Check Out What Happened When I Unsubscribed From’s Emails

This is part of the behind-the-scenes section of Mixergy, which I call etc.

Usually, it’s a struggle to remove myself from an email newsletter. I have to search for the right link and read the fine print and check off the right boxes. Check out how Groupon handled the same process.

I used Wistia to embed this videos because they give me incredible stats. (They’ll have ads here soon.)

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what happened when I unsubscribed from

  • Liam

    This is just brilliant. I take it you signed back up? I would. I might even sign up, just so I can leave each day & resubscribe.

    Love how they've turned a boring process into something that actually makes you think and re-consider. For me at least.

  • JoeMoreno

    Wow – poor Derrick.
    Did you resubscribe?

  • KirstenWinkler

    Pure customer care gold! This way you will at least leave with a smile or feel so guilty that you resubscribe. Did you? ;)

  • Eric

    Now I want to unsubscribe my Groupon just to have this sent to me.

  • Phil Plante

    I would feel pretty guilty after watching that poor guy get coffee thrown in his face, but probably not enough to resubscribe. The process they've created is unique. I am curious if it helps get people to sign back up.

  • Richard Schneeman

    Awesome. Derrick may have gotten punished, though Groupon gets a thumbs up for honoring the unsubscribe request. If they don't, then track and report them with WhySpam.Me. Maybe we can't actually slap around spammers, but that site is a close second!

  • Andrew Warner


  • Andrew Warner

    No. I've been out of the country for months, so I can't use the site right now.

  • Andrew Warner

    I loved it, but it doesn't make sense to resubscribe till I get back to the US.

  • Andrew Warner

    Yeah, I was thinking that would be the danger.

  • Andrew Warner

    If torturing an employee is what they have to do to get people to resubscribe, isn't it worth it. ;-)

  • Phil Plante

    I guess I will add a line item for employee wrongful treatment lawsuits to my list of costs for customer acquisition. Anything in the name of profits!

    I wonder…could I have them sign a waiver upon joining? :)

  • Matt Hurst

    Unsubscribing to an email list has never been easier, but after watching this from Groupon I'm a little hesitant.

  • Andrew Mason

    ha – glad you guys like it! We were like 6 people when we made that video… don't think we ever realized that people would see it :-)

    Andrew (Derrick) from Groupon

  • Kamil Kiedrowski

    I've unsubscribed earlier this week, as well… It was brilliant! Where did the idea come from?

  • Mike McKee

    Now if Microsoft would do that kind of customer care, they'd be a company we'd actually like again.

  • Tal Baron

    That was very original! I was thinking it would be valuable if they added a share link next to the “resubscribe” link that would allow you to share with others who may be interested. Something like “not for you, but maybe for your friends”. People who unsubscribe, see the video and still don't want to resubscribe may feel guilty and this could be relieved by sharing it with people.

  • Jon_Bishop

    I do online marketing with a heavy emphasis on email marketing and I have to say your unsubscribe page is by far the best I've ever seen. It's not a common practice to try and persuade email list subscribers to stay subscribed – most unsubscribe pages make it as easy as possible to unsubscribe. This is with good reason – it's pretty hard to pull off without making someone angry, yet you guys have done an amazing job.

  • A. Reader

    god damn, could you be any more of a self-obsessed asshole?

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  • ?Jared Kimball

    What a great way to soften the blow to an unsubscriber. I try to educate email marketers on how to avoid spam complaints and using unsubscribe techniques like these are a good way to start. In a weird way it makes the unsubscriber feel obligated to re-engage with them, while at the same time it creates a peaceful parting. Great post.

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  • tommygunn2

    shut up andrew.

  • Anonymous

    shut up andrew.

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