How to do Lean Product Development


Poornima Vijayashanker had learned how to turn cash into slick products.

She was the founding engineer of Mint, which was sold to Intuit. That windfall funded her new startup, BizeeBee, a membership management tool for yoga studios.

Things were going great, until disaster struck.

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How to get Facebook traffic

Two years ago, Twig the Fairy was doing pretty well.

She had 200,000 Facebook fans and her merchandise was selling so quickly that she couldn’t keep it in stock…

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Sell more by doing less

When Perry Marshall was laid off from his engineering job, he made a career change.

“I went into sales,” says Perry…

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How to book yourself solid

“When I started my consulting business, I just expected clients would fall into my lap,” says Michael Port, entrepreneur and author of Book Yourself Solid…

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