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A few useful lessons from this program

I interviewed “Party Charlie” Scola (whose book party you’ve got to attend) to ask him for tips on how to organize events–because I want to make it easier for you to host your own parties.

I created Mixergy so *I* could organize events, because I knew the connections I’d make would help me launch any business I wanted. I eventually opened up as an invitation site that anyone could use, to encourage others host events–because I knew they’d see the same benefits I did.

If you’re considering hosting an event, do it and listen to my interview with Charlie to guide you. We talked about everything a business person needs to know to host a party, including these 5 steps for putting a party together:

Step 1: Use high-energy words in your invitation – Let people know that they can expect to have a good time.

Step 2: Greet people at the door – Don’t force people to stumble around until they find someone they know. As soon as they come in, make them feel wanted. And if you don’t have the personality to do that, get somebody in there who does.

Step 3: Create the ambiance

  • If the party is in your home, recognize that your place is setup for every day living, not for parties. Get rid of the clutter. Rearrange some of your furniture to give people some room to talk. Use soft lighting.
  • Put on some light music at the beginning. It’ll keep the place from feeling empty when the first guests come in.
  • If it’s a networking party, give people name tags so they don’t have to struggle to remember new names.

Step 4: Give guests something to do – Eating and drinking isn’t enough. You need to help people interact. Some suggestions that Charlie and I discussed are

  • Put a bowls of mind-benders around the party. People will pick up these cards and ask each other questions.
  • Let guests make food together.
  • Have a wine or cheese or chocolate tasting party.

Step 5: Food and drink – You don’t have to have expensive food and beverages. You can put out good food cheaply.

Charlie Scola’s book is called Party Planning Secrets and you can get it at Amazon.