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Joanna Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe


Joanna Wiebe is the founder of which publishes copywriting guides that are made exclusively to improve your sales.

Beachway Treatment Centers was losing $20,000 a month for every empty bed in their addiction treatment facility.

So Joanna Wiebe made a few changes to their copy that increased their conversion rate by 26%.

Now every bed is filled, and there’s a waiting list to get in.

Joanna is the founder of, which publishes copywriting guides that are designed to boost sales.

In her Mixergy course, she shows you how to write copy that converts visitors into paying customers. Here are three highlights from the course.

1. Get Them Over the Wall

Getting prospects to convert is like getting them over a brick wall, says Joanna.

“And with our copy, we’re trying to knock down a lot of those bricks to make the wall lower and get the person over to the other side, the paying side. Turn them from visitor to customer.”

But lowering the wall isn’t enough.

“Sometimes we have to do little things at the ultimate point of need, which is when you’re at a button and it’s the ultimate time to really pull out all the stops to get people to click that button [and convert],” says Joanna.

So how do you do that?

Pull Them Over the Wall

Offer incentives to convert. Joanna calls these incentives click triggers because they “trigger the click that gets the person over that wall.”

“They’re the bonuses, like 24/7 free support or support by e-mail and chat or support by phone,” she says. Other examples include free shipping or free shipping and returns.

“[Click triggers] are about positioning the right small message to get them to click that button,” says Joanna.

2. Give Them What They Really Want

Let’s say that you need customers to complete a registration form. Your goal is to get them to click on a button that says “Sign Up and Create Your Free Account”.

But visitors aren’t clicking on it. They get to the button and leave your site. So what gives?

The problem is that prospects don’t want to “sign up” or “create an account”, even if it is free. That sounds like too much work, so they lose interest or decide to do it later. But later never comes.

So how do you get them to click?

Empathize with Your Prospects

You have to replace friction words that make the process sound time-consuming or painful with words that describe what your customers really want.

In the “Sign Up and Create a Free Account” example, prospects have to create an account in the next step. But “they don’t want to create a free account,” says Joanna. “They just want to get started.”

3. Broadcast Your Intentions

What happens when your target customer can’t tell whether your product is right for them?, an Internet privacy service, was created for professionals who need a virtual privacy network, such as a journalist in China who doesn’t want their internet history tracked.

But a journalist couldn’t tell that from the website, says Joanna, so journalists weren’t converting.

To make matters worse, the site was attracting other kinds of visitors, such as gamers, even though wasn’t the best solution for them. Gamers were unlikely to convert and were increasing the bounce rate.

So how do you let the world know who your target customers are?

Court the 20%

Don’t write for 100% of your visitors. Write for the 20% who are most likely to convert.

For example, one change Joanna made on the site was to state, “It is ideally for foreign journalists, researchers, and investigators.”

“If I’m a foreign journalist or a researcher or an investigator,” says Joanna, “I arrive on this site, look at it, and think, ‘Yes, everything looks good, but is it right for me?’ Then right there it says, ‘It’s right for me.’”

Joanna says when you tell people they’ve arrived at the right place, you reduce bounce and increase conversions.
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This article was written by April Dykman.

  • Janice Nason

    I could use this course to learn how to choose the best words to connect with readers, have them feel i understand their needs, which would get them to take action more from a powerful emotional rather than a passive rational place.

  • Jim Aardema

    I’ve already used it in writing new copy for my website, “Get Started” versus “Sign Up”.
    Simple, but makes sense. Also indicating in copy that the target client has “found the right resource” as reinforcement that the service is a fit. Good thoughts!

  • RobMCarpenter

    I would use the Copy Hackers course to broaden my skill set in copywriting for startups., my freelance consultancy for tech startups, focuses on helping tech startups grow. Most of the time the biggest impediment to my client’s growth is how they present themselves… both visually and how they articulate their value. Before we can focus on driving traffic into the funnel, we must first create a funnel designed for conversion. Anytime I learn more about driving results through copy, I am able to immediately impact multiple startups ability to convert.

  • Rob McNelis

    Really concrete tips I could use in my internet marketing business. Even the copy of the course preview is specific!

  • Ekanem Menake

    This is very helpful – like the previous commenter, I’ve edited my home page to say “Get Started” instead of “Sign Up” and I used the “found the right resource” verbiage in the first section of copy, too. I’d like to learn more – may I please get a free course? :)

  • nlgodd

    I can use what I’ve read here and the course to improve the copy for my software business. I just started The Foundation with Dane Maxwell and copywriting is cited as the number one skill an entrepreneur should master.

    When it comes time to write the copy for my software product’s sales page, having gone through this training would help immensely.

  • Peter Arnott

    I could use it for my final year university project in which I am working with the social enterprise Glasgow Wood Recycling. My project has many aspects (product design, manufacturing, service design etc) however a main point of note from the founder is how he markets and his poor knowledge in the area.

  • Richard Laurie

    Andrew, I could use this course to integrate and help my company increase our in-bound marketing results and use it to help our clients with the same challenge. These small tweaks can make a huge difference. By allowing me to access the course, it will have a network effect of helping many others.

  • Katherine

    I’m copywriting all things digital for a start-up brick and mortar business (a local pet store) – developing new and continued customers depends greatly on copywriting. The test is a long, cold winter… when people don’t come out strolling naturally – it’s a kind of crash course in “does this resonate”? I’ve built a large email list. And now it seems to be all about all the points you mentioned above. I love to learn, am looking to understand trigger points & I make a great testimonial – love to tell others about things that work, profusely :)

  • Guest

    Customer conversions are hard. They need a good reason to justify their high switching costs! The I should really focus more on providing lucrative ‘click triggers’ to customers that focus on the soft aspects of my product (like warranties, support, etc).

  • Chris

    Customer conversions are hard. They need a good reason to justify their high switching costs! Thanks for reminding me that I should really focus more on providing lucrative ‘click triggers’ to customers that focus on the soft aspects of my product (like warranties, support, etc).

  • Quino

    I could use it to increase conversions in my website so I can get more subscribers. I would also use it to sell more products through my newsletter! Thank you!

  • Ben Nesvig

    I own all of her ebooks. They’re amazing.

  • Casey Armstrong

    As usual, great insight from Joanna. Love the actionable advice with actual examples. Thanks.

  • Hans Hageman

    I have all of Joanna’s books and I’m anxiously awaiting the one on email.

  • Jeremy Smith

    I can immediately apply this course to getting people to sign up for our mailing list for my cycling apparel brand, and the mailing list is our life blood for sales…and as a bonus I can then use the lessons in this course to make our next email significantly more profitable.

  • Alfred

    I am starting an online tea company soon and I could definitely use any advice that I can get about copywriting for the Landing Page that we’ll be putting up to try to communicate the value that the customer(s) will be getting from our subscription service! Conversion is king!

  • Bryan Harris

    I just discovered Dane recently. How is the foundation going so far?

  • Leslye PJ

    We’ve started an online community for diverse writers and this copywriting info will help us get people to pull the trigger and sign up.

  • Christi

    I could use this course as I rewrite the copy for my health coaching website… I’m revamping it after a three year maternity sabbatical, and I want the sales pages to be really effective at getting folks to hit the “buy now” button. Before the site was a bit generic, now I want it to be targeted and focused.

  • Leslie Forman

    I can immediately apply the information in Joanna’s course in the book/course/service I’m creating on how to create your international career.

    I have had a really wide range of experiences living and working in both China and Chile, and I continually am asked about how to start a similar journey. I’ve released a free month-long e-course, with the goal of attracting people who are interested in making this leap, sharing some stories and tips with them, and collecting their ideas and feedback to guide my next step.

    More specifically, I’m interested in learning more about writing an effective sales page that targets those 20% who truly need what you’re selling. I think the comment about internet privacy for journalists in China is brilliant, because I know plenty of people who have had that exact problem. I’d like to identify a similar group that truly needs what I have to offer.

    Thank you! :)

  • Matthew Larson

    This course is especially relevant for me because I’ve been working with addiction groups for some time now as a facilitator. Getting more people aware of the programs is tough because the organizations sponsoring & feeding people to these groups don’t tend to talk about particular areas of addiction during large public meetings (not blaming them, just a lot of problems in the world competing for that time). They have private counseling which sends some people, but not many, and the other typical method of growing groups by word-of-mouth is tough because many people don’t want to be totally open about their issue – which I totally understand. The particular issues in this group affect a substantial number of people in the community so it’s not a question of need – more just raising awareness of a private and free solution right down the road from them.

    So a dearth of foot-traffic from traditional 1-on-1 sources left me wondering if I could use my direct-marketing skills to help get these groups over the hump and reach people. Traffic isn’t a problem but I’m trying to go very local with my reach. Thus a blog isn’t really going to cut it – I could scrape up visitors all over the world (and have done so), but introducing people to some free help in their own neighborhood means paid traffic. That’s fine, but my conversion rates so far have been pretty poor. Likely because it’s cold traffic and and I can’t exclusively use search traffic.

    Any extra advice/pointers I can get from this course is something I can directly apply to serving my local community and conquer some of my challenges with applying my direct marketing to a solution where I have no front-end or back-end to make it solvent. :)

  • Rosie Bernardo

    Hi Andrew! It’s been a while…There are many ways to use this content. I could use the part about telling visitors who is RIGHT for your service to change the copy in my emails and websites. I also think it is important to make it sound easy for them to “Get Started.” I like that verbiage and intend to use it on my site too. Thanks!

  • Tyler York

    I’m copywriting for a gaming platform that needs to write for both developers (those that make games) and players (those that play them). Context-switching between these two groups is challenging, and Joanna’s copywriting course could help me by making sure I don’t muddle my message and appeal to the needs of each customer group.

  • kevin

    I could use it to increase my CTR and then my conversion on my website to close more deals

  • Krystal Gabriel

    I would use it to help revamp the copy on mine and my parents website to increase conversions, they are wonderful people but know nothing about good copy that covers and I would love to help them out! Thanks!

  • portia dipasquale

    I think this curse will be helpful because it could teach me how to enagage with my readers. Why don’t they do they things I ask them to? What audience should I really be writing to? Which audience is that 20% that I am supposed to be courting?

  • Damien Elsing

    I’d use this course to make my own copy suck less!

  • Katie Hughes

    Andrew ,I could have used this information yesterday to design different buttons for my website. I like how she mentions how some words just slow readers down.

  • Eduardo Loureiro Jr.

    With these suggestions, I’ve already rewritten a copy I was about to send. I hope more people are joining my workshops from now on and I’m ready for more advices from Joanna.

  • Artist Map Community

    Our team would hope to immediately utilize Joanna’s insight to connect more efficiently and effectively with our startup’s intended audience of independent recording artists at – where our mission isn’t simply to inspire and help develop independent artist careers, but to steer creative souls in the direction of their dreams.

  • Christy H

    This is information I desperately needed. I am working on a launch of a start up and when it comes to writing sales copy, I have realized that there is an art to it. It’s not the same as having good written communication skills. This information pushes me through many of the hurdles I am facing. Thank you for sharing!

  • Ed Fowlkes

    I could use this course to fix the clearly broken copy on the web site of my new advertising product (which isn’t converting as well as I think it shoudl be) Thanks!

  • Iván

    I’m going to launch a website building and management app for schools, and I’m struggling with the copy. How to convince schools to pay monthly for something they’re used to pay one time and promptly forget about it?

  • neotyk

    We are about to launch teaser site for User Behavior Testing, service that will help solving usability problems that prevent users from converting, engaging.
    We did go out of the building and interview potential customers, but writing copy is still quite hard for us. This course would be great help, thanks!

  • Andrew Laffoon

    Would love to put this to use on our web site to fix our incredibly broken and sad copy!

  • Kristen

    Andrew, we would love to have this course. Here’s why: Copywriting can be like drawing your pistol, hitting the bullseye and converting leads into cash. Or like shooting yourself in the foot. We are about to launch the marketing for our new training program, and the final piece is to nail the copy – from emails and landing pages, to setting expectations and deeply engaging our with prospects and clients – the copy makes or breaks our success. The product is the product. It delivers. It’s how we communicate its benefits, and get people to “yes” that makes the difference in our bottom line. As April says: Lowering the wall, and getting the sale. Yeah, copy is king.

  • Omer K.

    I can use this course to bring in more traffic to my eBay listings. By turning visitors to buyers by advertising non selling items in a way that is more appealing and understandable to the consumer. By providing a better and precise listing that shows visitors easy customer service support. I can also use the course to target key demographic customers that have a need for that special niche. Thank you.

  • SEO Xavier

    Now, that’s what I call a good read. I feel like I read the whole thing in 2 minutes. I’d use this course to refine my work with more examples and stories the way you did here, which makes it so easy to picture it in my mind. Thanks Joanna and Andrew.

  • Ben Kaplin

    I own email relationships (and influence a lot of other copy) at CoPatient. I will use the things I learn in this course to write killer copy, keep our users engaged and drive our business. ADDITIONALLY: by granting me this course, you will obtain 1 (one) email address you can contact in the future to talk about automating high-touch email environments. You know that’s a killer bit of content for Mixergy :)

  • Derek Kaye

    I am launching a program that serves families across North America by teaching them how to manage their money and get out of debt. This is an end-to-end system that will ensure families finally get on the road to wealth and start realizing their dreams and goals.

    Copy, of course, will be imperative in all aspects of this program – from marketing the initial Webinar to implementing training modules and videos.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    Have an amazing week!

  • Maria Sipka

    This is priceless! We are communicating with 1,000’s of prospective customers through our emails and anything we can learn to increase our response rate we’re willing to give it a shot. Besides – I’m deeply passionate about copywriting myself and eager to absorb any useful tips from somebody that does it 100% of their time.

  • Jamie Klayman

    I have not read her books, but her action steps are great, so I want in on her class. Having to write to “everyone” is difficult, but Joanna makes it easy by telling us we only have to write to the 20% that we want to click. So knowing my 20% intimately is key to boosting or growing my online customer base.

    Joanna also explained how being crystal-clear who my site is designed to help will increase business exponentially.

    This was helpful, and I want to know more,

    J Klayman
    Splattered Media

  • Gina

    One way I can use what I read- remember that I don’t write for everyone, keep the target in mind, and try to meet their needs, not every single person who visits my site. Also, simple tip above- “get started” instead of “sign up for my newsletter”, that is awesome, I need to learn how to think outside of the obvious and over-used!

  • lisa league

    I’d definitely like to write for the 20% who are going to convert, so I can presell them a product before I build it.

    The better I can connect through copy that gives them what they want – the more I can sell them what they need.

  • Dawn_Schultz

    Our developer is on the brink of finishing the site of our first web-based business. And it’s really hitting me that getting the website developed was the easy part, and how little about copy and conversions that I know. Our button currently says “Sign up now”. That will clearly be changed! Getting some solid tips from a pro in a course like this could make the difference between a fizzle start and a bang!

  • Will Button

    I’ve already learned several things- like creating my content specifically for my target audience. Also to work on overcoming their objections or obstacles to sign up. To apply it, I’d create copy to help describe the goals and benefits of using my new meal planning service: Dinners That Don’t Suck.

  • MotorCityMoxie

    I’d like to view the course for free. Since I’m in strategizing to build a business based on my blog, I would benefit by learning how to “give them what they want”! I’m learning that co-creation seems to be the best way to make information products, but I struggle with the copy. In fact, it hinders my progress because of my anxiety with it. This interview help me getting over my fear/ anxiety of broadcasting my intentions.

  • careerchanger

    I could use the information from the course to help one of my clients build a ‘coming soon’ landing page with a high conversion rate. In particular, I think Joanna’s advice to avoid friction words in favor of more appealing ones, is helpful. Thanks for the opportunity to take the course!

  • Farhan Rehman

    Having learnt that there’s so many small simple tweaks that can be made to sales copy, to improve conversions, and that the smallest of changes can make the biggest of differences, if I had full access to the rest of Joanna’s course, I’d use it to start driving greater conversions on our sign-up page, and start testing the many variables, and variants that are suggested in the course, to come up with the optimum result, for most efficient conversion.

  • Nejla Routsong

    I love to learn more about giving them want they want. We offer so many options, it will be nice to find out how to know what it is customers really want from us.

  • chris kent

    Oh man so many comments. I am interested in hearing how Joanna places the right small message with her buttons & how calls-to-action factor into that. The third point about qualifying visitors when they get there is an interesting idea. True it raise bounce rate but could increase conversion rate overall. That has given me some interesting ideas about titles and qualifying visitors. Overall fantastico content.

  • Blaine Light

    Mixergy is awesome. I’d promote mixergy with the skills I will learn in the course, if I get it for free.

  • Indie

    Andrew, first of all I love listening to anything you put out because I always learn something! Thank you! That said, I think this particular course would be useful for me, as I could learn how to improve my copy and speak more directly to potential customers. I know that this in turn would produce better conversion rates.

  • Matt Reilly

    Being a performance based marketer, I eat, sleep live and die by conversion rate. By studying this course, I will be able to complement well designed landing pages with copy that speaks directly to my clients’ personas and maximizes the potential for conversions. This would not only help me crush it for my clients, but equally as important, it will help me make rent…. Keep up the amazing content!

  • nlgodd

    It’s going well. Definitely challenging.

  • Josh Hill

    With this course I would update the copy on my site and in my emails to increase conversions for my consulting business. I have a similar issue where I am not fully utilized, but if I were, I would make plenty of cash. Thanks Andrew!

  • Jolinda Kohl

    There is some seriously effective conversion already going on here! For me to be compelled to even read the teaser email, click on an imbedded link and then read the content and comments associated with it is nothing short of astounding! If simply giving tidbits about the course generates that kind of action, then the course is valuable enough to pay for. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have free access, however, the key word there is access and I want it, even for a price. :-)

  • Troy Dean

    I interviewed Ben Hunt recently, author of “Convert” and he talks about the Awareness Ladder – giving your prospect the exact content they need depending on how aware they are of the problems and the solutions available. The biggest mistake we all make is trying to convert a lead from cold to hot in one step. Of course their objections are different at varying stages along the Awareness Ladder.

    EG: Towards the bottom of the Awareness Ladder a prospect will have objections to the “idea” of what you are proposing, whereas further up the Awareness Ladder, the closer they get to “vendor selection”, the more likely their objections will become related to “you” as the proposed solution, rather than the idea of a solution. So your copy needs to cover off the right objection at the right time in order to move them to the next rung on the Awareness Ladder.

    This approach also makes writing copy easier. If you do the work on understanding your prospect, it eliminates the guesswork because you know what their objections are and therefore you know what to write.

    Keep up the great work April.

    Love it.

  • Mary Rose Cristello

    Thanks for this article! As someone who is just starting out in copywriting, this information is very useful and provides a great launching pod. The course would really help me refine my copyrighting and attract the right 20% to my new blog, Bookish Charm.

  • Eric Worral

    I have been getting into Facebook ads of late and I think my copy is weak and could be much improved through this course. On the ad and the landing page.

  • Michael R. Bernstein

    OK, this gives some great ideas to test:

    Test various incentives, like free support options (chat, email, etc.).

    Change the call to action to “Get Started” (also test “Start Now”, “Share Now”, “Start Sharing”, etc.)

    Test text identifying the user it is for (change “…is the easiest way to do X” to “…is the easiest way for gardeners to do X.”)


  • realwaymedia

    Thanks Andrew and Joanna for the great read. Great copywriting coupled with great web design can make a huge difference in converting visitors to buyers. Writing for that 20% is great advice. I’m going to look back at my own copy and see if I’m really talking to that 20%. Looking forward to taking this course!

  • Dean K

    It’s amazing to see that some new trends are actually old ones just re-worded. Some concepts still work you just have to rename them to be relevant in today’s way of communication with your current and potential clients. Mixergy seems to be a good place (especially for old timers) to get in touch and keep current.

  • Carson Smith

    As a jack-of-all-trades in the internet marketing industry I have to wear the copy writer hat quite often. It’s nice to see a clearly laid out plan to reach your target audience with engaging copy just for them with plenty of “trigger clicks” and how to avoid obstacles along the way. This small bit of information will be implemented to my current project so I will look like an authority on content right away! Now….just imagine if I were to finish this course….I would be a bona fide content expert! Thank you Joanna and Andrew for being thoughtful enough to share.

  • Marek Zareba

    Anybody that has ever build a landing page knows how important copywriting becomes for every incremental percentage point in conversion. Sure, don’t be afraid to change a few design elements in order to add content or subtract it, but at the end of the day, are you really hitting the pain point of the reader, are you getting their attention with a clear subject line, can you ultimately get them to commit to click on your CTA, and most importantly, did you create a coherent flow from one piece to the other in your funnel. Really looking forward to this course. Copywriting is an art, and I do believe one can get better at it, especially by understanding what works for others.

  • Ricardo Medina

    I think Joanna’s first point to get visitors “Over The Wall” is spot on for people (like me) who thinks copywriting is too hard to start with. When people see those really good simple conversion pages or long ones, and easy start is to start writing bullet points on how your the story of the product you are selling will develop on your page. Along with the storytelling, you have to embed the benefits of your product. Those benefits will act as the bricks on your wall.

    Great analogy Joanna. Thanks!

  • Christopher Brazy

    Incentives, language (get started) & niche. Good start.

  • Alex

    My response rates are declining, as are Google quality scores. I need to freshen up my sales copy, but I don’t have a framework to attack the problem quickly and efficiently. I’d be delighted to review this course :)

  • Tom Heyward

    Amazing how its such a science and the details are so important. Courting the 20% seems like a good path to grabbing valid customers right away. Really good insights..thanks!

  • Seb Petrescu

    I could use this info. for my elevated real estate photography service on the home page and in email blasts. I could also incorporate this for sales calls over the phone! Hoping I could hear the rest soon. Thanks Mixergy!

  • Meghan Prober

    This course looks great! Often times our target audience has trouble understanding our two different product offerings. I’d love to learn how to write more clearly for them!

  • Jeff Miller

    God could I use this course. I have an e-commerce site that is getting plenty of traffic but the copy isn’t converting anyone. Maybe this course could help me eliminate some of the “friction words” from my copy and start to convert some of my visitiors. I am begging you for free access to this course!

  • Jose Andres De Abreu

    I am a Seo consultant so i could use it to improve the copy of my website and my emails this way im gonna have get more happy clients :)

  • Jess Ryan Gostin

    So much great content just in this sneak peek. I definitely want in, I can use the information since I’m currently writing copy for my new website!

  • Barath Kumar

    great point about replacing frictions words with what user wants. I am gonna replace words like ‘register’ ‘signup’ by ‘get started’ etc for all my clients.

  • jmwass

    This course would be helpful as we are about to start testing landing page strategies so clear, concise, and compelling copy is a must.

  • DT Sheridan

    This is awesome! I could really use this course. I recently started a one-on-one coaching business and could use tips exactly like these to write better copy for my website. I want to really show potential clients exactly how I can help them. This will not only increase my business but bring my services to more people that need them and will really benefit from them.

  • LoveTee

    Wow, this is awesome. I could use the “Get Started” tip and place a “Get Started” button on my website. Can also relook into my business, look at who are my main clients.

  • Vijay

    I am working on email newsletter copy, following the footsteps of recent appsumo emails. I am sending those emails to the persons who actually shown certain interest to the products/services my client is selling. I understand no matter how good I feel about the copy I’ve wrote, there is certainly enough room for improvement. As Joanna mentions I am trying to pull them over the wall. Each word I am using/going to use on the mailer is important, but more important is the way I can put them together. Here is where I feel having access to this course can make such a big impact on me and my copy.

    Thanks Andrew for putting up this course and giving us a chance to get it free.

  • Janet Dillon

    I was going to give my customers an incentive to refer their friends to me after they sign up, but now I think I’ll give them a little more help “over the wall” and offer the incentive before they sign up. The more help the better. Looks like a very useful course.

  • Rob

    Ironically, I’m professional writer that can’t write copy. It’s easy for me to share my thoughts and ideas, yet creating a call to action with words is beyond daunting. I believe learning to craft persuasive copy can improve both my pros and my self publishing business.

  • Steven Leconte

    Thank you Andrew for introducing me to
    Joanna. I’ve learned a lot from her already and also went to her site
    to learn some more.

    The truth is that I can use most of
    this information in my everyday life.

    I find that copyrighting is a useful
    skill that can be used for writing and speaking as well.

    I’ve started getting more speaking gigs
    and would like to write some more as well.

    It would be awesome to have a method
    that’s applicable to writing and speaking to clearly deliver the messages and keep the audience’s attention long enough to get the point across.

  • Sherryl Anderson

    There are a lot of company’s that seem to copy everyone else or try to put do each other with bargains so it’s very helpful to think about writing just for the 20%. Many of e competitors seem to call everyone’s attention saying its for everyone. This tip alone can help me set myself apart.

  • William

    My tech start up is in the development phase and we are building an email list and copywriting is really important. I want to learn how we can better reach our audience and improve our click through and open rates. Could really use this course!

  • DrazenP

    I’m building web site for my new product and I could definitely apply every bit of advice. Judging by above text, the course must be packed full with useful material.

  • rebel cinema

    Launching a new site in 3 weeks with my first ebook on using video strategically – I call it a toolkit, and this will really help me write the right copy for the website and target distinct audiences.

  • Marielle Daquioag

    This would definitely be useful for our company’s social media efforts. Better copy for our status posts and tweets can lead us to better engagement.

  • Richard Barid

    Andrew, thanks for this useful post. I’ve been a KATG fan from the start, which is how I found you.

    Mine is an estate planning, elder law, and special needs law firm – a very niche practice. We’ve found that finding outside copywriters who can create effective copy for us is quite challenging. Understanding what we do, so that they can effectively communicate the value we offer, seems to be a real hurdle.

    I like what the post says about courting the 20%. I think we can even further tailor our web and print copy to help people understand whether our firm is a fit for them. Just as importantly, we should let go of the fear that some people won’t get it. Working with our firm is a very real benefit for those who need help in our specific area of expertise – if we don’t impress everyone else, it doesn’t really matter.

    If this comment is useful, I’d love to have Joanna’s course.

    Thank you, Andrew.

  • Rob Trube

    Good copy and emotive call to actions are probably the most important elements of marketing. But Joanna has really outlined the critical elements and the elusice process of creating powerful, and more importantly, converting copy and CTA’s in this short excerpt of her course. 1) Know your audience / target market / prospect. If you don’t know, and clearly identify who you are talking to, you can’t effectively sell to them. 2) Know their issues, problems and pain points, and clearly address them from an emotional perspective. By doing this, you will be focusing on the 20% that are ready, willing and often, eager, to buy.

    I would utilize Joanna’s course to create the converting copy and CTA’s that I know I am capable of creating. This course is potentially that missing piece of the marketing puzzle that could take you from good to stellar performance in a short period of time, and I want / need to make that transition….now.

  • Lida

    April – well-put intro. Simple and direct.

    I’ve been guilty of writing copy that increases traffic, but not necessarily targeted traffic. It’s an easy trap to fall into – “Look at all the traffic I generated!” By following Joanna’s “Court the 20%” rule, I’ll be writing more efficient copy which converts better. Win-win.

  • Arie

    That was a helpful comment. I sent you a thank you message via email.

  • Arie

    That was a helpful comment. I sent you a thank you message via email.

  • Arie

    That was a helpful comment. I sent you a thank you message via email.

  • Arie

    That was a helpful comment. I sent you a thank you message via email.

  • Christopher Jones

    One of the main areas that I have found the most difficult is to know what your prospects really really want.

    It seems that with everyone else using free reports etc. that it is starting to loose the appeal it once had and that getting prospects to do anything to opt in is more and more challenging since they have caught on to the fact that they will get follow up emails (and more follow up emails, and more follow up emails) and try to get sold something.

    Learning about “click triggers” would be so beneficial to our business.

    I would be grateful for the free access to the course/ Besides – who could not use a 26% increase in conversion?

    Thank you

    Best Regards,

    Christopher W. Jones

  • Karim Lalji

    I love learning about copywriting and would definitely put this to use in email marketing and on the web

  • Arie

    That was a helpful comment. I sent you a thank you message via email.

  • Arie

    Dawn, that was a helpful comment. I sent you a thank you message via email.

  • Arie

    Jamie, that was a helpful comment. I sent you a thank you message via email.

  • Arie

    Xavier, that was a helpful comment. I sent you a thank you message via email.

  • Maria

    I’m currently starting up an ecommerce site and also work as a freelance copywriter. I think the challenge for me is that my instincts are to want to appeal to everyone, which of course appeals to no one. I’d love to hear more about the 20% rule.

  • Arie

    Hey, that was a helpful comment. I sent you a thank you message via email.

  • Arie

    Troy, that was a helpful comment. I sent you a thank you message via email.

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  • Arie

    Gina, that was a helpful comment. I’m sending you a thank you message via email.

  • Rory Daley

    I am working on launching two sites in the near future, as SaaS platform and eCommerce store. This course is just what I need to learn how to tailor the copy for each site to its respected target audience. I appreciate to the suggestion to focus on the 20% – this idea goes beyond understanding your potential customers and really drills down into figuring out your niche customers.

  • Shanna Oskin

    The idea of “courting the 20%” definitely rings true – that’s already got me rethinking our website copy. In trying to appeal to everybody, it’s hard to appeal to anybody. I’d love to hear more.

  • Arie

    Janet, that was a helpful comment. I’m sending you a thank you message via email.

  • Arie

    Sherryl, that was a helpful comment. I’m sending you a thank you message via email.

  • Arie

    Richard, that was a helpful comment. I’m sending you a thank you message via email.

  • Arie

    Rob, that was a helpful comment. I’m sending you a thank you message via email.

  • Paul Yokota

    I’d definitely love to see how this course could help increase conversions at key points, including signup and checkout.

  • dylan

    love this one: “court the 20%” – I can’t please everyone, find out what the 20% want and convert all of them

  • Teresa Nicola

    I’m going to be project managing reorganizing a client’s website. Even though I plan to hire a copywriter to tweak the copy, I still want to learn how to write better copy myself.

  • dylan

    this could help us write better PPC ad copies..

  • Eilish Rafferty

    I write content for small businesses and I ghost write blogs – I can all these tips to help my clients get better engagement from their online communications. I’d love to know more …

  • Soul2ebl

    I will use these lessons increase conversion of medications from other
    pharmacies to mine. Also, this may increase foot traffic directly from
    the the doctor offices in our building.

  • Jim Gonzales

    We have just started using email in a targeted way with our clients. We have always used email to let them know about upcoming workshops and products, but we’ve never focused heavily on how to write copy that works. This class would be a big help in our new adventure.

  • Michael Witherspoon

    We are revamping our website and need to get more people over the wall to start the conversation. We need particularly to know which bricks are keeping them from responding and take care of those.

  • Entelleckt | Mike Wyatt

    Thank you for reminding me to “give them what they want” and to “broadcast your intentions.”

    The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), one of the groups I work with, struggles to recruit members, struggles to get its members to participate in beneficial programs en masse.

    I can use the “give them what they want” and “broadcast your intentions” concepts to make NSBE’s copy effective.

    NSBE’s essentially exists to help African-American engineering students graduate, network, and find jobs but that raison d’etre is unclear when you look at the national website:

    I’d create copy for NSBE’s individual programs and for the membership levels.

  • Craig Calder

    Very helpful. I’m looking to test out your recommendations on my new cardiac center client.

  • Ken

    I have a product idea for salespeople, and want to confirm that it has legs BEFORE I build it.

    I could use this course to focus my landing page copy in converting people from visitor to prospect. (Hopefully the conversion rate will be strong enough to support the advertising costs).

    This information has already been helpful in reminding me that people are after an end result, not a solution (People buying a drill want a hole, not a drill). Making sure my conversion button sounds easy, along with helping my market identify themselves in my copy right at the critical moment has already been helpful. Can’t wait to learn more.

    If the project is wildly successful, I promise to make my case study available to Mixergy… :)

  • ideal brew

    Wow! Definitely using this for my business. We haven’t created a great message/story around our brand. I am going to draft of story of how the company came to be… it’s actually a good story that will capture the interests of prospects.

  • randy

    several take-aways for me but one simple change I’ll implement is to never use “register to..” or “sign-up” as part of the call to action; they offer no user value. Instead use click triggers that immediate state the value to the user like “start saving now”, or “enjoy benefits today”.

  • Lida

    I looked, but I don’t have an email from you.

  • Janet Dillon

    Thank you so much!

  • Desiree Welke

    I stand behind “Broadcast Your Intentions” 100%! Clear copy always leads to higher conversion.

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