Getting To Know The Digital Nomad That I Met In Buenos Aires

I met Colin Wright at a small get-together that my wife and I organized at the new apartment we’re renting in Buenos Aires. He told us how he’s growing his business while traveling. Since I’m noticing that many people in the Mixergy audience are curious about the digital nomad lifestyle, I invited him on to talk about his experiences.

Colin Wright

Colin Wright

Colin Is My Name

Colin Wright is the founder of Colin Is My Name, a boutique branding studio. You can read about his experiences as a digital nomad on Exile Lifestyle.


15 thoughts on “Getting To Know The Digital Nomad That I Met In Buenos Aires – with Colin Wright

  1. Yifei says:

    Crazy inspired by this video. I've been absent from Mixergy for a while, but this one was the perfect reentry. Keep up the good work.

  2. Same, Yifei. More inspired then would be sensible to discuss in a public forum.

  3. Andrew/Colin, a life-changing interview. Literally, not figuratively.

  4. Ted says:

    Thanks Andrew & Colin,
    It was really cool to hear Colin's story. I would have liked to have heard more about how Colin obtain his clients and the work that he does. I'll have to dig into it in his blog.

    I love the idea of being a Digital Nomad. Once I figure out my online business I would like to do extended traveling around the United States and then branch off to other countries with my motorcycle. Then, I'll have some crazy story from the road for you.

    Program minutes — instead of a transcript works well. You could always have transcripts done later if they are needed.


  5. i think it'd be awesome if you used speakertext in the transcript.

  6. Recently discovered Mixergy – great stuff! really enjoy all the interesting videos….

  7. First time on the site. Love-love-loved the interview. I thought that he had rehashed some ideas from Seth Godin in his How to Be Remarkable book UNTIL I READ IT. It's all Colin. His books are brilliantly designed, well-written, well everything you would look for in a professionally printed book.

  8. Dennis Peters says:

    One of the hardest things to do when being interviewed, or being the interviewer, is to just be yourself. Great casual style, love the program minutes and the whole concept for the video series. As someone who has said “no” too many times lately I found this to be inspiring.

  9. Pedro Zamit says:

    Andrew, Colin! I'm from buenos aires.

    Looking for some local info just get in touch and I'll try my best.

  10. rosshill says:

    Program minutes are good – have you seen how videos now have transcripts on the side, and if you click them it seeks the video to that position? That's super useful.

  11. carolorlando says:

    What a good way to start my day; with some inspiration. I needed that.

  12. Girl Startup says:

    I love letterpress too!

    The digital nomad lifestyle sounds great and technically I could take this sort of thing on too. Accept I am trying to break away from having clients and designing for them. It's quite draining to be honest. I just don't have the gift of the gab of telling the client “no”.

    I work with designers/art directors that have the gift of the gab and I think I will leave it up to them.

    Plus I rather design for myself ;)

  13. jtrankin says:

    Program minutes are definitely much better! Your interviews are great but they are kind of long. This way we can skip to the parts we think are most appealing. Thanks!

  14. That's good to hear. I'll keep testing.

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  15. That's good to hear. I'll keep testing.

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