Remember LinkedIn? ;-)

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about it.

Most people in the startup world are on Facebook. And LinkedIn sorta seems like a place for 9-to-5ers to network and post resumes.

However, our customers are not our peers.

And in many cases, our customers ARE using LinkedIn. A lot.

There’s gotta be something to it, considering how long it’s been around and that the community just keeps growing.

Plus, there’s this:

The average time somebody spends on your website is eight minutes; the average time somebody spends on LinkedIn is 17 minutes. So, you’re really looking at an engaged audience. The other thing, too, is that…41% of millionaires use LinkedIn. So, we’re talking about a qualified audience.”

That’s what Yoon Cannon says in her Mixergy course. Yoon is the founder of Paramount Business Coach, where she helps entrepreneurs create thriving six-, seven-, and even eight-figure businesses.

So how do you do it? How do you used LinkedIn to get REAL customers?

Here’s one tip from the course:

“[LinkedIn] groups are huge. This is where you get very strategic. For instance, if you want to speak at more conferences…then you go into the LinkedIn groups of meeting planners and people who need a speaker. There are lots of groups around that. You can start joining those specific groups to give yourself visibility.”

But what if you’ve got a B2C business, and your customers don’t have a LinkedIn group?

For instance, one of Yoon’s clients helps people recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.

There might not be LinkedIn groups for people with PTSD, however, there are people who can refer business to him, which is even better.

“For him, it was the medical community,” says Yoon. “It was doctors. So, on LinkedIn, we found lots of groups with doctors. In fact, a lot of these doctor groups had upwards of 20,000 members. So he can start by being a frequent contributor and then he can start…adding to his first-degree connections with doctors.”

Now, that’s just one part of the solution (and something you do after optimizing your profile, which Yoon covers in her course). In the full course, you’ll discover:

  • How LinkedIn brought in 6-figures of revenue for Yoon, even though she was only spending 15-30 minutes per week on it…
  • How to get LinkedIn to promote your business on your behalf, with a basic, free account…
  • How to optimize your profile so you rank #1 for the RIGHT keywords…
  • How to broadcast your message and get to the “magic 500” connections mark, without being spammy…
  • …and much more!