m not turning anything around! I’m explaining to you that I don’t wear these things.

Andrew: First of all, you are saying that you need to show people that you have a Lamborghini. You need to give them aspirations. Then I ask you why you come on with a bathrobe and you say you need to show people that a bathrobe is the way to go and you don’t have to get dressed up.

Tim: I drive my Lamborghini in my bathrobe all the time. I drop stuff off at the bank. I go to Subway. I don’t give a fuck. When you are a millionaire you can do whatever you want. OK?

Andrew: I would do a weekly session with you here but I have to end this right now.

Tim: I wish I had time, but I don’t.

Andrew: First of all, I need your recording of this interview so I can get a clear copy of what you have said here. Not just yet. Don’t hit stop. Second, I want you to go check out Tim’s Facebook page. You guys will find it. Third, right after this interview, especially those premium members that texted me…I need to find a way to open the texts up to everybody.

Tim: Yes. I want to see these comments.

Andrew: At the end of this interview, which we did live, could one of the audience members help me break this down? Tell me what you saw from the audience. All I saw was me trying to organize this interview. I’m going to end it right here. I’m going to talk to the audience. I’m going to see what they say. This is the least structured interview that I have ever done. I still frickin’ enjoyed it.

Tim: Get your Indian transcribers. Pay them 50 rupees more and get them on it!

Andrew: Alright. We are going to have them on it. Tim, thank you so much for doing this interview. Zack, good to see you. Bye everyone.

  • I like this guy. There are too much bullshit around – SocialMedia Experts (with 2000 followers), SEO Experts (with a website without traffic), Business Experts (without one profitable company). This is a real stuff. Thanks Andrew for this interview.

  • This guy seemed like such a prick. I feel like Mixergy got a little slimy for just doing this interview.


  • dguilder

    Comment removed.

  • Guest

    I rather be sitting in the dark than hold a crown on my head and walk naked

  • JasonMJ

    This was hilarious. He’s like a mixture of Donald Trump and Macho Man Randy Savage…Oh Yea, Can you Dig it!!?? What I wish was asked though is what happens when the market bottoms out again? There are a good amount of people making money out there, but a lot think things are going to go down again. Then what? My apprehension is that we just left a period where this was the prevailing mind state, and we are already back there?

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love making money, and I have my own goal of making my first billion quid. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making huge amounts of money as long as you’re ethical about it, and you keep the money flowing. Money likes to move around.

    I get it. You’re selling to superficial people who are motivated by hot models, flashy cars and all the other material rewards that come with the kind of money you’re teaching them to make.

    But I will never ever buy a product or a course from anyone who seeks to take all the credit for MY hard work, and then wants to rob me of a fundamental right solely for his benefit.

    What disgusted me in this interview was your claims of creating millionaires, and then you mentioned telling your student that it wasn’t his choice to decide not to divulge his earnings or whatever. And then you have the gall to claim that people who are not millionaires are basically nothing, that they’re poor, etc.

    If I was selling what you’re selling, I would not be looking for a poster boy for my business. I would not be seeking to create millionaires out of my students. I would BE the poster boy. The fact that you’re not your own poster boy is extremely revealing. You’re not actually creating millionaires out of other people. It’s not possible to do this. They are turning themselves into millionaires with your guidance. That’s the difference.

    You’re poor too, Tim, in other ways. The best kind of wealth is spiritual wealth/power. If you have that, you can have anything you want in the world and then some. People with this kind of personal power, they blow guys like you right out of the water.

  • I am a prick…most self-made multi-millionaires are pricks because we see the world as it really is and we have learnt how to profit from it…don’t hate the messenger, say thank you…to which I’d say you’re welcome ingrate

  • except that i also make $300,000/year form trading and have been doing so for the past decade…i love that some people think its wrong to teach people how to make $…because you’re incompetent and most likely poor you forget i show EVERY one of my trades and EVERY one of my students trades…and because i’m a better teacher than trader, my students have earned $6+ million in just over 4 years, again see all their trades, don’t take my word for it, while i’ve only earned $3 million…you’re welcome for the correcting your misinformation, i accept your apology, i teach the dumbest and poorest people in the world so i’m used to misinformation :)

  • I couldn’t stop laughing about Tim’s reaction to the “What happens if you fail?” question (at ~34:45).

  • It’s not funny, I hear too many sob stories…I’m not special, I’m not that smart, I’m immature…if I can pull in nearly $5 million/year, others can do better if they have the right guidance

  • I have GREAt spiritual wealth/power, I make people’s lives better…and fuck yes I’m gonna take credit for it…my best students knew little to nothing about the stock market when they started, my hard work made them rich and more importantly self-sufficient, I accept your apology for your ignorance

  • Except that I make 40-50%/year in both bull and bear markets…you guys don’t do much research do ya?

  • Bryant G.

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m a long time listener, and first time commenter…I must say, that this is the best interview I’ve heard on Mixergy, and I’ve been listening for atleast 3 years! Although I haven’t bought any of Tim’s products, I have followed him off and on for the past couple of years, and I think his passion is literally off the charts…I’m really considering applying to his program, b/c I’ve always been interested in OTC markets, but haven’t had the balls to put “my money where my mind” is. The folks who think this interview was bogus have no idea what it takes to develop a millionaire mindset, b/c you could apply Tim’s energy and tenacity to countless industries and passions and be successful…not just penny stocks and blogging…I think this interview was great, and you should invite find more legitimate entrepreneurs with this type of energy…it makes these hour long interviews that much more exciting to watch and hear. Thanks Andrew, and a big thanks to Tim… if do decide to apply to your program, hopefully I can prove that I want to be a millionaire!


    Good interview. A lot of sales pitches but also Definitely a lot of inspiration in there, if you were looking for jesus i’m sorry, tim is not it. He is jewish.

  • Mark Harrison

    You know what…I could listen to Tim Sykes talk all night, he is captivating, enthralling and passionate and hasn’t got time for Dickheads (as we say in Liverpool). An American Hedge Fund…is an awesome book and I read it flat in 2 days and I defy anyone not to be impressed by it so if you don’t like him, fine, go listen to someone else. I won’t get involved in stocks because I am not clever enough but many, many people have earned big bucks off Tim’s strategies. It’s all about choices people…

  • Tariq

    I thought that was great. He is brutally honest because he speaks from the heart and I respect that.

  • RMG

    Tim made his point again: All viewers will remember him!
    He is one of the best salesmen I ever encounter. Fascinating!

  • Brian Barr

    Ha pump and dump scum. You are filth. #BoilerRoom. Hopefully this video is still around when you’re in jail

  • Martin Ramirez

    I’m glad you posted it. I really tried to listen live, but it was breaking up.

  • Can I download the video?

  • arghhhimapirate@yahoo.com

    Ever had anyone worth a couple hundred million or even a billionaire tell you that you were poor? I just think that would be funny. Regardless I do read tim’s stuff and as big of a dick as he is, he knows what hes doing obviously and is successful. By the way, Super trades alerts are sick!

  • Mr Sykes, would you say that if you’re a millionaire you’re successful? In other words, is your criteria for “success” predominantly financial?

  • Bob Hiler

    Even if you hate Tim, if you care about marketing, I think there’s a lot to learn from his marketing approach. My sense is that this approach doesn’t come from his natural personality. Instead, he’s evolved this approach over time by listening to his niche. So it’s really interesting to study…

    First, unlike many marketers, Tim doesn’t want just *anybody* as his customer. He only wants people who are so motivated to succeed that they will struggle past obstacles. After all, to succeed in his program, customers need to have a burning desire to succeed…

    So he intentionally uses his unconventional personality as the first obstacle for customers to overcome. This repels the people who don’t really *want* what he has to offer. All that’s left are the people who want to succeed so bad that they are willing to look past this “obstacle.”

    You can see this works by reading the comments here, where many people bash his personality. Tim doesn’t want these people as prospects, because they aren’t obsessed with what he teaches. He only wants people who are so eager to learn that they are willing to look past that.

    Second, Tim has learned that people *say* they want to learn hard tactics, but they really don’t want that. So at the top of the sales funnel, Tim focuses on getting prospects to *want* to learn his tactics. As he says, he talks about money “for the sake of inspiring people”. That’s what the Lambo pictures are for. It’s for getting people to *want* to learn his tactics. Once they want that, they’d sign up for a course taught by Genghis Khan, as long as it teaches them what they now want to know.

    These two tactics interact. The first tactic repels prospects he doesn’t want to attract. The second tactic creates new prospects that are now eager to advance to the next step of the sales funnel.

    I think even people who hate Tim should study this interview closely.

    Nice job, Tim.

  • Don’t get into that spiritual/success mumbo jumbo…I teach people how to make money, if you’re a communist/hippie you need not apply, I’m looking for capitalists…motivated capitalists

  • Yup, but too many people are too incompetent to realize this, welcome to why we’re gonna soon be planet of the apes, only the rich people will be able to afford a ticket on the space ship to escape

  • awesome thanks man!


  • JasonMJ

    Wasnt knocking you, just wondering.
    I was going to google you…but decided to look at 80s wrestling clips first.

    One of my dreams is to wear a fur coat and spit crystal on someone (ala Puff Daddy)…You do that, I guarantee you would gain at least 50 signups right away (including me).
    And im dead serious.

    What people have to realize is that he’s just using a sales technique. Right now the popular thing to do is promote an independent lifestyle while trying to help the world…but dont get it twisted, those guys selling you that lifestyle are doing the same thing he’s doing…SELLING YOU. The more relaxed guys are just touching on the hipster Wholefoods vibe the country is going through. But make no mistake…the Donald Trumps of the world will be back.

  • GettingMoney4Real

    Why don’t you post a picture of your Lambo, house, girl, or lifestyle before you throw shade on the success of someone else. I swear people pray and pray for the downfall of people doing what they can’t. Clowns On A Couch

  • GettingMoney4Real

    I liked the interview. It was the perfect mix of Anthony Robbins and Gorden Grekko. While I haven’t signed up for his program I truly admire his hustle. Only true hustlers can appreciate his honestly because it’s real. You’re either rich or poor. CNN will tell you there is a war on the middle class.

  • BlahDeeBlahLA

    2 mil x 15% = 300k

    You could’ve invested in an index fund last year and sat on your ass for that kind of money.

  • Mixergy_Fan

    I laughed till i cried. Awesome stuff.

  • I wasn’t trying to get into any mumbo jumbo or to waste your time, just to learn from you. If you’re too pumped/arrogant to give a respectful response you need not call yourself a teacher in the first place, man. I’m 19 and I hustle everyday to make my first million. I’m looking for mentors…not a second penis.

  • My feelings were hurt…Naw just kidding. Great work. Hopefully it gave a jolt to the people sitting on the sidelines. Just go out and hustle.

  • handsomejoe

    Hi Tim i know you well and i know your type, it’s the type that makes things happen instead of bullhsiting about spiritual bullshit crap. I don’t even understand what those people are doing on mixergy in the first place. Seriously! it’s like going to Mcdonald and bitching about getting fat and blame MCdonald for it.

    For people to understand the harsh reality, watch some episods of sutis or house of the cards, to get a better view of the real world. Real world is the jungle, it’s even worse, cuz u can’t see your enemy in jungle.

    There is no such thing as piece, as piece is the oposit of war.

    To people always bitching about “Money doesn’t make you happy, or “Tim so u mean being millionair is success? YES DAMN IT IS ! When are those people EVER going to opent heir eyes and understand a MILLIONAIR has nothing to do with the money!

    take all TIM money, and he will do it again, and again and again! IT calls Giving VALUE to someone elses LIFE.

    Difference between a millionair and a “9-5 job” is VALUE. A millionair is someone who is a warrior, like a lion, won all the strugle to become what they are now.

    There are millions of books about self help, and authors like jim rohn, brian tracy and i don’t care who, teach how to be succesfull without them doing anything else. This does not make them SCAMS or i don’t know what.

    Same does TIM. Everyone does it! It’s called education, Now it’s the information ERA , SO YES YOU SELL information. There is nothing wrong with it. The problem came when people started scaming, but it’s your own responibility to filter the scamers from the real people.

    If you know how u can make 5000 DOLLAR a month, and u can deliver it, anyone will pay 10K to know how to do it. Helping others make 5K a month, and taking from them 10K is not a SCAM.

    And The difference between TIM selling courses and doing his own trades?
    TIM understands that most valuable thing is TIME. He can’t buy more time to make more traids.

    SO he creates products. His products work for him.

    Now people, just because you are not man enough to handle his atitude, and are so ignorent to see what he is giving to you, look your self into mirror and ask your self why can’t u handle his atitude! I can handle it, i love it, and i know that atitute atracts Lions to make it happen, not sitting arround on a “Entrepreneur forum” bullshitng about how they don’t like the guy.

    90% of people don’t like their job, still they are going to work everyday!

    Admire people who make money doing what they love and adding value to more people’s life then a 9-5 guy!

    And to people who are going to comment on my english spelling skills or grammar
    ==> Don’t! Instead go do something useful. Like taking action and do something instead of wathcing mixergy interveiws for entertaining.

    You WANTREPRENEURS! Get a life and do something, alot of people need your service and are begging you to pay you. Do something!

    And to TIm, what can i say man, i think i said enough. I’m not into trading, but it does’nt matter, a lion is a lion, put it anywhere, it adjust to the environment.

    To Andrew, i’m a paying member, and i’m here for your interviews, i’m here for your delivery, and u just delivered!

    And please, make a GRID PAGE of all your interveiws like on “facebook time line” where we can browse quickly” I send u guys a feedback, i don’t see any changes.

    It’s 2 hours of work. I will do it for you for free.

  • handsomejoe

    Just because u can’t handle the truth does not mean “mixergy got slimmy”. Mixergy is about delivery, and Andrew just delivered. Don’t blame Andrew just because u can”t handle Tim’s atitude. Are u even a business person? How can u be even in business even u think tim is a prick. Tim is an angel where i do business. And yes we are in tehcnology. We have competitors spamming our adwords adds just to burn our budget, we have competitors making fake orders just to get u busy while they are planning an attack. Like i said on top, it’s like a jungle! Everything u see “nice people” on other side is just an illusion. You think TIM can’t be nice in front of camera? Act? You want an actor or you want somebody real?

    And i’m not hating on you, cuz i know your type, ur like my best friend, i call them “the nicest people in the world” and believe me, only place where u need to be nice is at your home. Once you are in business ur in a jungle.

    Everything Aside Mort, i’m not hating on you or judging you but always remember a companay or a person is as strong as their weakest point, and in this world, being nice barely pays off.

    I used to be a nice guy too, never payed off. If u wanna get into business, u gotto be a lion, and i don’t know any nice lions.

    ps: don’t comment on my spelling and grammar. (i get that all the time)

  • handsomejoe

    Like Bob hiller describes, ofcourse! If you talk “little nice” so people like you, u will attract really cute puppy eyed people into your community, and those type of people don’ take action, they just see the world as a nice beautyful lovely heaven. And sooner or later, they will blame you that u took their money and they didn’t make money from your course.

    So i just don’t see what’s hard to understand this?

    In your next interview, u should start with, “This interveiw is not for entertaining or for pussies, and this interview is not to like me, i have a gf or gf’s who already like me. This interview is for you! and it’s free!

    anyway keep doing your shit, I talk the same way u talk, and hire the same way, now all my workers are hungry lions instead of my ex workers who used to say “When can i take vacation”..growing company with taking vacation…plss..

    I got pissed, and i don’t know why lol, about that ticket on the space ship,where can i get my ticket? ^^

  • handsomejoe

    No You are not! In the dark u can’t do shit! Naked with a crown u can do what our ensesters did. It’s calls surviving. When u get hungry, and stomache pain, you will kill for food. You don’t know what it is, come to my place, then we will see how you will choose the dark. Talking is easy, doing it is not. Go sit in the dark for 3 days witohut food, then we will talk.

    Mixergy is not a church, where u lie to your self to feel better about your self.

    Now go ahead, go sit in tthe dark for 3 days, be useless, as u did not chose to do something with your life and add value.

    Todays generation problem is, they can’t see value. They just see only the things that makes them feel better about them selfs, when they see a millionair with a aggreseive atitute, they feel better thinking, ooh i’m better no millionair but a good guy.

    I’m writing this comments for other people, whoa re going to read those type of comments and “follow those illusions” instead of seeing the truth.

  • Not arrogant at all, just no time to waste on people who don’t have the priorities…if you want to learn to make money, learn from me, if you want spiritual advice consult a religious expert

  • Actually no, I’m just showing off what I live like, I don’t have to “Sell” anyone, the beauty of my business is that since I make $ from literally everywhere int he world, I just have to show people my daily habits…no marketing needed just exposing my great lifestyle to everyone and not being ashamed to do so


  • Ashish

    Andrew – as insightful as your questions are, what really impresses me is your ability to remain completely calm and cool under provocation. (No joke.) That’s a skill I need to channel.

    And as entertaining as this was (one time), I hope most of your interviews will continue to be folks who are creating a product or service of tangible value, rather than getting rich by teaching other people to get rich.

    Question I most wish had been asked: “Tim, did I hear you say that you keep 30% of your students’ profits? Do you also keep 30% of their losses?” Because if the answer is “no,” I think I know how the Lambo is paid for. The rest of the scheme is just window dressing.

  • I lose 30% of the time too Ashish, the $6.34 million in cumulative student profits includes their losses as we show EVERY trade, please do better research next time before you waste my precious time, umkay, thanks!

  • Ashish

    I got some interesting results for a google search: “tim sykes” scam

    But perhaps your trading skills have improved since those days.

    I’m not expecting a response, so please don’t waste your precious time on poor little me.

  • wizzra

    Tim is spot on in his interview. People are lazy, too lazy. They don’t have any dedication and the smallest ‘useless stuff’ like american idol or shit like that completely kill their valuable time. Its not like we live forever you know.

    If i was born poor and made money and become millionaire, than why be sorry about it? you create your own fucking reality, no one will do that for you.

  • wizzra

    The only problem is, not everyone has 10K to learn how to make 5K. Some people barely earn 1K a month… There should be a ‘Poor’ entry level education in tim’s course so they can learn how to make 5k from 1K than 10K from 5K …etc
    But I guess that will never happen!

  • Martin S.
  • Well Mr Sykes I appreciate you using so much of your time to reply to me, but I religious expert wouldn’t be a multimillionaire, so I wouldn’t find the lesson I was looking for. Thanks anyway though man, cheers from Australia.

  • Aaron

    The guy has lost it

    I’m living the dream with $500 per month online income over at Bali
    surfing big waves and working on my laptop… No need to be rich to enjoy life

  • Mitesh

    I used to work for a small company, but the boss was such a prick and he was a multi-millionaire. The company eventually got bought out by BT thus making him many, many, many times richer. He was such a arrogant, nasty, piece of work. If and when I do start a company I’m never going to treat my employees as he did.

  • You’re reading an article from a promoters whose scam I exposed…he lies consistently throughout and I have sued him for it…stay tuned for news on that front, but please learn to do better research, god why are my haters are so incompetent?

  • Actually one of my students started with $500 last year and is up to $44k…the same process will take him to millionaire status within a few years

  • Hey Tim! It’s ok to fail. Don’t look at it as a failure but just a stepping stone. When you fail using one approach you’ve actually succeeded in learning that “that approach” is not the one you need to take.

  • I’ve failed many times in the past, read my book “An American Hedge Fund” and see that…I will not fail at creating a millionaire from scratch

  • I dont pump & dump, I expose the pump & dumps! You ingrates disgust me, I have a proven profitable strategy and I have to deal with pure ignorance…how am I gonna go to jail, for creating millionaires? For being 100% transparent with my profits…people like you disgust me, your mom is ashamed to have birthed such a bastard

  • Timothy is the BEST :D, no BS, no pretending, if you don’t like his personality don’t watch this. He doesn’t care what we think about him (good or bad), he just wants to make you more money that’s it :)

  • Eric Ojukwu

    I like the fact that you’re honest and transparent Tim and show you’re strenghts and weakness, I am working on becoming on of you’re top student’s and the reason I choose to learn from you is because what you teach works and you don’t hide behind you’re computer. Most people are not open and say what they think you do and I respect you for that.

    Watch me comming :)

  • Funny thing is he may seem like a jerk, but in some ways he has a point. After all most very successful entrepreneurs became successful by wanting to be the better their all of their competitors and in some ways that could be considered selfish too.

  • Prince

    Hey,I dont give a fuck about what people say about Tim.Tim is amazing guy,and in the world of capitalism,The only green revolution is money and Tim is like the ambassador for this Revolution.For me,Success is not only money but 90% of life,when i see it carefully,is built by money directly or indirectly.I love money too much and i am soon going to learn from Tim videos and I want to be a billionare and sit on other side of Phone(Investor) and say Fuck you to all those Financial Analyst and brokers who think they are fucking genius.Trading is not for intelligent people with 10s of degrees in their pockets,trading is for the smart people.Intelligence can be limited by your knowledge,Smartness-It has no limit,its a inbuilt feature in a human and I am Lucky to have it,so why waste it!!!Tim Sykes..you are amazing and I can do anything to work under you,as soon as i get into US! Cheers!

  • Prince

    I dont know anyone with a better life than you after reading around 50 biographies of capitalist people,you are greedy and thats the good part ;) but the best part is you dont sue people or use black methods to decrease your thirst ,Cheers!

  • YES!

  • Dream bigger

  • handsomejoe

    Thanks Martin

  • handsomejoe

    Wizzra, the 5k was just an example to explain what Tim was doing. Now most people think u need money to make money and it’s true only, when u know how to make money without money. Most people don’t succeed because they never start, and the second category (which i used to be in) are the people who do too much stuff at the same time.

    Look at Tim, he does only one thing, and only one thing. Now he can get into any business he wants but to get there he focused on that one thing.

    In life u have at least 10 seeds, but only water for one. If u spread over 10 seeds, all of them die, if u just give water to one seed, it will grow, give u more seeds, open more doors.

    You have to resist the temptation of other and new ideas and focus on what u “are doing or planned to do”.

    I started with adsense, from one site to 150 sites, was making 3500-4000 euros a month. I worked for 18 hours a day, writing articles, building links, buying new tools…

    It’s like “lose weight” niche. All programs work, all workout programs work, if people just “did even simple self created work out and keep doing it for months and years, they will get in shape, lose weight, but no, they always switch to other workouts, the next best thing and stay fat.

    You have to understand that your brain will trick you, that’s why u have to have faith and focus on one thing and get it where it needs to go.

    And if u look around u will see all self made millionaires started with nothing, i guess it’s enough proof of what I’m talking about here.

    Focus on making your first dollar, not your first 2 dollars. Don’t skip steps.

    Every step has a lesson. Tim’s attitude is also bulletproof and immune to haters. Honestly i don’t think he would get this far if he was a nice guy, all the haters would get him down every time.

    And to people without money, “u have time” and time is more valuable then money, if used wisely. Educate your self!

    Trading is not something u can learn by just reading or taking a course, it’s something u develop, it’s like playing piano. That’s why Tim always shared his trades and grows with his students.

    Also, if i remember TIm was a jew, and if u look closely u see allot of jews that build stuff and get big …like envato guy and many others.. there is something special about them u need to discover, i know what it is, but i let the research on you.

    Success is never about the money, money is just the result, the reward of what u did. That’s all.

    And to that guy who is happy with 500 a month surfing on the waves, he should be on a surfing forum.

    Surfing makes you happy, it’s selfish, u don’t add value to anyone, it’s just a hobby. Working and growing a business, creates work opportunist for others, value to others, it calls being valuable.

    I bet, Tim can surf all his life long without making any money, and taking care of all his friends. What can you do with your 500 except feeding your self? hn? Selfish guy!

    Back to wizzra! Mastering SEO is what got me started, maybe you should do the same.


  • geraldi

    Tim is just a lil spoiled Jew dick wipe…this is just one angle in a business funnel to make MONEY….BUT it kool…I’m not hating….I MAKED my first million years ago…at 27 yrs ago..coming from zero….no parents….. no middle class living…..from a real ZERO….everyone has different ideal what makes them RICH….and I respect that…I NEVER will put anyone down for being monetary POOR …if you never had to walk in those shoes…spoil ass Tim never had to go get his own money …mommy and daddy was there…you need to learn what it is to start with a REAL zero….SPOILED dick wipe…..also you need to go look up what it is to be Rich….

  • chris hohenstein

    While I may disagree with his Tims outlook on life, He has a lot of information and knowledge that can be useful. If you keep an open mind and disregard his douchey image, you can learn a good bit. One of the best resources on Mixergy for many reasons

  • chris hohenstein

    P.S. Dude, your a millionaire, buy a better webcam

  • Justin Miramontes

    Whoa now. Most millionaires are not pricks like you. But I get that this “motivated capitalist” character of yours of your schtick. I think it’s hilarious and brilliant.

  • I was at a hotel in LA filming my upcoming TV show moron

  • I started with just $12k and built it up into millions one thousand dollars at a time, how dare you say I was spoiled and learn grammar you Nigerian scammer-sounding bitch

  • Yokudeki

    TIm is a great lesson in marketing – a lot to learn from that in itself. If you’re offended or see it as superficial, save yourself the time of challenging and do business your way.

  • Money or beauty are fun. But if you define your personality only by these flat values, I feel very sorry for you. Sure, people want to talk advantage of you. But I can’t imagine to talk to such a person for more than two minutes. It’s not the lack of good manner or the childishness, it’s just, that you become boring and unidimensional.

    And what are you going to do, when your beauty is finally gone or the benefit of one additional car becomes smaller and smaller? Would be nice to have stronger values and greater things you care about, wouldn’t it?

    I totally believe, that you can use your beauty or try to get rich. But you should see it as a part of your life, not the definition of it.

  • Rob Rawson

    It’s just a character to try and generate interest and controversy. The truth is that just making a heap of money is an empty goal. Money is a means to an end. So if you have “money” as the end in itself it’s going to feel awfully hollow after a while.

  • geraldi

    Start with ZERO you lil spoiled as* Jew boy not money from mommy or daddy…your an As* hole and Money can’t fix that…

  • Guest


  • Martin S.

    Meh, I don’t get the hysteria. The message essentially comes down to “Do what the other dream salesmen are doing, with a product that actually works”. Gee, really?

  • chris hohenstein

    I give you props and defend you, yet I make simple joke about your shotty webcam and ofcourse that is what you focus on. I guess I shouldnt have been surprised. Sincerely, awaiting snark reply from Tim Sykes

  • don futura

    Tim you are the best slime in the business, they can eat your dust!

  • brian

    I think its funny people are ripping on Tim for emphasizing money
    when that is exactly what his customer/client base wants. He is giving
    his customer a business model to make money rather than sugar coat it.
    No one rips on Tony Robbins because he is touchy feely and tells people
    what they want to hear despite knowing most people don’t make money from
    what he teaches. No one rips on Steve Jobs despite the known fact that
    he was a ruthless business person and known to not be the nicest
    business colleague.

    Having money allows you to keep score and gives the the freedom to do what you want

    anyone who trades professionally, they know it is more
    mentally/psychologically demanding to be profitable long term. Anyone
    can create a business nowadays but the failure rate is much higher for
    someone who wants to trade for a living. I think Tim made a smart
    business move creating Profit.ly because most people wanting to make
    money in the market aren’t going to put in the work and just want to be
    fed picks, so they can pay for profit.ly and see documented trades and
    just follow someone.

    Anyways, I just think Tim is meeting his
    market demand for documented results and you can’t fault him for his
    never give up attitude.

  • Seen your Moscow conference, it was awesome!


  • Sean G

    I almost want to watch it again, that was great tim.

  • Mitesh

    Cool interview but why does it cost that much money to hustle? I still don’t get it. By the way what is the millionaire challenge program? As it seems quite intriguing Tim.

  • wizzra

    Tim, thanks for your reply! (Catch me on twitter, @shanytc). Doesn’t profit.ly requires $700 for the content it self?? I really wanna start learning badly (had enough of bullshit job) but throwing $700+ on something I don’t familiar with is also a bad move unless there is guarantee on this investment. I hope you understand ! Im just an Israeli need of some help :)

  • I dont take jokes from poor people, become successful then you’ll have the right to joke

  • zero basically is $12k…the point being i started with hardly anything and built it to multi-millions…i accept your apology for your ignorance, we all cant research perfectly

  • no time for kindle just order hardcopy

  • geraldi

    See you can’t understand SHIT…..start with minus ZERO…no mom n daddy ….to cook and care for you…you don’t understand what ZERO really is…..go out and get your own grub steak and start and build a BIZ..your a lil spoiled As* Jew boy….that has all ways had it EASY so you should have something…you do know what ZERO really is…

  • :-) But there are a lot of religious leaders who are millionaires. Like Andrew said on another site: they use the before and after trick to convert people to their cult (people who are basically paying subscribers). So we can learn a few things from them as well.

    Yeah Timothy is a bit too much about money and that turns a lot of people off . But I bet he’s a master at his game.

    Think of Gary Vee – he also says: I love social media because it sells shit! Now that’s an outspoken person who we all love, right? Gotta take what works for you from Timothy as well.

    I think we got used to consume programs about entrepreneurship as entertainment. Timothy is here to tell us to focus. Too much money hype talk? Yeah, but we can learn from him nonetheless.

  • Agree. Comfort can be risky. If you dram bigger you basically build a larger margin of safety if comfort is what you’re looking for. So, dram bigger.

  • :-)))))

  • Guest

    youre a douchebag.

  • adip666

    You make shitloads of money but lack the manners to talk. And no, not all millionaires are assholes. Yes, obviously you’re gonna have a huge-ass ego for making the kind of money you do. But the way you talk and react doesn’t make you worthy of being a role-model or a guide. You need to be upfront honest and transparent and realistic. But you just push it way beyond that.

  • I don’t mind the cheese factor (love jeremy shoemaker) if I can sift through what’s been said and find some nuggets, but overall I just didn’t take much away. A good indication of a teacher that resonates with me is if i am inspired by what has been said… I was waiting. Having said that I didn’t mind the first interview, but there was just too much hyperness this time around without much words of wisdom. I also get the whole hurling insults at people, it’s tim’s schtick to get people riled up which would be ok if I actually learnt something.

  • Simone you want premium info you need to pay for a premium subscription… if you dont want it bad enough, i dont want u as a student, go watch these videos, its the same damn pattern that made me a millionaire a decade ago:


  • To all the hatrers: why dont you actually listen to what Tim is saying. Why do you think MLM businesses are the most successful recruiting companies out there: cuz they are selling a dream. And they truly care about the success of the people who commit faith to them. I see that in Tim. Tim said that he would give the homeless dude the detox formula in the bottle of Jack. From one Philosophy major to another: your frickin brilliant bro.

  • Martin S.

    “MLM” “truly care about the success of the people”


  • I tried listening to this, but he is just so full of crap. Zero character. I couldn’t finish it, but Andrew if you didn’t call him out I wish you would have.

  • if MLM didn’t care about the success of their FAITHFULL they will not have a continuing business model. Any good MLM organization (downline) will tell you that the success is only possible with hard work and persistence, most people will fail, but anyone can succeed. you just have to have what it takes to stick it out and make it happen. Its just like what Tim is saying.

  • Martin S.

    Look who’s a true believer. I’ll just leave this here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y60XdZJG83U

  • I’m not teaching character lessons, I teach you how to make $ in the stock market, go look at GNIN today, I called the 50% drop PERFECTLY and my students and I made $60,000, you’re welcome for my time you poor ingrate

  • For some reason your comment was marked as spam. I unspammed it. Sorry.

    What kind of grid are you looking for? Doesn’t this help: https://mixergy.com/find

  • handsomejoe

    Hi Andrew, np about the spam.

    First of all, i never get emails from you, and watching your interviews i kinda already got to know you. I know you are not the info marketer and u don’t sell bullshit, but u should send us emails. Emails like “what can we improve”, cuz this type of emails are awesome when your product is awesome. and yours is. U have over 800 interviews. I only took one course, here, so I’m here for your interviews, not as many others here who watch it for entertaining but , really i take notes, execute it like bamm.

    So just because those interviews are old does not mean they are bad, those interviews are priceless, timeless to an understanding mind.

    So :D to keep it short, it’s hard to find interviews because we don’t know what we are looking for. Like on the find page we have to go and browse pages and pages , now u have over 50 of them.

    Now what would be awesome if we could browse in those interviews like on facebook timeline. But it shows in grid view (like u have on themeforest) instead of a list. So u can have like over 100 interviews on one page.

    Picture comes here
    Founder of: Company name
    Title of your interview

    go here: http://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/blog-magazine

    click on that grid button near to the (sort by) and the arrow. (so in a nice grid view with the picture of the founder and the info above) so we see instantly all the info. U can enhance it with a hover over like on themeforest. could be cool but not necessary

    Now with timeline: Like on facebook: I have

    January 2013

    February 2013

    march 2013

    may 2013

    april 2013

    So now once i click on march, it shows all interviews of march in grid view like i described above.

    So i can browse really quickly and find if an interview interest me.

    that’s why you should send us an email and ask your premium users like my self with a poll, why are they premium members. Maybe i’m mistaken but normally all of them are for interviews. ‘correction: most of them”

    So u know if this feature is worth or not.

    Now the other question is, your interviews are free, if it’s the interview why are they paying? same reason as me, for your past interviews.

    For example when i watch your old interviews, i also see you growing and getting better at what you do, it’s more of a real life proof. So you may not notice it, but we also learn from you. Like when i do cold calls, and feel “nervous” and not that “comfortable” then remember, “Andrew was also “not so conformable in the beginning, look him now.

    Courses are 20% of the cake.

    If you don’t fully see what i mean with that “new way of browsing” send me an email, and i will design a sketch in photoshop.

    and in case you think, no i’m not looking for a job lol.

    Everything aside, start sending us emails, “not about the new interview released, because we check it almost everyday, but more to get you to the next level.

    After failing at my first software company, i was validating, didn’t even opened a legal company form for it. (it went so fast.) I realized it is really true to talk to your clients. I created a software to be used in a beast mode’ to save alot of time(seo software), and my users where using it in a totally different way, just because i gave the “FREEDOM” in the software, it was a beast. After failure, i canceled the project, started talking, and build web version and made it in a way “to lead the client to use it in a way it was designed to use. and now people are happy, because they get the results.

    and to be honest, i would never come up with those features they wanted if i never talked to them. now it’s really small, still growing, nothing fancy, but i got it from your interviews. Before the last thing i would do was talking to a client.

    So I’m expecting an email from you ;)

  • Enjoy: Tim’s character and methods for selling. He isn’t afraid of controversy and is an engaging person. He also apparently makes a shit-ton of money. I appreciate him sharing. (Even if it is likely only for his own gain)

    Don’t Enjoy: The fact that he calls people who fail at his system lazy or losers. How scammy his whole shtick is. The market is volatile, naturally if he “trains” multiple thousands of people a year at least a few will be successful.

    Tim, while it’s possible some x% of your students are lazy losers, it’s just as likely that your process sucks and needs revamping. (That is if you even care about the success of your students)

    I can tell you work hard so you’ll get to where you want to go. Even if you don’t, at least you’ll be a rich failure. Best of luck, if our paths ever cross I’ll buy you a beer.

  • Ashish

    And … you think that Jesus was what, Episcopalian?

  • The tagline “how to get rich by being selfish” actually angered me at first. I almost shut the interview off not 1 minute in, but then I thought.. it would be a good thing for me to get a look at an opposing viewpoint from mine. In the end, I think if you view the world as a Jungle full of selfish people, those are the kind of people you will constantly be interacting with. It’s a dog eat dog world if you’re a dog. I would go as far to say that most rich people don’t operate from that frame of mind- just look at all the interviews on here from giving people who don’t act arrogant. Tim kinda seems like he’s out to prove something to the world, especially because he’s dedicating his time to responding to all his haters defensively instead of ignoring them or being humble. If you think being wealthy will make you rich, kudos. I don’t think being a troll and getting as many haters as you can is how it’s done. But try telling that to Bill O’Reilly. Thanks for the opposing perspective anyhow.

  • Vulgar, degrading, the epitome of arrogance. This is Tim Sykes and I don’t care how rich he is.

  • Andrew, your interview skills are getting reeeaaally good lately!
    And Tim, I wish I was half as aggressive as you are.

  • Great interview. Honest, inspirational, no holds barred advice . . . listened twice.

    Thanks to Timothy & Andrew.

  • Why are folks getting angry over nothing. Listen to what Tim is actually saying because they are golden marketing nuggets!

  • I need some of your DNA Tim, I just don’t have your kind of killer instinct! I’ve heard you speak in many interviews and do enjoy listening to you, keep rocking it, I feel inspired to not give a shit and make things happen! And hey, you will make/get that millionaire student within the next 5 years! #BeastMode

    Thanks Andrew and Tim, this interview was insane, feisty, scary, funny, inspiring, and fun all rolled into one big ball of chaos, so kudos to you both!

  • Keith Bond

    I really tried to listen to this douche, lasted about 10 minutes. Andrew, having this guy on your show has brought you down a notch in my view.

  • It seems like some people missed the “One Thing” that Andrew asked Tim to tell us we could all do to make our businesses better (it was kind of easy to miss because the rest of the interview sounded like Wrestlemania V which is at once entertaining but also kind of distracting :), so I thought I’d point it out here: CHOOSE YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! Awesome advice, thanks Tim! Love your energy, too. Not many people can pull it off but you wear it well :)

  • I am glad you are pointing it out! Folks easily get angry without trying to discover the method and strategy at work. This was a great interview in my view because Tim is essentially saying voraciously attract your ideal audience (<<<— those that will actually buy) and repel the rest because they are worthless!

  • Those who can do; those who can’t teach. Modern Don Lapre. I wouldn’t waste my time on any of this crap. Andrew why would you bring this guy here? Jesus Christ!

  • Ah but thats the beauty of my business, what if teachers were those who can? It would revolutionize teaching and their students reap the benefits…welcome to why my biz is booming, I show ALL my trades and you can see EXACTLY how I’ve made $3 million…trade by trade…show me other teachers who do that…and have 800+ video lessons explaining it all…I accept your apology for your ignorance, I get it all the time :)

  • YES! I’m in the fortunate position of being able to choose the best students…makes life/business much better all around

  • Exactly…people need not be afraid to turn away losers…they serve no purpose in life and it’s fun to antagonize them for daily entertainment…and that antagonizing is actually good for business since it spreads faster than anything else :)

  • And that’s why you’re poor :)

  • Just get aggressive…life is great when you’re a multi-millionaire, want it now!

  • Virgin Galantic is where you can get your ticket to outer space. Starting at $200,000

  • Guest

    I listened to the interview and enjoyed it. I listened and learned a lot. His lessons on marketing etc, are great principles to apply to one’s own business. Sure I don’t care for his personality (perhaps it’s just an act) but then again I’m not here to learn only from those I like. Donald Trump also provides many great business lessons.

  • I listened to the interview and enjoyed it.

    I listened and learned a lot. His lessons on marketing etc, are great principles to apply to one’s own business. Sure I don’t care for his on air personality (perhaps it’s
    just an act) but then again it doesn’t matter. I’m not here to learn only from those that rub me the right way. Heck, Donald Trump also provides many great business lessons and in my opinion doesn’t have the greatest personality.

    Some of my personal Multimillionaire friends are great people who are extremely kind, respectful and come across as that with their words and actions. They are spiritual and make huge amounts of money and at the same time are assertive with their investments and businesses. They have taught me that you can have both spirituality and wealth.

    You know the best thing about any of this? I get to choose if I am offended or not and I choose not to be offended by Tim’s words. They are just words. I can’t really say I dislike Tim, I don’t even know him. But I will listen to what he teaches and apply it to my own business. I produce large Children’s theatrical productions.

  • Also forgot to mention an important marketing lesson that I’ve learned – Controversy sells and generates more buzz. Just look at all the comments this story has received compared to most of the interviews on here.

  • Bob

    If you give this guy money, you deserve what’s coming to you.

  • correct you deserve the education of a self-made multi-millionaire, you’re welcome ingrate

  • Keith Bond

    Wow, you’re right. God, it’s so clear now, I should listen to the entire interview, thanks Timothy Sykes, you’re fucking awesome…

  • And that ladies and gentleman was an insight into the dark side of capitalism – and the effect it can have on your personality and worldview. Did I extract someone useful lessons on his marketing strategy? Yes. Is this a guy I could tolerate in person? Absolutely not. Is it an act? Possibly.

  • Ryan McDonald

    love this interview

  • todd

    Tim is the definition of Narcissistic personality disorder. Seriously, If you Google is you will see how right I am.

  • wellis

    That house you keep showing looks just like the one I seen listed for rent. Is it 5681 pine tree drive, miami

  • From what I read this guy has NO class. Tim, there are plenty of people who see you as poor and plenty of people with more money than you and who lose more money in a day than you will ever make in your life.

    You can’t teach anyone how to make money, you are too busy loving yourself and your false sense of what a millionaire is. There are plenty of poor people with lots of money and you Mr. Sykes are one of them!

    As always Andrew, thanks for the content!

  • TheRealestMofo

    I posted a comment on one of Tim’s YouTube vids and he blocked me and deleted my comment without replying. Normally, he responds to all negative comments but it looks like he couldn’t say much about what I wrote:

    – he’s never made a millionaire from his course except himself
    – out of 2000 students, only a dozen or so make $100k a year — that’s less than 1%
    – the similarities btwn him and a top poker player are that they are both gambling…but a top poker player makes far more $ and poker requires more skill
    – Tim makes more $ on training material than a poker player bcuz Tim is a better marketer. His training materials likely make him more steady income than trading…top poker players don’t spend much time training (and charge up to $1k an hour if they do) bcuz it takes away from their profits from playing.
    – Tim turned $12k into $1.65M in approx 3 years. So what? Obviously, he got lucky. There’s a kid named XWINK who turned $11 into almost a million in a month. Dan Cates/Ben Sulsky/Ben Tollerene, Tom Dwan have turned $0, $50 and far smaller amounts into many more millions in a shorter timeframe.
    – Tim doesn’t make MILLIONs a year from trading — the above-mentioned poker players do…+ there’s many others (Phil Galfond, Tom Dwan, etc)…and they’ve played poker less than or about the same amount of time that Tim has been trading.
    – These poker players don’t seek publicity that Tim does because they don’t need to to make money

    I then wrote that I don’t doubt you could make $ from Tim’s system but it is EXTREMELY HARD. Let’s not exaggerate and bullshit. It’s harder than it is with poker bcuz there is more luck involved in trading. There’s no way you can come up with %s and probabilities like you can in a game of poker. Tim has a big mouth but that’s what gets him attention and suckers to buy his materials. Can you make big $ off his system? Sure. Is it likely? See my first two points. And stop deleting my posts, Tim.

  • TheRealestMofo

    Who’s more impressive? Tim Sykes or Viktor Blom? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_Blom. Tim Sykes or Tom Dwan? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Dwan. Who has more $? Who is more likeable? Who is more humble? Tim has MAX $4M to his name and makes the majority of his income today from his training material. If you have half a brain, you could figure out the optimal way to play the markets without his help. I might also warn that penny stocks is inherently risky in the first place. Why else do less than 1% of his students make $100k a year? I’m not trying to hate on Tim but facts are facts — Tim’s way of making $ is worst than other ‘games of chance’.

  • TheRealestMofo

    I posted a comment on one of Tim’s YouTube vids and he blocked me and deleted my comment

    without replying :). Normally, he responds to all negative comments but it looks like he

    couldn’t say much about what I wrote:

    – he’s never made a millionaire from his course except himself

    – out of 2000 students, only a dozen or so make $100k a year — that’s less than 1%

    – the similarities btwn him and a top poker player are that they are both gambling…but a top

    poker player makes far more $ and poker requires more skill

    – Tim makes more $ on training material than a poker player bcuz Tim is a better marketer.

    His training materials likely make him more steady income than trading…top poker players

    don’t spend much time training (and charge up to $1k an hour if they do) bcuz it takes away

    from their profits from playing.

    – Tim turned $12k into $1.65M in approx 3 years. So what? Obviously, he got lucky. There’s

    a kid named XWINK who turned $11 into almost a million in a month. Dan Cates/Ben Sulsky/Ben

    Tollerene, Tom Dwan have turned $0, $50 and far smaller amounts into many more millions in a

    shorter timeframe.

    – Tim doesn’t make MILLIONs a year from trading — the above-mentioned poker players do…+

    there’s many others (Phil Galfond, Tom Dwan, etc)…and they’ve played poker less than or

    about the same amount of time that Tim has been trading.

    – These poker players don’t seek publicity that Tim does because they don’t need to to make


    I then wrote that I don’t doubt you could make $ from Tim’s system but it is EXTREMELY HARD.

    Let’s not exaggerate and bullshit. Harder than it is with poker bcuz there is more luck

    involved in trading. Tim has a big mouth but that’s what gets him attention and suckers to

    buy his materials. Can you make big $ off his system? Sure. Is it likely? See my first two

    points. And stop deleting my posts, Tim.

  • TheRealestMofo

    he’s a fkn nerd that happened to get lucky in making income from suckers that believe in a pipe dream. these are penny stocks and the only way you’re going to make $ off them is if you get VERY lucky. He thinks being on CNN, etc gives him credibility — and it does to those that are clueless. What people need to understand is that the people on these shows are hardly experts and just want a clown to be on air for entertainment purposes.

  • I delete lies and once again you’ve lied here.

    1. I admit time and gain I’ve yet to create a millionaire, my top students are up $600k and $800k…close but no cigar, give me more time

    2. Not only a dozen make $100k a year, already I have 14 in 2013 up $100k and those are just people who report openly…many more people make more $ but they dont want to share openly soI don’t count them

    3. Shorting scams is not as low odds as poker and ANYONE can rise to the top of my game without experience, they just need to follow my rules.

    4. I make more $ on training materials because I have single-handedly shown people a consistently profitable strategy in a niche everyone thought impossible

    Stop with the lies please

  • Always Grateful Lou

    Great interview, great message. Laughed a lot.

    I love that Tim identified what engages his target audience, this mean he takes business seriously, constantly tests an measures. Very interesting to see that change in his marketing message increase engagement of his audience 30%. That is huge. Promise people what they want and give them what they need.

    Finance industry gets a bad rep, but is no different then any other, example health/diet industry. You can have the best health program on earth, if you can’t get the people to follow it – too bad. It does not mean the program is bad, it means it is not for you – you are lazy, not serious – not sure what other excuses people use.

    There is nothing wrong with making money educating people. Universities have been doing it for ages – making millions in the process. And no one holds them accountable for the future performance of their students! How convenient.

    It comes down to every individual – how bad do you want what you want? He seems super passionate about his goals and probably works harder than anyone to get where he wants to be. Nothing wrong with that.

    If you get offended by his style – it is quite likely that your own ego is stopping you from seeing the message and is hindering your success.

  • This
    is definitely my favourite interview on Mixergy and I have been
    listening for years! Asides from being just pure entertaining fun, it
    was also great to hear another guest be 100% honest and upfront
    without fear. Also, I like that he admits that the focus is on money.
    Not to many entrepreneurs are brave enough to admit that publicly.

  • Nick Sudhaus

    Andrew and Tim are two totally opposite personalities…

  • CrosbyTee

    And you’re a twat who is not fooling anyone.

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  • Did you see Andrew in the past few weeks I’ve created not one but TWO millionaire students…they’re not poor anymore :)

  • I’ll have to get you back on the site to hear what you’ve been up to.

  • I have to get you on to talk about it.

  • Eric The Midget

    Correction Tim….if you weren’t born into money you are low class trash….forever. That is you.

  • Oh no, I’m low class!!! Whatever shall I do? Perhaps I should buy another Lambo :)

  • Eric The Midget

    loool people who come from anything don’t live in Apartment #22’s :)

  • Eric The Midget

    But in all seriousness thanks for the entertainment…at the least you are a great entertainer.

  • Eric The Midget

    And I don’t know why you think I’m so dumb I’ve made over 23% in 3 weeks without you…

  • Not just entertainment, as proven by my 2 millionaire students, my teachings are both entertaining AND life-changing

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  • Rob Rushing

    lol. love it

  • Rob Rushing

    IM SO ON BOARD TIM! Just listened to this audio (Shoot me that email.) facebook.com/rob.rushing2

  • AzimusGroup

    Hehee, awesome. I love how he tells it like it is.

  • umi

    Coming from the guy, who should probably learn to spell “dream” correctly.

  • If Classics

    This morning, I received the following email:

    “Dear xxxx:

    I’ve been approached this afternoon by Tim’s team of minions trying to groom me for their next round of stars! All they wanted was the small sum of $5500 to get started.

    In my subsequent research I found you commenting on both Gawker and TheInsideMarket and wondered if you could share with me your experience.

    Thanks in advance,

    Morgan H. Bye, PhD, MRSC

    e mail@morganbye.net
    w morganbye.net
    t +1 604-500-7965 ”

    Interestingly enough, I’ve never commented on Gawker and TheInsideMarket.

  • k1lly

    And die, right?

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