Yahoo’s SEO Manager Teaches You How To Get More Search Engine Traffic

As one of the biggest content creators on the net, Yahoo wants to rank high in Google and other search engines. Tony Adam, Yahoo’s SEO Manager, is responsible for helping the company optimize so it could get more search engine traffic.

In our interview, he gave me some basic search engine optimization tips that anyone could use.

Tony Adam

Tony Adam

SEO Expert

Tony Adam has been in tech since 2000. He’s worked at Myspace, Yahoo!, and PayPal, and has successfully grown many businesses.

A few lessons from this program

Pick your keywords

Start by picking the keywords that you want to “own” in the search engines. These are words that, when people type them into a search engines, you want your company to be one of the first results they see. For smaller companies, Tony recommends picking 10 keywords. Yahoo, because it’s a big company, has a considerably larger list.

The interview goes into more depth on this.

Use your keywords

Everything your company does, should include these keywords. Include them in your pages’ titles and addresses. Your site’s content should focus on those words. And even include them in your images’ titles.

Use smart internal links

When you link to pages within your site, hyperlink the words that are most relevant to your site.

Wrong: Click here to listen to a related SEO interview with Wil Fernandez.

Right: Listen to my related SEO interview with Wil Fernandez.

Get external links

We talked about several ways to get sites to link to you. The most effective methods we discussed is syndicating your content to other sites with a link back to your site. Tony told me how Matthew Inman was able to get his dating site to get listed first in Google for terms like “free online dating” because he gave people widgets to put on their sites and included a link back to his site with every widget.

This widget interview I did with Alex Funk will teach you some methods for widgetizing your content.

Use these tools

In our interview, Tony suggested you use these tools: SEO Book Keyword Research Tool, SEOMoz, Rank Checker and Competitive Analysis Tool, and sites that will link to you (be sure to use your own keywords).

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