How Fusionapps Goes From Idea To Product

How do you convert your product vision into an actual product?

Joining me for this program to help answer that question I invited Jess Pugsle of Fusionapps, because he’s the guy I call up when I’m trying to figure out how to use software to solve my audience’s problems.

Fusionapps has helped create and breath new life into hundreds of web apps for big companies like Toys R Us and smaller startups that you’ve never heard of.

Jess Pugsley

Jess Pugsley


Jess Pugsley is the Managing Director and Chief Strategist at Fusionapps. Jess has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. He began his career as a freelance consultant and worked with technologies like ColdFusion, ASP, and SQL. In 1997, he joined web development boutique G.Triad, where he designed and managed projects for Simon & Schuster, Dow Jones, Medscape, BigStar Entertainment, Toys ‘R’ Us,,, and Allaire (now Macromedia/Adobe).


  • Nick

    Effectively done.

  • Thanks.

  • this interview was… too long?

    Maybe he was nervous or something, I had a really hard time understanding him sometimes.

  • Definitely had a case of the nerves. Even stayed away from the caffeine all day :)! Also had a bit more difficulty than I anticipated sorting through quote safe examples. Being a consultant I’d approach something like this a bit different in the future. I was hoping to deliver some of the concepts we use every day in more concrete terms. Promise – I’ve learned a ton and will improve my delivery in the future. Think I’ll be burying the term “effectively” :)!

    Thanks for listening!

  • It’s pretty good actually talking about the 9 points. Also, it looks to me that more people with sales background got successful than pure techies. I guess it’s because they are close to the customer and understand what the customer needs, whereas techies are just too into their own technology world.

  • Thanks for the interview.

    Although maybe missing some really concrete examples, but I could definitely relate the issues I ran into with what you mentioned about customer development and user feedback. It is like a nice tutorial. Thanks again.

  • So many “Apps” today feel like features or feature extensions more than they do complete software. Where a “Business Only” entrepreneur can look and see a gap in the market and feel good satisfying it. I think techies struggle with the kitchen-sink mentality. More app features = better app right? As developers we almost feel guilty, but it’s been proven time and again it doesn’t.

    Thanks for listening!

  • Thanks JiansNet.

  • This interview rocked. Will have to call Jess for doing v2.0 of my site and mobile app. After I mock it all up myself of course – away from my pc! Great advice and it just makes sense to understand one’s process, technology, and customer experience. Thanks again Andrew and Jess. So many good nuggets in this one…

  • CK

    hi jess, for us non-techies, it’d be super helpful if someone will tell us what different technologies are good for.

    For example, WordPress is great for info marketers because of all the plugins available (success example is and

    Drupal is great if you want more community building functionalities.

    Python is great for …. Coldfusion is great for … Ruby is great for…

    I’ve searched for such simple summary but could not find any.

    Mixer-ites, if you have any input, I’d personally really appreciate it.


  • Hey CK –

    Thanks for engaging. That’s a great idea. I’ve added your request to our editorial calendar and I’ll work to get something out shortly via our blog.

    I am thinking some form of infographic.

    Let me know where I can reach you and I’ll share when it’s released.


  • Anonymous

  • Seth

    Great content, the interview was a bit difficult to follow but I felt that what you had to say was really solid. I am interested in the class that you referenced. Where can I find out more about it?

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