Update: Jeremy (our producer) chose the candidates. Stay tuned. He’s working with Dan to get you feedback.

Do you have a web page that you’re using to get sales or leads? Can I help you get MORE?

I want to show your page to Dan Siroker, Optimizely‘s founder, and ask him what changes he’d make to get it to convert better. Optimizely is the conversion tool that many founders I interviewed on Mixergy use to increase their conversions. Dan wants to show you how what’s working for them will change your results.

I’ll do it too.

I’m going to show him the “welcome mat” that new visitors see when they come to Mixergy.com.

Want to participate?

In the comments, 1) add a link to your page, 2) tell Dan what the page’s goal is, and 3) tell him what challenge you’re having.

I’ll go first, so you can see what we’re looking for.