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When I started doing my interviews live, there were days when only 2 people watched. I remember looking at the counter and being embarrassed that my interviewee would see how small an audience we had. Of course, more people would would watch & listen to the interview when I posted the edited recording (and that’s still true), but that low number was painful.

I did two interviews today, including a newsworthy one that made it to the top of HN, with the man behind the JooJoo, and it was exciting to see the live audience watch and interact. We had hundreds of people watching at a time.

My friend Chris Winfield is right. Now that the audience is bigger I need to make some adjustments, like adding a real chat board. Next week I’ll make some changes. For now, I’m going to enjoy knowing that my interviewee & I aren’t the only ones watching the live interviews. And I’m going to have a Malbec with Olivia.