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Build Your Customer Acquisition Blueprint in 1 Hour

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Frequently asked questions

Who’s leading this course?

It’s led by Juan Martitegui, the founder of Mindvalley Hispano, which sells personal growth products to Latin American Customers.

What’s a mini-course?

What you’re getting is the first modules of the Customer Acquisition Blueprint course. In the first modules, you’ll get the basic framework for building your blueprint. You do NOT need the other modules to learn how to implement the ideas in this course, BUT if you choose to get the rest of the course, it’ll be easier for you to create and use your blueprint.

Why are you giving this away?

To be honest, I’m using one of the ideas that you’ll learn in the course.

After teaching us how to build our customer acquisition blueprint, Juan taught us how to run small tests that will grow 1 of the 4 elements of our blueprint.

This free giveaway is an attempt to grow my membership by 20%. I believe that giving away the most important part of this course will convince 20% more people to join Mixergy Premium and get all my full courses.

Is the full course included in the Mixergy Premium Membership?

Of course. If you’re a Premium Member, you get EVERY course. As a Premium Member, you can ignore all prices on this site and assume you’re entitled to every course Mixergy produces. It’s all included in your Mixergy Membership. (And thanks for supporting this site!)

How do I get the rest of the course?

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