“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

–Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

And as Carnegie points out in his book, remembering people’s names creates better business (and personal) relationships.

But what if you FORGET someone’s name?

You just apologize, right?

Well, yeah. Do that.

However, it’s still no bueno:

“If you are not remembering people’s names, or even worse, you’re calling them by the wrong name…what they feel is that they’re really not important to you,” says Chester Santos.

Chester is the winner of the USA Memory Championship & he writes at InternationalManofMemory.com.

Ok…but what if you have the memory of a goldfish?*

Well, Chester has a whole bag of tricks to help.

In fact, they helped one guy with ADHD and dyslexia…

Go from barely being able to remember a name…

To 15th place at the US National Memory Championship.

In Chester’s Mixergy course, you’ll discover:

  • The SIMPLE, 3-minute method to quickly and easily recall information…
  • The TWO THINGS you must do every time you meet someone new…
  • What to do when you LEAVE a social event that will cement all the new names into your brain…
  • Why Chester would use C3-P0 from “Star Wars” to remember my name (and how you can apply the same tactic)…
  • and much more!