Jason Calacanis asked me to do a full day of interviews for his audience at Launch Festival, a conference where startups launch, raise money and learn.

Last time I did it, I noticed that the investor and founders I interviewed often had dozens of people waiting to talk to them.

I hate the thought of you being one of dozens of anonymous people, trying to get a second of someone’s attention. So I’ve been thinking of ways I could help and I came up with two.

1) Ask me to introduce you.

If there’s someone you want to meet that I’ve interviewed or I’m about to interview, come ask me to introduce you. Give me a sentence about what your working, and I’ll use it to help you break through the clutter.

2) Let me quote you.

I hired an assistant and got two volunteers, Sam Parr and Rob V, to ask attendees if they have any questions for my interviewees. If they come talk to you, give them a question and make sure they write down your name and company name. I’ll ask your question and make you look good.

Finally, if you’re at Launch Fest, come say hi. I moved to San Francisco a few months ago largely so I could meet founders like you. (If you need a ticket, I think they’re sold out, but there’s a waiting list here.)

Launch Festival