Seth Godin On How To Build And Lead Your Tribe.

Exclusively for, Christel Hyden shot video of Seth Godin’s live presentation of the ideas in his new book, Tribes.

You can watch the video on Mixergy, or download the audio of it (below) and listen on your iPod/iPhone/etc.

Since, Godin gives a top-level understanding of how to build your community, a good followup to this presentation is my interview with Max Alexander about the tactics of creating groups.

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  • Phil Schafer

    Hi Andrew,
    All I can say about this is incredible, incredible, incredible, incredible.. This is so great :). I watched the video and wrote 3 pages of notes on what this dude had to say. I am starting my company from the ground up and I feel so blessed to be able to come across this at this time, as I build my reputation. Thanks again for posting this..


  • Andrew Warner

    Phil: It took Christel forever to get this video to me. And then it took me forever to get it online. I’m glad it was worth it.

  • Torley

    Thank you Andrew & Christel for making this available AND pinging me on my blog about it! Muchly appreciated — I’ve watched the first 1/3 and it’s masterful, compelling, and funny. Godin is such a suave, meaningful speaker.

  • Lilian Mahoukou

    Thank you for this video. Tribes is a great book !

  • Barbara Nixon

    Thank you so much for uploading this video. I already had the audio and the slides, but seeing Seth Godin actually presenting & engaging with his audience makes it even better. It’s likely I’ll show this in my Intro to PR class next spring!

    Barbara Nixon
    Georgia Southern University

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  • Ric Cortez

    This guy is so inspiring. Im enrolled! I cant wait to create and lead a tribe about marketing research. The key is engaging and being insync with people.

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  • Janelle Kleppin

    Thank you for this video and for the free download. I very much appreciate both.

  • Andrew Warner

    Wow, thanks for all the positive comments! You should have seen the work Christel had to go through to get this video to me.

    Since I’m in Santa Monica and this took place in New York, she tried uploading it to different services, but most timed out before the full file transferred. Once she finally got it online, I couldn’t download.

    She finally sent me 2 CDs by mail and I put them online using iMovie. I bought a premium package on Vimeo because YouTube couldn’t accommodate such a large file. It was a lot of work, but so worth it now that I see how many people enjoy it.

    Thanks everyone! And thank you Christel!

  • Mr. Twenty Twenty

    Thank YOU!

    I’ve been working with the concepts of tribe building for some time, and have benefited from the humor, insights and wisdom of Seth Godin immensely.

    Thank you for making both the audio and video here available.

    And for those reading this, if you think you are a visionary, and you want to build a tribe, you have to get his book!

    Enjoy the day, seize the moment, rejoice eternally!

    Mr. Twenty Twenty

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  • Ric Cortez

    It’s funny I haven’t read the book and yet Im so excited about what I’ve been reading about the overall priniciple and possible breakthroughs in creating a Tribe that promotes ideas. Im in the marketing consulting business and I see it as a powerful way of engaging with clients.

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  • Gary Smith

    Thanks for putting up this lecture.

    Seth Godin is a modern master of the multimedia presentation and this talk is a fine of example of how things should be done. I loved the use of many many examples and stories to support every point he made.

    It motivates me to find more pictures come up with more examples in research for my presentations.

    While this might not be a new idea…be a leader…develop a tribe…using an old idea to synthesize answers to today’s problems is always great to hear.

    This certainly motivates me to not go with the status quo and continue to find innovative solutions to problems in my workplace and areas of interest.

    Gary Smith

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  • Coop

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks so much for making this available, and give thanks to Christel for holding up the camera for more than an hour.

    P.S. Noticed you are in Santa Monica. I was at the 3rd St. Prom. with the family just a couple of days ago.


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  • New Media photographer

    Seth is always the best. Thank you for posting this talk.

    new media photographer

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  • Lydia

    Thanks for doing this! I can’t wait to look around the site!

  • Peter

    Terrific presentation. Thank you very much. I’m listening with earphones…if you get the chance to ask Christel, is that her cell phone vibrating from text messages? If so, wow. She gets a lot of text messages. ; – )

    Thanks again…

  • fourmi4x

    My Gosh. This presentation is one of the best I have ever seen. Thank you for filming and sharing.

    Keep on this job, it’s simply great !

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  • Kari

    I am a high school principal. I do not want to belabor the obvious. The concepts in this video are on point to leadership in a school. I am inspired to inspire/empower others to be inspiring in our school. Thank you.

  • Ujjwal Trivedi

    Thanks for the great video. Seth is awesome as usual. I always wanted to know these things about Tribe. Since book isn’t yet available at local stores here.

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  • Majid Fozunbal, Ph.D.

    This presentation conveys important messages for marketing managers and leaders of the companies. My summary of these messages are:

    1. Be a leader identifying customer’s needs,
    be a follower in innovation for satisfying those needs.

    2. Lead customers to build a loyal tribe, do not chase them to build
    a disloyal group.

    3. Lead openly with your core competencies, not blindly with your
    strategic frames.

    My Godin conveys these messages throughout his talk. But in particular, you may listen to Heretics (54′), the mistakes of Whole Foods (?’), Record Business (58), and Starbucks (67′). This video also reinforces the points that are made in the following resources:

    1. “Building customer franchise: a paradigm for customer partnering”, by Peter Wilton, Monash Mt. Eliza Business Review, July 1998.

    2. “Why good companies go bad,” by Donald N. Sull, Harvard Business Review, Aug. 1999.

  • Christian

    Hi @ all,

    is that video a legal record? Normally people are not allowed to record during a seminar.


  • Andrew Warner

    Christian: That video is legal. Seth allowed people in the audience to record and post his presentation. A few people recorded it, but as far as I know, nobody else posted it. I had a hard time getting the video online, so others probably did too.

    Everyone else: Keep the comments coming. I’ve been responded to every commenter by email to keep from flooding this post, but I APPRECIATE ALL THE COMMENTS YOU’RE POSTING. THANK YOU!

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  • VeloChef

    Seth has the right message, at the right time. Thank you so very much for posting this. It is EXACTLY what I needed to see – today.

    I first found Seth on last year, and found his insights to be relevant, and inspirational, but I was surrounded by the “good ol’ time religion” of traditional sales and marketing…interruptions. His information stuck with me, and helped me to make a major career change, from basic work to doing my passion.

    Now, I”m about ready to start and lead a tribe soon to be know as “VeloChef”. It’s all about creating the tribe to help many people gt healthy. Please check out on New Years day to see and be a part of this next great movement.

    Thanks again. Your actions have really made a difference. One that will affect many people in a positive way from this moment on…..

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  • Tom Gibson

    Terrific. Kudos and thanks for getting this one up. tom

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  • micah solomon

    there are high rez stills and a description of the event here:

  • micah solomon

    permalink is too lengthy but just scroll down a bit to the posting from october 24, 2008. click on any photo for the high rez if you need it.

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  • David George Montalvo

    I read this post at 5am this morning; when B&N opens later, I’m picking up TRIBES! I’m sold!

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  • Jared Lyda

    Thanks for building! I’ll be returning regularly!

    Jared Lyda

  • Janet McCall

    Having just launched a website, and in the early stages of learning about blogs, social networking etc., I found Seth Godins’ comments extremely relevant. He said something like “belonging to a tribe is a fundamental part of being human.” With all of the marketing gurus out there, it is easy to get sidetracked into the tasks of “doing to your customers, as opposed to doing for your customers.” I think if I focus on what value I can bring, my authentic view and work hard to develop a community where like-minded people can work together to find solutions, that I am on the right track. I will play this again from time to time to keep my focus on track. Thanks for making this available; I’ve been inspired to be inspiring… now it’s an obiligation.

  • Joseph Sherman

    Brilliant. Seth said “Ask am I doing this for my tribe or to my tribe?” I agree, true leaders do for the people, they give it all. Marketers do to, they try to take as much as possible.

  • Jamie Favreau

    I had to rewatch the Godin presentation because I wrote a blog post about how Automatic Direct Messages on Twitter are interrupt advertising. Plus, he is always inspiring to listen too.

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  • czhakis

    Incredible presentation by great Godin. Thank you!

  • AndrewWarner

    Thanks. I'm so grateful to him for letting me record and post this program.

  • ganesh


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  • sabrina

    Awesome! I am looking for Seth Godin work on 'tribe' … which lead me here… really admire you and your vision… I am currently a postgradute researching on culture in organization.. which might turn into a tribe?? I still have a long way to complete my study. I really want to thank you for posting this online, it really help me a lot. :D

  • AndrewWarner

    I would love to hear about your progress. Please let me know what you learn!

  • Andrew Warner

    I would love to hear about your progress. Please let me know what you learn!

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