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Frequently asked questions

Who’s leading this course?

Ilya Lichtenstein, founder of MixRank. MixRank shows you exactly which ads and web sites are working for your competitors right now. See your competitors’ most successful ad copy, landing pages, and traffic sources across 93,000 sites.

Is this just a SAMPLE?

What you’re watching above is the first few sections of the course. You can get the full course here.

Can I download the course?

Yes. When you get the full course, you can either watch it online or download it to your computer and favorite mobile device. You’ll get to download the movie (in .mov format) or just the audio (in .mp3 format).

What else is included?

You’ll get the email Ilya uses to convince publishers to sell him ads cheaply. You’ll get the checklist he uses to evaluate sites. You’ll a resource list, with links to all the sites mentioned in the course.

Is the full course included in my Mixergy Premium Membership?

Of course. If you’re a Premium Member, you get EVERY course. As a Premium Member, you can ignore all prices on this site and assume you’re entitled to every course Mixergy produces. It’s all included in your Mixergy Membership. (And thanks for supporting this site!)

How do I get the rest of the course?

Grab the Ad Buying Course here.