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Tomorrow, Olivia and I are going to drive a few hours to spend Thanksgiving with her father. When someone in the office asked me how I felt about being trapped in the car for so long, I realized I was actually excited about it. We love listening to podcasts together (and when Olivia falls asleep, I like listening to them on my own).

I thought you might feel that way too, and…

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About 8 years ago a friend of mine told me about pickup artists and a book he had been reading called “The Game”. The book was basically an introduction to the world of pickup artists. However if you read the book, you’d know it was actually much more like…

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Twig the Fairy was desperately poor. Twig, a children’s performer, spent 10 months of the year working at Renaissance festivals, often living without running water or heat.

So her boyfriend, Lou Abramowski, used Facebook marketing tactics to help her raise more than…

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