One of the biggest complaints that I hear about Mixergy is that it’s too hard to find the right interview. The more interviews I do, the bigger this problem gets.

Aditya Shukla is bring a little structure to the chaos and could use the some help. If you want to volunteer to help out click here to apply. (Update: we’re not taking any more applications.) Aditya — who you might remember as the guy who’s been emailing past Mixergy guests questions like this one — has a 2-step application process for volunteers.

If you’re picked, you’ll get a Vault account on Mixergy, with complete access to all past interviews. All we’ll ask you to do is categorize some of them.

We don’t plan to do all the interviews. We’ll do a little. Then we’ll show them to the Mixergy audience, and based on their feedback, we’ll figure out how to proceed.

Click here if you want to help out.
(Update: we’re not taking any more applications.)