How A Blog Theme Made Over $90,000 In Its First Month

One of the biggest challenges for online businesses is getting users to pull out their credit cards and actually pay for something. When I heard that Josh Mullineaux launched a digital product that brought in over $90,000 its first month, I asked him to teach how he did it so you can copy his methods.

His product is a Affiliate Theme, a WordPress theme that makes it very easy for affiliates to create quick web sites that generate revenue.

Josh Mullineaux:

Josh Mullineaux:

Unique Blog Designs

Josh is the co-founder and Director of Marketing of Unique Blog Designs. His company recently launched Affiliate Theme.

Excerpts of how Josh’s company made $90,000:

They used their email list

We have about 7,000 people on our email list. Not a huge list, but it’s very, very targeted. Those are people who are coming to our web site and are interested, specifically in things that we have to say. The conversion that we have on that list is so high compared to marketing with other people.

They partnered up

We got free promotion from affiliate networks. We know a lot of people who started affiliate companies, and we asked them, “What are your people looking for? What are the problems in actually getting new affiliates to start making money?”

And they’re like, “making effective web sites.”

We basically made the product for their people, people who are technically savvy, but can’t build a web site.

They courted top affiliates

We basically co-developed the theme with them. And we set a launch date with them. Then we gave them a really high affiliate commission. A lot of our affiliates brought in a considerable amount of money, they were able to make a lot of money themselves.

They turned customers into sellers

As a customer, you get 50% of the revenue we earn from any person who purchases the affiliate theme through you.  You not only use the theme, but you can also market the theme itself.  If you like it you can market it to your friends and whoever else is reading your site and get 50%.

The full program includes:

  • How to build a profitable blog.
  • How Affiliate Theme became profitable.
  • Why email is still so powerful.

[This interview was suggested by Neil Patel.]


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