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I sent an email about this event to the Mixergy mailing list to gauge interest, and instantly over 200 tickets were snapped up.

I’m sorry to post this before I can reveal the details, but I’m worried that if I don’t post a link quickly, it’ll sell out completely and you won’t get a chance to lock in your ticket.

So here’s what I can say right now.

On March 11 at 6:00 PM I’m doing a live, *in-person* Mixergy event in Austin, Texas. Mixergy interviewees and fans will be at the SXSW conference, so I’m using it as an opportunity for all of us to meet in person.

Making it possible

Four people offered to sponsor the event and make it possible.

Chris Savage, Wistia‘s founder, volunteered  to sponsor before I even knew where or when it’ll take place. (Wistia is the video platform I use for all of Mixergy’s videos. Try it and you’ll see why.)

Ben Welch-Bolen, CEO of Site5 Hosting, is a guy I personally asked over dinner to do a Mixergy interview but he refused because he’s not ready to reveal how well Site5 is doing. (If you come, please help me persuade him.)

Josh Kaufman is the author of Personal MBA, the Business Management Bestseller. After spending 5 minutes on the phone with him, I practically begged Josh to teach me. I think you’ll want to grab his book.

Todd Garland, the Founder of, bought my last sponsorship spot. How fitting! Did you know there’s a page on his site where you can see how much ad money he generates for every one of the publishers in his network? Before you buy or sell an online ad, check this page out.

Credit where it’s due

The idea for this event wasn’t mine. These two guys cooked it up and are helping me put it together.

Noah Kagan – the founder of Killer Web Deals site, and

Damon Clinkscales – a software developer and community shepherd in Austin who is also a huge Mixergy fan. He loves to bring people together.

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